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Best Xbox One headsets: the top Xbox One gaming headsets

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These are the best Xbox One headsets available right now

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The best Xbox One headsets will dramatically improve your Xbox One gaming experience.

Halo Infinite lets you unload a sniper rifle’s magazines or listen to the satisfying squeak of tires in Forza H5. The audio quality of a game is just as important as its visual presentation. To get the best Xbox One headsets, you need to meet a few criteria.

The best headsets must have excellent sound quality, comfortable use and decent voice quality. While some headsets excel in a few of these areas, others are better at delivering on all three. Even though the Xbox One S, Xbox One X and Xbox Series S have more recent technology, the Xbox One remains popular.

Nonetheless, the consumer-first approach of Microsoft and the new Xbox hardware will ensure that any headset purchased for the Xbox One can be used with the Xbox Series X/S. If you decide to upgrade, there is no need to worry about getting a headset that doesn’t work with new hardware. There are many options for the best gaming headsets.


Our essential list of the top Xbox One headsets in 2022 will help you choose the right headset for you.

The Best Xbox One Headsets in a Snap

  • Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2
  • Turtle Beach Elite Pro with Tactical Audio Adapter
  • Razer Nari Ultimate
  • Corsair HS50
  • Steelseries Arctis 9x
  • Astro A50

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2

A gaming headset for Xbox consoles that is affordable

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There are many reasons to buy

+Pairs directly to Xbox consoles+Microphone monitoring+Windows Sonic Spatial Audio

Avoidable reasons

-Occasionally weak connection – A little too tight

There are many premium gaming headsets available, but Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Generation 2 is the best. It has excellent sound quality, robust features, and offers exceptional value for money.

Turtle Beach has a Stealth 600 Gen 2 model, which is specifically designed for Xbox consoles. This means that users can connect the gaming headset directly with their Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, without the need to use an optical or USB connector. It’s as easy as pairing a controller.

The Stealth 600 Gen 2 headset delivers a vibrant audio experience with good depth. It also works well with Dolby atmos headphones and Windows Sonic. Their powerful 50mm drivers provide exceptional clarity and bass depending on your audio preferences.

The mode button lets users cycle through four EQ settings: Signature sound, Bass Boost (or Bass + Treble Boost), Vocal Boost (or both). A quick push of the power button can activate Superhuman Hearing mode. This amplifies subtle sounds such as footsteps and reloading guns to give players an advantage tactically.

A flip-down microphone that mutes when it is flipped up and separate volume rockers are available for chat or game, as well as a mic with flip-down function. Mic monitoring is a great feature that allows you to hear your voice as you chat.

However, it wasn’t always easy. We experienced intermittent internet connection during Black Ops Cold War matches. There was a dotted sound that resembling Morse Code. It didn’t happen often enough to cause concern.

The headset has a cheap plastic feel and is quite tight around the ears. This can cause discomfort when gaming for long periods. Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600 Gen 2 gaming headphone is an excellent all-rounder that will help you keep your finances in check.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro with Tactical Audio Adapter

It is built like a tank, with sound to match.

+Superb sound+Exemplary confort+Incredible build quality

Avoidable reasons

Pricey package – No surround sound in the base state

Turtle Beach is the most established specialist gaming headset manufacturer. It has a loyal following among pro-gamers. When you open its Elite Pro, it’s easy to see why. This headset is a great example of no-expense-spared design and features many neat touches that are the result of decades of progaming experience.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Headset is also a great sounding headset. The Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Headset’s powerful bass and clear treble create a unique sound that will allow you to immerse yourself in any game you are playing. It’s comfortable and has large, thick earpads which eliminate any ambient noise. They can also be adjusted to fit most head sizes. You can adjust the spacing of the earpads to fit a pair glasses.

We recommend pairing an Xbox One with the Tactical Audio Adapter. This adapter clips to the Xbox One controller and acts as an amplifier. You can also add sound control features to your Xbox One by purchasing the Tactical Audio Controller, which is a box-shaped graphic equaliser that adds Dolby Surround Sound. It’s a bit more expensive but offers additional sound-control features.

These features include Turtle Beach’s Superhuman Hearing which amplifies the sound of incoming players and is great to play hardcore first-person shooters. Dynamic Chat Boost keeps chat levels audible even in noisy background noise. It also allows you to adjust chat and game volume independently.

This headset is a status symbol for gamers who take gaming seriously.

Razer Nari Ultimate

Innovation means risk taking

+Solid soundstage+All connectivity catered to+Plug and play+Comfortable

Avoidable reasons

-An expensive investment

Razer has really pushed the boundaries with its Razer Nari Ultimate headset.

Razer’s Nari Ultimate is a unique concept that must be experienced. Razer has created a sturdy pair of headphones with an unusual feature. The Nari Ultimate is one of the most popular Xbox One headsets when it comes wireless models.

Corsair HS50

Budget cans

There are many reasons to buy


Avoidable reasons

-Lacks surround sound-Mic could easily be misplaced

The Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming headset is a high-quality headset at a low price. It may be the best-priced wired Xbox One headset available.

Although it does not have surround sound, the stereo sound isn’t a problem. The headphones produce dynamic sound and are comfortable and plush. It doesn’t look like a budget headset.

Steelseries Arctis 9X

Pristine arctis audio for the team green

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There are many reasons to buy

+Comfortable+Durable+Flat but detailed EQ response

Avoidable reasons

-Limited Windows support

One of Xbox One’s most unique quirks is its wireless audio system. This requires headsets to connect with it. It was historically difficult for the Steelseries Arctis models to work here. The SteelSeries Arctis 9X makes it all go away.

This is the first clue. The green colorway is very similar to the Arctis 7 or Arctis Pro models, which are available for PC and . However, it has the required Xbox One compatibility. The shell is virtually identical, so the ski goggle’s headband feels just as good as on other models. The earcups’ rear have chat mix, volume scroll wheels, and mic mute. Simple simplicity is the best.

Arctis cans are known for sounding ‘flatter than other’. This refers to the flat EQ response of Arctis cans (imagine a straight line running along an equalizer) and not any belief that the sound will make you feel flat. It is lively and detailed like audiophile gear. However, it doesn’t overpower the bass like some PC gaming companies feel compelled.

There is one small flaw in your ointment: it can be difficult to get these to work with Windows. Bluetooth connectivity is only available in Mr Gates’ ecosystem. This means that dropouts and connection problems are more frequent. This one is for Xbox One enthusiasts who are looking for the best Xbox One headset.

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