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Can you stop lost or stolen AirPods from being used?

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AirPods can be integrated into Apple products as wireless earbuds. What happens if the AirPods are lost, stolen, or damaged? The thief will have the ability to make the product their own if they are armed with an iPhone or iPad.

AirPods can’t be locked or remotely controlled to stop them being taken or lost. They cannot be remotely locked or controlled remotely. Although this statement might not be right for you, it may help you locate your AirPods faster than anyone else.

Although it may seem strange, you cannot stop anyone from using your AirPods. Many people want to know the answer to this question. They want to know the truth but may believe that they have been stolen. This article will assist readers in tracking down their AirPods, and identifying when they aren’t. This article will explain how to prevent losing your AirPods.

What can you do if your AirPods get stolen or lost?

You believe someone stole them, even though they may have been knocked over the cat. You may have left the charging/storage container behind when something happened, but it might be gone. Perhaps your AirPods have been stolen, but they aren’t being used. There are many options. You might be able find them and retrieve them if you act quickly. Continue reading to find out more.

All AirPods can be connected to any iPhone, iPad or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Because they are not connected to Wi-Fi, it is difficult for them to be found.

Don’t despair. Apple knows how frustrating losing your AirPods can be so they offer a solution. You can locate your AirPods using the website, or the Locate my iPhone app in the App Store.

Your AirPods will not be found on any website or app if they are taken by someone. If you suspect your AirPods are being stolen, it is important to act fast. Sometimes, you might be able to hook the AirPods up to your iCloud account. You have no other options if they are lost.

It sounds complicated in theory. Let’s get to the actual application.

How to find your AirPods using iCloud

If you’ve lost your AirPods, the iCloud website may be able help you locate them. These are the steps.

  1. Visit “iCloud.com/find” on your computer.
  2. Log in to your Apple Account linked to your AirPods.
  3. Search for your iPhone with the Find my iPhone feature. Although you can search for your AirPods using the Find my iPhone feature, that is not possible.
  4. This page will inform you that all devices are offline unless you have an iPhone. Select “AirPods” from the “All Devices” Tab.
  5. Your AirPods will be highlighted on the map if your search succeeds. If they are online, the green dots will indicate that they have been connected to your iPhone/iPad. The gray dot indicates that they are unavailable or can’t be found.
  6. To confirm that your AirPods are found, click on the green dot. Next, click on the “I” link in that window.
  7. To hear loud music from your AirPods, click on the “Play Sound” button.
  8. You can turn off, mute or stop the sound from either the left or right Airpod. This is useful if you only have one Airpod. We are sure you don’t want this sound blasting into your ears.

Look around your house or the area where the AirPods were last used. To locate your AirPods, you should hear a loud noise. To ensure that your AirPods don’t go off, if you drop them in multiple places, make sure to put one in the case. Follow the steps above to locate the second AirPod.

If the Find My iPhone app is unable to locate your AirPods,

If your AirPods are shown as a gray dot on the Find my iPhone App, you have a problem. This status only shows their last location.

Gray dots can be caused by many things. Install the Find My iPhone app before you lose your AirPods. This is the best way for your AirPods to be protected. This should be done as soon as you purchase your AirPods.

Your AirPods may have lost their charge. They won’t turn off if the battery is dead. They might also be out-of-range. They are located within the Bluetooth range of the Apple device to whom they are connected.

AirPods Cases can contain your AirPods. While they’re in the case, your device can’t connect to them.

This article should have helped you locate your AirPods or, at least, help you keep track of them with the Find My iPhone app. AirPods can be harder to locate than your iPhone, as they are always on (when turned on), and therefore are easier to track. Your iOS device’s proximity will determine where your AirPods are located.

If your AirPods are stolen, you won’t be in a position to locate them. This is a sad fact. If you lose only one, Apple will replace the case or Airpod. You will need your serial number to relay Apple support.

These replacements may cost more than new sets, but they are still cheaper than buying a brand-new set.

The Most Commonly Asked Questions

Can I stop my AirPods from being stolen?

Your AirPods can be stolen. If they are not used and still connected to your device, they can be tracked and found. You cannot retrieve them if they are not located.

What is AppleCare coverage for stolen AirPods?

No. AppleCare is more of an extended warranty than insurance. You will be able to get support in the unlikely event your AirPods stop working or stop charging. If your AirPods get stolen or lost, you won’t have a chance to replace them.

Is it necessary to replace the one that I have lost?

No. No. No. Visit the Apple Website for more information on replacing damaged components.

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