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Connecting Bluetooth headsets to your Xbox One

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Bluetooth support has been disabled on Xbox One. However, this doesn’t mean that your Bluetooth headphones and wireless headphones cannot be used with the console.

This guide will show you how to connect your Xbox One via Bluetooth headsets. This will allow you to truly immerse yourself in the game.

Bluetooth Headphones and Xbox One can be connected.

You can connect Bluetooth headphones directly to your Xbox One. If you don’t have any Bluetooth headphones, this is possible.

Xbox Wireless is a proprietary protocol that allows you to wirelessly connect peripherals with the console. Compatible headphones are available from big-name manufacturers like Razer and Steelseries.

It operates at higher frequencies, making it more technical than Bluetooth. This results in a stronger and more reliable connection between accessory and console with significantly lower latency.

Many people won’t have Xbox Wireless-compatible headphones and many wireless headphones don’t have Bluetooth.

Xbox One Controller and Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth does not support Xbox so you will need to use a third-party Bluetooth adapter to pair your headphones to your Xbox console.

There’s 2 types of devices.

  • Bluetooth Transmitter (The cheapest Bluetooth adapter allows you to hear the audio sent by the Xbox One).
  • Bluetooth Receiver and Sender. Bluetooth receivers allow you to hear and use voice chat.

The transmitter and receiver will likely be required. Compatibility with third-party adapters can prove difficult.

How do I enable Bluetooth with an Audio Jack

How you connect to any Bluetooth device will depend on the model and type of your Xbox controller. To enable controller music, you must first connect your Xbox controller to Bluetooth.

All new gamepads have a builtin stereo audio jack of 3.5mm. This makes it easy to connect wired and wireless headphones.

  • Connect the Bluetooth transmitter’s 3,5mm male connector to the Xbox One controller’s base.
  • Use the adapter to pair your headphones.

It’s so easy.

These devices can connect to any device that has a Bluetooth port. Your TV is also included.

You don’t need the Bluetooth dongle in your hand while you play. Instead, check if your TV has an Analog Jack and plug it in.

Pair Bluetooth Headphones with an Audio Jack Controller

To connect your original Xbox One controller and headset, you will need two things

  • Bluetooth transmitter
  • An Xbox One stereo headset adapter.

The original Xbox One controllers did not have a 3.5mm jack. This large, first-party accessory plugs into any Xbox pad.

This accessory was originally designed to connect wired headsets with the console via the female microphone port (3.5mm).

This can still be used to connect to a Bluetooth headset.

  • Plug the headset adapter in a port at the bottom.
  • Grab the adapter’s wire 3.5mm and attach your Bluetooth transmitter.
  • Use this device with your headphones.

Connect Bluetooth Headsets to One Using Optical

Bluetooth can easily be added to your Xbox by using an adapter that supports Digital Optic Connections.

Although it may not work with all transmitters, there are some that have a 3.5mm connector. An S/PDIF optical out port is located at the back or side of your Xbox One.

  • Connect your Bluetooth transmitter Digital optical to the S/PDIF port at the rear.
  • You can set the transmitter mode to S/PDIF, 3.5mm or both if your device supports
  • Bluetooth can be used to connect headphones and transmitters.

But, digital optical out isn’t ideal. Because it’s output-only, you can’t talk with your Xbox One friends.

The Xbox Series X/S lacks a digital output connection. Phil Spencer from Xbox said that gamers don’t need to use this connection.

Bluetooth Headsets with Remote Control

You don’t have to play with a large screen. Xbox Remote Play allows you to use your Bluetooth headphones to control the Xbox One.

To enable this feature to work, you must be in close proximity to your console. An alternative is to use a Bluetooth controller.

To get started:

  • Use your headphones to pair with your phone.
  • Connect your Xbox Controller with your phone or attach a Bluetooth controller such as Razer Kishi to your smartphone.
  • To open your Xbox One, use the GUIDE Button. Click on Profiles & System.
  • See Options > Devices and Connections > Remote functions.
  • Please check the box To enable remote features.
  • Modify the power mode Immediately-on.
  • Open the Xbox app.
  • Click on the RemotePlay link at top.
  • You haven’t yet set up your console, so choose Install A Console. Once you’ve connected the console to the app, select Remoteplay from this device.

All of your Xbox games can be played through the console’s Bluetooth speakers. To save money, you can also pair up with another person.

Bluetooth Connections to Xbox One

Xbox One does not have Bluetooth capability. To connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One, you will need a transmitter. To enhance your audio, you can either use wireless headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

Turn on Windows Sonic in the Xbox One’s Sound Settings. This gives you 3D spatial experiences or virtual surround sound that enhances gaming experience.

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