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Sometimes referred to as also known as Ethernet cable, also known as a the LAN cable, Cat 5 or category 5 is an Ethernet cable made up in four interconnected twisted pair copper wire that is terminated with one RJ-45 connection. The picture illustrates an illustration of an Cat 5 cable.

Cat 5 cables are used for both business and home networks. It can transmit data at speeds of up to Mbps. The maximum length that is recommended for the Cat 5 cable is 100 meters. Excessing that length with out the assistance by a bridge, or another network device can cause problems, such as loss of data packets as well as data speed reduction.

The order of wires in the form of a Cat 5 cable

Cat5 Wiring Diagram: A Complete Tutorial | EdrawMax

Cat 5 cable Cat 5 cable contains 8 wires and is wired in a particular order of wires. When the wires have been placed placed in an unrelated order the cable will not function. The two standard options are T568A as well as T568B, to determine the order of the wires. Both are comparable in performance and doesn’t give you an advantage over one of them. However, it is essential to utilize the same order of wire at both ends of the Cat 5 cable.

The table and the images below illustrate the color and arrangement of the wires that make up the Cat 5 cable, for every wiring standard.

How do you remove the Cat 5 cable

  1. Find your Cat 5 cable; it is located on the side or back of your PC or laptop.
  2. Grab the cable connector near to the port as you are able.
  3. You will feel there is a tab at the bottom or the top (it could be underneath the coating of a rubber cable). Release the tab and pull the cable away.
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