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Creative iPhone Home Screen Layouts to Organize Your Apps

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You can create your own iPhone Home Screen layout.

These layouts are the best for your iPhone’s home screen.

Customizing Your iPhone Home Screen

There are many ways to personalize the iPhone’s Home Screen with widgets. These are creative ways to arrange your apps.

Some layouts require custom icons. A custom icon can be added to your Home Screen.

You may need to remove apps from certain layouts. Tap on the app and open a popup. Select Remove App. Next, choose Remove From Home Screen. This will add the app to your iPhone App Library.

1. The Minimalist

To create the Home Screen layout, delete all your apps and add them to your App library. Your Home Screen can be left empty to view your wallpaper.

Swipe down to the Home Screen, then click Search. Your iPhone should find the app you are searching for almost instantly if you type the first or second letter. Simply tap the link from the search results to open it. Or, you can go to the App Library to root it.

2. Monochrome

Shortcuts are a way to create gray, black, and white icons for your favorite app. Some system apps like Settings and Camera don’t need grayscale icons.

After creating monochromatic shortcuts, move all your apps to the App Library.

3. Color-Coded

Your apps can be replaced using color-coded Shortcuts. With a color-coded iPhone home screen layout, it’s easy for you to see the apps you are currently using.

This feature is great for color-blind people. You can choose colors from different app groups which are easy to recognize.

4. The Menu

This iPhone Home Screen layout will appeal to anyone who likes lots of options but not too many.

Instead of putting apps into folders, create shortcuts using list menus. Each shortcut can have a name and an icon.

To create a listing, you can use the Choose from Menu action in Shortcuts. To display a list of reading apps like Kindle Books and News, you can create a shortcut called Read.

5. The Monogram

You thought your iPhone Home Screen grid was fixed. But you might be mistaken! iEmpty can create blank icons that match your wallpaper. Next, you can use these icons to create spaces in your Home Screen layout.

You have many options, including the ability to spell your initials with the app icons.

6. Dockless

You can’t have all your apps on the same screen so hide the Dock.

You need to make your wallpaper hide the dock.

7. The One-Hander

Large screens are great but it can be frustrating to reach for icons on the edges. Keep them all on the same side.

You can use iEmpty to create blank spaces on the iPhone Home Screen layout. This allows you drag apps to any side.

8. The bottom line

Apple understands that the bottom part of your screen is prime property. The Dock can be found down there.

You can ignore the iPhone Home Screen’s top, and use blank icons instead to move your app icons towards the bottom.

9. The Noticeboard

This iPhone Home Screen layout is ideal for people who are worried about too many notifications. Group apps using notification badges into separate folders to quickly identify which apps are most urgent.

Not all notifications have the same importance.

10. Work/Play

This layout lets you keep work-related apps to one side and entertainment apps to the other.

This feature is combined with the Focus feature. To increase productivity, you can use Downtime to disable all play screens during work hours.

11. Incognito

Do have a secret app you don’t want anyone to know? Create an invisible icon with Shortcuts or iEmpty and name it using an invisible Unicode character Empty characters.

Keep at least one empty row visible on your Home Screen to ensure that no one will find out that you are using a top-secret app.

12. The Librarian

How do I organize iPhone apps Do you struggle to decide if to classify icons according to style or color? Follow the librarian’s advice and arrange your iPhone apps alphabetically.

No more worrying about where to put that utility or game. Just follow its name.

13. The Heavy Load

It is possible to organize many apps in one folder. You can organize many apps into one folder.

The App Library categorizes apps automatically. This is the best way to find out where each app is located.

If you have trouble coming up with ideas for your Home Screen layout, you can use emojis.

14. The Rainbow

Most app icons are a single, distinct color. You can create a stunning iPhone Home Screen layout by placing all your apps according to their primary colors.

It makes it easy for many apps to find you because it is easier than ever to locate the icon in your layout and remember where it is.

App icons that combine multiple colors should be moved to a different screen at each end.

15. Priorities for two-pages

Keep your most important apps close at hand You can do this by adding four of your favorite apps to your Dock, and then prioritizing your next-most important apps on your Home Screen.

You can then add other items to separate folders from your second Home Screen page. This will make it easier for everyone to access all the content at one glance.

Think outside the box for the best home screen layout

It is possible to create many different app layouts despite the restrictions Apple places on your iPhone Home Screen.

Customizing your iPhone can be done by adding widgets on the Home Screen.

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