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Clubhouse, the Popular Invitation-Only Audio App, Has a Problematic Banning Mechanism, Report Saysy

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Social media users who spend time on the site know that there are many trolls and reply-guys.

You can block other users on large platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This allows you to keep them off of your news feed.

Although blocking is not a perfect solution, it allows users to use the platforms without being in any trouble.

Clubhouse’s Weak Binning Measures

Will Oremus, a journalist for The Atlantic reported that Clubhouse, an audio chat platform that has been around for a year, uses a different method to block users. It affects more people than the person being blocked.

Oremus’ report states that blocking someone on Clubhouse does not affect communication between you two, like it would on Twitter and Facebook.

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The platform’s ability to communicate with other users is limited by blocking someone. Blocking someone means they can’t see or join any room you create or speak in, and that effectively makes them inaccessible to everyone in the room.

Anybody in the audience who blocks you from being “onstage” will be prevented from speaking on the stage as long as your presence is there.

Moderators can remove speakers from a room and block them in real-time.

As reported by the Verge, a Clubhouse black badge can restrict who speaks, when, and whereabouts, in essence.

Oremus pointed out that blocking another person on Clubhouse is a social act and can have multiple effects.

Underrepresent group members said that the platform can be used to block certain views or limit conversations.

A report highlighted a case in which a 20-year-old woman studying medicine claimed she was barred from discussions about vaccinations because an anti-vaxxer influential to her blocked her. A member of “WandaVision,” a watch-party club, blocked her from being able to join.

What’s Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse app is an invite-only audio app that is available for iOS. It was recently released to beta for US Android users. According to PCMag, the app can be used on iPad but is not optimized for iPadOS. The app will display in a smaller window or in a zoomed in size.

The platform’s initial hype, which attracted over 10 million users, is now beginning to fade. The platform has just released an Android version, and users can only be invited to join by an existing user.

Apart from that, Twitter’s audio chat service Spaces is gradually taking over. It seems Clubhouse might be up against it.

The platform does not offer any new features and no updates are available to encourage more users to download it.

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