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Bluetooth vs wired speakers

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When buying an acoustic system, the options seem endless these days. Technically, the best acoustic system is wired speakers. However, this response may change dramatically depending on your specific needs for an acoustic system.

Which acoustic system works best? To find out which speaker is best, let us consider all the pros and cons: Bluetooth vs wired speakers.

Wired Speakers

Wired devices are most common and are divided into two main types:

  • with connection via the audio output of 3.5 mm
  • with a USB connectorconnection

The main difference between these types is that the second speaker (USB) does not always need a separate power supply: some models know how to feed directly from the USB port and do not have a power cord for the socket. This greatly facilitates their use.

In general, all wired speakers are equipped with two body units with one or two dynamics (in the latter case, the sound is more voluminous and clean), as well as a subwoofer for high-quality reproduction of the lower spectrum frequencies (basses). The subwoofer can be built into speakers or may be a separate third block connected to the speakers with cables.

Pros Wired Speakers

  • most trustworthy
  • improved audio quality
  • superior power and volume
  • flexibility in terms of the hardware you may use (amplifiers, receivers, etc)

Cons Wired Speakers

  • once installed, not very portable
  • if you make a lousy wire work, it may be ugly.
  • you must match the power of your amplifier and speakers.
  • more vulnerable to harm from the environment outside
  • mostcostly

Bluetooth Speakers

The main advantage of wireless speakers over wired is – a more convenient connection to the laptop «by air» through Bluetooth technology. Such speakers also lack power wire and operate from the built-in battery that needs to be charged. All this allows you to free up the workspace from excess cables and conveniently use a speaker outside the home: for example, in nature during a picnic or on a car trip. Wireless audio devices may consist of a pair of speakers or one into which a microphone for communication can also be built.

In most cases, Bluetooth speakers are inferior to wired sound quality and depth: because they lack a second speaker and subwoofer (which would consume too much power and force the user very often to charge the battery). At the same time, high-quality wireless speakers, which are superior to wired ones, also exist – but a very high price tag characterizes such devices.

Pros Bluetooth Speakers

  • no wires to worry about
  • flexibility in speaker configuration
  • simple to expand with more speakers
  • a quality system may be purchased with little investigation
  • suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings

Cons Bluetooth Speakers

  • amplification or conversion are not under my control
  • overall sound quality decline
  • external equipment connections are challenging
  • audio interference is a risk
  • compared to wired speakers, the sound is “meek”

Extra Feature

The more expensive the speaker, the more features it contains. Gadgets of the initial level are equipped with the essential elements: they can connect to a smartphone on Bluetooth, start the music, put it on pause, and rewind. In more solid models, you can find:

  • additional connectors, such as USB, turn a speaker into an external battery or microSD card mounting slot
  • subwoofer for better bass design
  • light music systems that will create the atmosphere of a real nightclub
  • NFC and Wi-Fi synchronization modules
  • control through an application that contains various musical profiles
  • conversational speaker for audio or video communication

Usage Scenarios

All of the above parameters ultimately define the scope of wireless speakers. For example, powerful gadgets with equalizers and light music are suitable for home use. Such devices will not only provide high-quality sound but also decorate the interior of the room. And light and compact speakers that fit in a pocket and have protection from water and dust can be safely taken to nature or street training.

There are even models sharpened for installation on a bike or scooter. Such speakers are mounted on the handlebars and can spin music from the player and from a memory stick or radio channels. And in the dark, they act as a flashlight at the expense of a powerful and bright LED.

Better quality materials, more powerful and juicy sound in a wide frequency range, additional functions such as light music and equalizer, and autonomy – the model’s price tag will determine its technical characteristics. Here it is worth building on what you buy a speaker for. And for everyday use, picnics, or walks in the park, it makes no sense to buy a fancy piece of music. Even a speaker worth 50 dollarswill provide an optimal sound level.

But if you need to provide a powerful sound during a crowded entertainment event, there are two models to choose from: JBL Xtreme 2 and Xtreme 3 https://reviews-technology.com/jbl-xtreme-2-vs-xtreme-3/.

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