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Block letters can refer to any of the following: Block letter could be used to refer to one or more of:

1. When it comes to writing or typing, blocks refers to typing or writing that is printed but is not written with cursive or using the addition of any letters. Teachers and forms often require that an application or task be written using block letters in order to make reading easier. This image shows an example of block letters in comparison with cursive words. It is evident block letters are simpler to read.

Change text from block letters to text

How to Easily Change the Case on Text in Microsoft Word

Utilize the converter below to convert any text in any of the lowercase or uppercase block letters, as well as other types of text.

2. Block-style also known as block letters is an official block letter (usually written for business) format in which the content of typed text is aligned to the left margin and there is no indentation. Block letters typically contain particular elements. The components include the name of the sender address, telephone as well as the address of the recipient’s name along with the address of the recipient, date of the letter as well as a reference statement (usually starting by saying “Re :”), the subject and the main body.

Block letters can be used as a template for a letter and is suitable to cover all correspondence of a certain type or nature. It can even be transformed into the form of a Microsoft Word template, where many components are added to the document from other sources (like the Excel spreadsheet) with the help of macros. This scenario could be the case if the same letter has to be addressed to a variety of people, and then personalized to each one.

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