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Completely Free Reverse Phone Lookup And Search

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Sometimes, one may be tempted to look up the phone number before answering a call from someone unknown in particular if the caller is from an unidentified or suspicious phone number. It is being utilized by people across the world due to a variety of reasons. For instance, it could be a simple tool to use to determine whether an unknown phone number is genuine or not prior to answering any suspicious calls. With the number of companies offering reverse phone lookups for free nowadays, customers have an no problem getting answers to their queries without the need to pay cash or use minutes on their phones.

Reverse lookups are becoming extremely extensive, with numerous sites offering free search results. Below are ten absolutely free reverse phone lookup and search websites you might be interested in using to verify who’s calling you prior to answering the call or responding to the text messages they send. In this blog, the best four reverse phone lookups that are free are listed.

  1. RealPeopleSearch
  2. NumLooker
  3. PeopleFinders
  4. Instant Checkmate

1: RealPeopleSearch

RealPeopleSearch can be described as an unpaid and reliable search engine that is quick to operate and offers immediate name and number results. The reverse lookup feature is free. is specifically designed to help users identify who is calling them on their phones. It provides a quick and no-cost reverse phone number lookup which provides detailed details about the person you are calling which includes name, address, and the exact address (zip area code as well as street addresses). The database has more than one million records which are kept up-to-date on a daily basis. It is possible to determine whether somebody is alive or dead and find their address, or simply locate someone using our easy reverse lookup of phone numbers. You could, for instance, discover that your mother isn’t trying to contact you but instead leaves an email on the answering machine instead. It could also be someone who wants to offer you an unfavorable suggestion to write a review of a restaurant.


  • RealPeopleSearch is one of the biggest databases of people searching online. You can find the majority of people living in the United States with just their name and the state they reside in.
  • If you are looking for someone who lives in a different country, you can simply type their name and their country into their online tool for people finding and you’ll be presented with their contact information.
  • They don’t store your details on file, therefore the free lookup feature for phone numbers is secure to use.

2: NumLooker

NumLooker is a no-cost phone number search tool. NumLooker can provide you with detailed details such as the name of the person who owns the number, the address where they’re located, their service provider, and much more. The app or website connects to databases available to the public to determine who owns a number in just a few seconds. All you have to do is type in the 10-digit number into your search bar, and that’s all you need to do. With NumLooker allows you to look up a phone number using the name to determine who’s calling without needing to lookup an unknown number. This is especially helpful if you’re getting unwanted calls from telemarketers or scammers who pretend to be an individual. If there’s nothing regarding the phone number on the list, the search bar will show “No Results.


  • The service is completely free.
  • Connects to databases that are public.
  • Finds the 10-digit number with the name.

3: PeopleFinders

There are numerous free tools for looking up phone numbers on the internet, but only a few can be compared to PeopleFinders. The free tool for phone lookup is among the most effective available and has specific features that allow it to distinct from other tools available online. PeopleFinders is one of the most popular directories used by people looking for telephone numbers as well as other contact details since 1999 when it was first launched to help locate family members, friends, and business contacts.

It’s a service for free that makes use of automated technology and scans more than 30 million people across the US. Public records, including libraries and phone books, are scanned to find individuals’ names and phone numbers that match the names that you input on PeopleFinders. PeopleFinders website (or application). You can find people through searching a person’s name or by searching for a specific location by entering cities or states. You can also filter your search by gender, age, or marital status. The app is available to iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows10 and web browsers.


  • Search for people by address or name.
  • Find multiple individuals simultaneously or search for people by location.
  • Join your friends in the PeopleFinders account to be alerted when they’re discovered by other users using the service.

4: Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a powerful, free public records search tool that assists individuals in finding criminal history, warrants, the dockets of court, arrests as well as other crucial information. Instant Checkmate also has the ability to search all the major state court dockets and obtain public records for free in every state. This is achieved with their proprietary court database, which includes court docket information for each incident in the entire US/Canada/Australia.

It is over the limits of the typical public record search by providing specific results for each person. This is achieved by incorporating different information specific to the person who is conducting the search. This allows them to search for public records on the internet with greater precision and efficient way. In the effort to further enhance the services provided by Instant Checkmate, they’ve been informed of any changes to the laws that impact public records information. This is accomplished by keeping current with the latest laws, checking the government’s websites for updates, and analyzing legal information pertinent to the Instant Checkmate business model. Instant Checkmate has implemented many tools that allow them to achieve their goal of achieving perfection.


  • Access to public records of any individual without cost.
  • Find any record using the most precise details.
  • Your information will be sent via email on a regular basis.
  • Instant Checkmate’s search capabilities are more thorough than any other record lookup service.

5: TruthFinder

TruthFinder’s public records search feature allows users to locate people and property details, as well as phone numbers. Results of searches are accessible through the website and mobile application and contain information like age, job title interest, date of birth, addresses previously used, and many more. You can also utilize TruthFinder to safeguard yourself from identity theft. The Identity Theft Protection service is fully compliant with the most recent security standards and is available at a low price. TruthFinder employs proprietary algorithms for matching which analyze data from various databases, both private and public, to produce a “single source of truth.” It also keeps its public records when new information becomes available.


  • The information that is processed is highly precise.
  • You can search all of the national databases (including the phone registers) using TruthFinder all at once, or independently.

6: PeopleFinderFree

PeopleFinderFree can be described as an absolutely free tool for phone lookups which helps you determine the person who’s calling you by entering their phone number. If you identify the phone number as a doctor’s office or know someone else is calling, simply type it into the search box to determine if we’ve got the most current contact list for them. The only information they’ll ask for is your name, first as well as the last name along with your zip number. They don’t request an email address. PeopleFinderFree is completely free and nobody has to sign for it. You can track who called you in the last 14 days and those who have called in the last week, and also those who have called you today. It is helpful to keep track of the callers that you recognize. PeopleFinderFree can help you save important phone numbers to your contacts list so that users don’t have to search for numbers in the near future.


  • Look up the names and numbers of the people who contacted you in the last 14 days and weeks.
  • Discover who called you this morning.
  • Keep important phone numbers in mind to use later.
  • It is free to use.
  • Registration is not required.

7: White Pages

White Pages is a free phone search tool that lets you browse through approximately 16 million records on any person who is registered with the United States. It’s the sole tool for phone lookup that is free and user-friendly and doesn’t require registration or login information before you can begin your search. White Pages can be used White Pages to lookup an individual’s number and then contact them via social media, email, and SMS. It can also be used as a no-cost phone lookup tool by entering your name and the phone number of the individual you’re searching for within the search bar and then clicking on “Search Now.” Click “Search now” to run your search. You’ll be taken to the results. Select any of the results for additional information about the individual immediately. White Pages is updated at minimum twice per day to include all its data of over sixteen million U.S. residents.


  • White Pages lets you search for two individuals at the same time by separating their names by an apostrophe.
  • The website shows the most up-to-date information available on individuals by reverse order. So you can check who contacted more recently.
  • The design of the site allows users to check the phone numbers that are “in use” by delivering live information for each individual. You can locate anyone’s number by searching their name.
  • You can look up anyone by their name or zip code, address and gender, age-range or race, date of birth, and other aspects.

8: CocoFinder

CocoFinder CocoFinder is a highly effective and free phone search tool that gives you the name of the person who is calling but also their address! It’s a breeze to use. Simply enter the number, and receive instant results without having to browse through a long list of names! It doesn’t require you to input a name.

Additionally, CocoFinder comes with a number of unique features you won’t find in other phone lookup applications. For instance, it is able to determine the number of an unidentified number that contacts or messages you. If you don’t know the name of a number and are interested in knowing who it is then you simply type it into the search bar and CocoFinder will reveal it. It also has reverse phone lookup. This is when you input the number and it will inform you of the name that is associated with the particular number. This is helpful in the event that you receive unknown messages or calls and you want to identify the person behind them.


In addition, CocoFinder allows you to trace any number trying to contact or text you! This means that if someone is stalking you, texting or calling you on a regular basis, harassing you in any manner, or other than that, CocoFinder is able to track those who are calling or texting you. You’ll also be able to identify who they are using their full name and email address, as well as their Social Security number as well as their physical address! If you’re looking for assistance in tracking down your abusive ex or need to find out who’s calling you to harass you with messages or calls, then CocoFinder is the place to look!


  • There aren’t any complicated registration forms or registrations to fill in.
  • It’s completely free and has no ads are included in the app.
  • If you’re looking to keep track of the location of a phone number that tries to text or call you CocoFinder will do it for you.
  • You can easily identify the name of any phone number that contacts or texts you by entering the code into our app.

9: SearchPeopleFree

If you’re in search of an unpaid search engine for people You should try to make use of SearchPeopleFree. It is a great site because it provides unlimited searches with its free search service. Other sites provide free search options however they do not offer the same features as this site has, making them less popular to make use of. On this site, you can search for individuals by name or telephone number search. Also, you can look up companies and do reverse phone searches. The telephone directory section lets users search for information using name and address. The site makes it simple to locate the information you require this is why it is a good top choice when conducting a search for people free.

There are a variety of websites that provide free search options for people, but this one is superior to many of them because of the user-friendly interface. It’s easy to use, and you’ll have no trouble getting what you want. The site is also user-friendly. Its layout is simple which makes it simple to navigate. The site also contains numerous helpful customer reviews you can take a look at to determine if it’s the best choice for you.

If you’re interested in using the free People Search service This one has all the features you require. The only issue is that the free version will only allow 10 searches each day.


  • The site provides results in a variety of ways. You can type in the search box and see results, or you can select the option that is above “People Search” and it will provide results this way too.
  • It is possible to save the searches and they’ll be saved as bookmarks to be used for later use.
  • The site offers useful tips and tricks, as also reviews from customers (like the top people search websites).
  • The website offers excellent customer service! If you encounter any issues, you can reach them via the email contact form on the website.

10: Spokeo

Spokeo is a search engine that helps to locate individuals by contact number and email address, or simply an address. The most amazing thing about this site is that it provides numerous choices to help find the right person. It is possible to use the directory, or type in the number of a phone or email address to start an inquiry. Additionally, Spokeo provides details on how to find individuals, including the date of birth as well as social media profiles.

The Spokeo directory is an Internet directory that aims to connect individuals with phone numbers or emails with those with names or addresses. When searching for someone on Spokeo, you must input the last name and the first initial, and then the number. It is also possible to search for individuals who have an email address or the phone number or email address. But, this method is long due to the huge quantity of data needed in order to locate individuals. The code of the website has been released by the developers. It allows anyone to input data to get information about individuals.


  • The interface is simple to navigate.
  • It’s available for free.
  • It has a massive database. The database contains millions of details about people across the globe.
  • It’s a full-page layout that contains various information like full birth date and address, as well as phone numbers relatives, the title of the job, and educational background.


By registering for trial periods of free trials you can get an absolutely free lookup of your phone number through the companies we’ve discussed. Some are completely free. To achieve the best outcomes, you should stick with only the initial few results They have a stellar reputation and provide accurate data 9 out of 10 times.

By 2021, this free service to look up a phone number is not likely to be possible. It’s costly to acquire information via an Information Broker or local municipal government. Therefore, unless you’re a victim of fraud it is necessary to pay a reasonable cost to obtain information.

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