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ClickUp Pricing vs Clockify Pricing: Are They Worth Your Dime?

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For task management, there are many project management tools available. It is difficult to choose which software is ideal for your company. ClickUp and Clockify are reliable solutions that provide a variety of work management tools. They allow users to track time, identify issues, and resolve dependency issues. This post will compare ClickUp pricing vs Clockify pricing to help you make a suitable choice. 

ClickUp assists organizations with project planning, organization, and collaboration. Users can assign particular team members or groups of team members comments and tasks. It includes features such as reminders, documents, calendars, objectives, scheduling, and an inbox. An activity stream depicts tasks in the sequence in which they were created and completed in real-time. When viewing projects on an Agile dashboard, businesses can create team-specific notifications. 

Clockify is a cloud-based time and project tracking solution. The data is shown on a dashboard and in customizable reports. The reports depend on projects, tasks, timeframes, and users. Timesheets are used to arrange payroll once hours are entered. To preserve security, single sign-on allows businesses to use their current credentials. It can be customized with white labeling and subdomains to match the company’s logo. It has offline capabilities and can be deployed through desktop, browser, or mobile.  

ClickUp Software

The following are some of the ClickUp key features: 

Key Features 

Task Automation 

Set up regular procedures by automating routine tasks. Install explicit SOPs for assigning new work to teams. Post comments, assign tasks, change statuses, and more. By using automation on external modules, you can combine everything into a single assignment.

To-Do Lists 

Create multi-functional and straightforward to-do lists to organize ideas and work from anywhere. To turn lists into actionable processes, add formatting, link items, and color with tasks or assignees. While creating recurring activities with stored checklists, save lists as templates for reuse and customization. 

Time Tracking 

While switching between tasks, record time using a mobile, desktop, or web browser. View monitored time by day, week, month, or custom range using comprehensive timesheets. While viewing individual tasks and time entries for evaluations, group total time by dates. 

Dependency Management  

You can access everything from a single location by building linkages between documents, tasks, and dependencies. Connect clients to deals, consumers to orders, and users to bug reports, among other things. Establish a clear hierarchy of responsibilities for teams to focus on.

Gantt Chart 

Create a project timetable by scheduling, prioritizing, and managing dependencies. View projects, spaces, lists, and tasks from above. Organize and prioritize each task while categorizing them. Use a drag-and-drop capability to promote real-time team communication when upgrading projects. 

Mind Map 

Create visual outlines by arranging ideas, projects, or current chores. Workflows should be mapped to existing projects. While editing, creating, and deleting tasks from views, rearrange them into logical pathways. Make mind maps that are independent of task structures. 

ClickUp Pricing  

It is simple, to begin with, the free basic plan, which provides several administrative possibilities. Here are some plans that Clickup pricing offer to its customer. 

The Unlimited plan costs $5 per user each month. 

The Business plan is $12 per user per month. 

The Business Plus Plan costs $19 per user each month. 

You can also get a bespoke price for enterprise-level functionality by contacting the ClickUp sales team. 

ClickUp Demo 

You can also view the ClickUp demo before purchasing the product. The ClickUp demo informs consumers who are interested in purchasing the product of its features and functioning. 

ClickUp Reviews 

ClickUp is a user-friendly program, according to the reviews. They also enjoy how simple it is to use. It has improved users’ task management abilities. They can also make lists to address dependence concerns. Users are sometimes overwhelmed by its features. 

Clockify Software 

Key Features  

Project Management 

The progress of the project can be followed, and pertinent metrics can be delved into. Individual tasks and users can be tracked in the context of a project. Billable and nonbillable work is tracked, and the expected cost and time spent are shown. 


Dashboards provide consumers with a comprehensive perspective of how their time is spent. Visualizations make insights easier to understand. It categorizes team members and personal workload, with drill-down capabilities. The categories depend on particular work sessions and data points. 


Timesheets can display tracked time and plan tasks, projects, and calendars in advance. Projects and assignments can be developed ahead of time and included in a worker’s timesheet. Templates for timesheets can be built for convenient reuse and repeating tasks. 

Clockify Pricing 

There are five Clockify pricing options:   

The freemium includes an unlimited number of users, projects, and tracking. 

To try all the advanced features, activate the 7-day free trial. There is no credit card necessary, and you can cancel or upgrade to available paid plans at any time: 

The basic ($3.99/user) includes administrative tools such as adding time for others and required fields.  This plan also offers bulk editing. 

The standard is ideal ($5.49) for billing and timesheet tools. It offers tools like Time off, Invoicing, and Approval. 

The Pro ($7.99) adds cost and productivity capabilities like scheduling, expenses, budgeting, and estimates. 

You can access the enterprise ($11.99/user) for enhanced security. 

Clockify Demo 

To learn more about the functions and features of the Clockify software, you can also watch a demo. You can request a live demo by contacting the Clockify software demo.  

Clockify Reviews 

The Clockify software is rated 9.1/10 on TrustRadius and 4.7/5 on GetApp. Clockify is helpful software that allows IT staff to track the time spent on a project. Users also appreciate it because it allows accounting and operations teams to track project profitability. An issue that some users have complained about is the lack of options to mark the end of a project.  

Final Remarks 

When it comes to choosing between ClickUp and Clockify, it will be insightful to take a look at their respective demos. In the end, it is up to the users to decide which software will support their work. 

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