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Create a Custom Cover Page with Microsoft Word

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These first impressions are important. Let us focus on the cover of Word.

NOTICE: Our instructions include how to make a cover page to go with your school assignment.

What is a “Cover page”?

A lot of things go into a Microsoft Word professional page. It serves as the main purpose of the first page.

The title and author names are what communicate the why and wherefore.

What’s a Plain Cover Page Look Like?

What if you’re looking to create a stunning cover page in Word?

Discuss with your instructor how to cover a page for an academic assignment.

Making a Cover page that is attractive

These are the steps to creating a cover page.

  1. Open a Word new document.
  2. On the ribbon, you will find the Insert Link.
  3. The Cover Page Dropdown will be the first thing in the menu (under pages). Click the little arrow beside it to access the gallery with templates
  4. You can choose from 16 preformatted templates or three additional templates from Office.com.
  5. Click the one you like and click on it.

By default, the cover page for a document is placed at the top of the document. To change the location of the cover, click on the gallery cover photo and select one of several options.

Edit individual fields

Click on each field that is pre-formatted, which are located in square brackets. The whole thing is highlighted in blue with a field label.

You can save time and place all information into QuickParts.

Drag the Dropdown Arrow to modify date fields. The fields can be formatted as normal text.

You can edit graphic cover pages as easily as you would any other image. Just click on the graphic to view the Drawing tool, and Photo Tool menus within the Ribbon.

Change the fly’s cover

A pre-designed, pre-formatted cover page can be customized in a few steps. The templates have graphic boxes and formatted controls that allow you to modify any section.

See a picture on the cover? Perhaps you would like to replace the photo with a logo/or another appropriate image. Click the picture to alter the image.

Your mind has changed about the cover design. If you’re working on one page, you can change to another by selecting a new template in the dropdown. Field entries will not be altered in the new template.

NOTE To create a cover page replacement for an older Microsoft Word version you will need to delete the original cover and then upload a new design to your cover gallery.

To save as the final page, click on Save.

Save the cover page to a PDF.

Select Insert>>> Save Selection To Cover Gallery. This menu allows you to remove selected covers from the gallery.

Create a Cover Page with Microsoft Word

Word templates save time but don’t let your personality shine.

Microsoft Word provides all image editing tools. You can create your logo in Microsoft Word.

Below is the cover page I created using Microsoft Word. I used basic HTML3_ shapes to make this design.

Save Your Custom Template

Create your cover page design using a Microsoft Word document.

Add your cover page to the Insert menu.

To view the entire page, press Ctrl +

These selections are added to the gallery.

Create a new utility by filling in your details.

  • Name Add your name to the cover page.
  • Gallery You have the option to choose “Cover Page”, from the dropdown.
  • Category: Pick a category.
  • Copy it to a file: Keep it in your Template. You can use the building block in any Word document

Click OK to close the Building Block Dialog Box. In the Insert menu, you can view your cover page template.

Create a cover page with style

A cover page is one of the best tools to style your document.

  • A cover page allows readers to view the contents of an article.
  • The gallery has a general cover page that all companies can save and reuse.
  • Click one button to convert an existing document to a pdf without a cover. The PDF will be sent to all devices.

Cover pages are not something people use to enhance a document.

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