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Click describes the act of pressing the mouse button (usually the left mouse button, when there are two buttons on the mouse) several times. The method used to click the mouse is contingent upon your system and software that you’re running.

Below are the common methods to use a mouse on a computer and the results. As previously mentioned the actions may differ according to the program.

Types of mouse clicks as well as mouse click options


The mouse is released and then pressed button to select the click, icon, file menu or any other item. In the case of an example, when you click a single hyperlink within the browser it will cause the hyperlink to be activated. When you use a mouse with more than two buttons, the single-click is defaulted onto the left-most mouse, which is also called Left-clicking.


Clicking the default mouse button twice allows the program or executes the program or opens the contents of a file. For instance when using Microsoft Windows or many other operating systems, clicking twice on an icon for a program opens ( executes) the program. If you have an icon of the web browser in your computer, you could have double-clicked the icon to launch the browser.

When dealing with text by double-clicking on text, you can select the whole word that was clicked.


Holding down the mouse button and using the mouse) can be utilized in order to emphasize or drag-select texts or objects. For instance, in the image below it is a case of clicking and dragging the mouse cursor to highlight the entire words in the initial sentence.


The button is pressed three times to quickly chooses the three times quickly selects a paragraph that contains text. This is seen in the animation above.


The alternate mouse button, often that of the left mouse to perform a specific action. For instance, right-clicking the mouse button in Microsoft Windows brings up the right-click menu that offers other options available for whatever you clicked. For Microsoft Word, right-clicking in Word will open you access to options like the possibility of cutting and copying text.


The middle button of the three-button mouse and by using an actual wheels of a mouse for a click activates an option that is pre-programmed. This feature is possible to set within your operating system’s mouse settings, or within the software. For instance, in many Internet browsers, pressing the mouse wheel as a click on a hyperlink opens the link in a brand new browser tab.


The role of Ctrl +click is dependent on the location and the way it’s used. It is able to choose multiple files or objects or open hyperlinks open in new tabs or open hyperlinks. Check out our Ctrl+click for more information, directions for additional information, examples, and instructions.


Making a single click, and holding it down Shift Then, a single click in a different location on the text will highlight the entire text, icons or any other set of objects that are highlighted between and after the second click. Check out our Shift-click page to find more information, directions for further information, instructions, and interactive examples.

Thumb click

A lot of new desktop mice include button for thumbs which can be programmed to carry out various actions. A button can be programmed to switch back to the web browser.

The finger I should be using to click?

In addition, the fingers located on the right hand can be used for what’s known as the selective click. However, left-handed individuals can change the direction of mouse clicks, making their middle fingers the click finger.

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How do you click without a mouse

Utilizing the Keyboard If you want to, you can do the same function in a single press by pressing either Spacebar or Enter using the keyboard. For instance pressing Tab repeatedly allows you to navigate through the Links here, then press Enter Clicks the highlighted link.

If you require right-click on keyboards, check out the right-click page for more details and examples.

Why can’t my mouse click?

The problem usually occurs when the mouse requires an update to the driver, new batteries, or is damaged.

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What do I do to click the tablet or smartphone?

The mobile phone, tablet and any other device with touchscreens touchscreen doesn’t have a mouse and , therefore, can’t “click.” However, many actions that instruct users”click “click” are identical to”tap. ” tap.” For instance, you can tap or click or tap any one of these hyperlinks that appear on the page in order to launch them.

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