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Connecting Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One

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Bluetooth is not a feature that Xbox has, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use your Bluetooth headphones and wireless earbuds with your Xbox.

This guide will show you how to connect your Xbox One to Bluetooth headsets so that you can fully immerse yourself in the game.

Can Xbox One headphones be connected to Bluetooth?

Bluetooth headphones can be connected to the Xbox One. However, unless you have one of a few headsets, it will not be as easy as connecting headphones to your smartphone. Bluetooth is not available on the Xbox One. Microsoft instead created Xbox Wireless, its proprietary system.

Xbox Wireless is a proprietary protocol that allows you to wirelessly connect peripherals such as controllers to your console. This includes compatible headphones from major brands like Razer, Steel Series, Turtle Beach and Steel Series.

It’s far more efficient than Bluetooth because it operates at a higher frequency. It results in a much more stable connection between accessory-console with less latency.

Problem is that most people don’t have Xbox Wireless-compatible headsets and many wireless headphones and earbuds do not feature this technology. Most have Bluetooth.


Bluetooth headphones and Xbox One controllers

A third-party Bluetooth adapter is the only way to pair your headphones with your Xbox console without Bluetooth support. Although it is not the best choice, it is your only option.

There are two types:

  • Bluetooth Transmitter – This is the cheapest and most popular Bluetooth adapter. It allows you to hear the audio being transmitted from your Xbox One.
  • Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter: This Bluetooth pair lets you hear the transmitted sounds and can also use voice-chat, if your device has a microphone.

The transmitter and receiver will be needed, but compatibility with third-party adapters may be elusive. You may experience higher latency, which can cause problems while gaming.

How to enable Bluetooth on a Controller with an Audio Jack

The type of Xbox controller that you have will determine how you connect any Bluetooth adapter. No matter what model you have for controller audio, sync your Xbox One with it first.

The 3.5mm audio jack is now built into newer gamepads. This is the easiest way to connect wireless and wired headphones.

  • Connect the Bluetooth transmitter’s male connector (3.5mm) to the base of your Xbox One controller.
  • The adapter can be used to pair your headphones with the adapter.

It’s that simple.

You can also connect them to your TV. These devices are not made specifically for your Xbox. You can use them on any device that has a headphone socket to give your device Bluetooth capabilities. This includes your TV.

If you don’t want your Bluetooth dongle hanging around your neck while you play, make sure your TV has an audio port and plug the adapter in.

How to pair Bluetooth headphones with a controller without an audio jack

Two things are required to connect the original Xbox One controller to your headset.

  • Bluetooth transmitter
  • An adapter for the Xbox One stereo headset.

The original Xbox One controllers did not even come with a 3.5mm audio connector. The Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter is a first-party accessory that plugs into your Xbox pad. It can be used to connect wired or wireless headphones.

This kit was originally designed to connect wired headphones with the console, by providing the missing female audio port (3.5mm).

You can still use it for Bluetooth headphones.

  • First, insert the headset adapter in the port on the bottom of your controller.
  • Attach your Bluetooth transmitter to the 3.5mm wire hanging from the headset adapter.
  • Use headphones to pair with the device

How to connect Bluetooth headsets to the One Using Optical

A Bluetooth adapter that supports digital optical connection is another way to get Bluetooth on Xbox One. Although this connection is used primarily to connect soundbars to your Xbox, it can also be used to bring Bluetooth to your Xbox.

Although this won’t be applicable to all transmitters, it will apply to those that have a 3.5mm port and some with a digital optical cables. You’ll also find a S/PDIF optical out port at the back your Xbox One.

img alt=”The backside of an Xbox One S placed on a wooden table.” data-img-url=”https://static1.makeuseofimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/xbox-one-s-back.jpg”/>

  • Connect the Bluetooth transmitter’s digital optical port to the S/PDIF connector at the back of the Xbox.
  • If your device supports it, switch transmitter mode from 3.5mm or AUX to S/PDIF.
  • Bluetooth connects your headphones to the transmitter

However, digital optical out isn’t perfect. It’s output-only so you can’t chat with your Xbox One friends.

The Xbox Series X/S does not have a digital output connection. Phil Spencer, Xbox’s head, stated that the console doesn’t have enough users to justify spending the money. Modern TVs have an optical port so that you can connect the transmitter.

Bluetooth Headsets with Remote Play on One

You don’t mind playing on a small screen? You can use Xbox’s Remote Play to play Xbox One with your Bluetooth headphones from your phone. Modern Xbox controllers such as the Xbox One S are Bluetooth-enabled, as well as compatible with Xbox Wireless.

To make this work, you must be in close proximity to the console. The Xbox app for Android and iOS will also be required, as well as Bluetooth headphones or earbuds and a new Xbox controller. Alternatively, you can use a Bluetooth controller that is compatible with mobile devices.

To get started:

  • Pair your headphones with your phone.
  • Attach a Bluetooth controller such as the Razer Kishi to your Xbox controller or connect it to your phone.
  • Hit the Guide Button on your Xbox One and choose Profiles, system.
  • Go to Settings > Device and connections > Remote features.
  • You can enable remote features by checking the box.
  • Set the power mode to Insta-on.
  • Start the Xbox app.
  • Click on the Remote play button near the top of your screen.
  • Select Set up a Console if you haven’t already. You can link your console to the app by selecting Remote Play on this device.

With your Bluetooth headphones, you can play all your Xbox games directly from the console. Modern consoles offer great advantages such as remote play and game-sharing options that can help you save money if you double up with someone.

Bluetooth Connections for Xbox One

The Xbox One does not have Bluetooth capabilities so you will need a transmitter to link your Bluetooth headphones to the Xbox One. You don’t need to use wireless headphones or headphones if you hook up one of these devices. To give your audio some boost, you could connect Bluetooth speakers to the Xbox One.

Make sure to go into the Xbox One’s sound settings and enable Windows Sonic. It provides 3D spatial support, or a type of virtual surround sound that enhances your gaming experience.

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