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The iPhone 12 is more expensive than the iPhone 11 2019. Apple has added $100 to the price. However, it offers a variety of new features, such as an OLED display and upgraded camera.

This is only one of four iPhone 12 phones. The record-breaking iPhone 12 family has the iPhone 12 pro , iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 pro Max. There is an iPhone 12 that suits everyone’s needs, but as our iPhone 12 review shows, the standard model packs the best features of the range at a much lower price than the Pro models.

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  • Apple iPhone 12 (Instalments 64GB), $0 upfront, 3GB data and only $46.21 per Month from Red Pocket (opens new tab).

Even though the iPhone 13 has been released, the iPhone 12 remains in Apple’s official lineup. It takes over for a slightly less expensive option that doesn’t have the extra bells and whistles of the new iPhone. Apple has done this a lot. They have kept the 2019 phones but discounted them to make the iPhone 12 more affordable. We expect the iPhone 12 will be a key part of Apple’s future strategy. We can expect it to get newer updates over the years with iOS15.

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The iPhone 12 headlines show that 5G offers faster speeds and better connectivity to the new iPhone. However, 5G networks have not yet been fully deployed all over the globe, so coverage is still limited. It works great – we managed to achieve 200Mbps while on the move – but coverage is still limited in many areas, even big cities.

This being said, many people are still using their iPhones for at least three to four years. The iPhone 12 can also connect to a wide range of 5G frequencies, so if there is a signal, you should be able connect to it.


The MagSafe connector, which is new to iPhones, on the back of the iPhone 12 offers a very interesting proposition. This magnetic connection tech allows you to attach items to your phone such as a charger, case or other accessories, and can also be used to identify what has been connected via a special chip.

MagSafe allows for faster charging and better accuracy, which is a great feature in its own right. But the magnetic connection opens up the doors to new accessories, like a wallet clip or camera mount. We’re certain that MagSafe accessory range will expand as more third-party manufacturers acquire the technology.

This means that we may soon see clip-on accessories such as photo printers, games controllers, and large extra batteries. These MagSafe mounts that transform your iPhone 12 into an real camera show the potential, and the sky is the limit.

The iPhone 12’s performance has been improved once again. The A14 Bionic chipet is the most powerful ever in a smartphone. It annihilates all competition and, strangely, it doesn’t get outperformed theoretically by the iPhone 12 Pro.

It is expensive to begin with 64GB of storage. If you enjoy taking full resolution photos and videos, you may find yourself bumping up against this barrier in the near future.

(Image credit: TechRadar)

The iPhone 12 design has been modified with squared-off edges, which are very reminiscent of the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and a new Ceramic Shield front, that is allegedly four times more difficult to break than the iPhone 11 (not to mention that our review sample was willing to be dropped-tested).

It has also been upgraded to an OLED display. This is the same technology used on the iPhone 12 Pro. The OLED screen offers rich colors, deep blacks and true HDR for compatible content. Although it sounds small, the 120Hz display tech could have been a benefit. However, the iPhone 12 still offers sharp and vibrant viewing experiences.

Camera-wise, the 12MP pair of ultra-wide and wide cameras are back. This model has the former, which is even more effective in low-light. Both can also be used with Night Mode. This feature can enhance your snaps in a truly amazing way. However, it is also available on the iPhone 11 and we would like to see it upgraded in 2020.

Although the video capabilities are impressive, most people will not use them. Despite this, the output is impressive to look at and something that you would be eager to share.

The new iPhone 12’s battery life is average. With heavier usage, your phone should last you most of the day – approximately 17-18 hours at a push. You can still get through the night with lighter usage, but not as much as the 2019 model.

The iPhone 12 seems like it has a lot of potential, but Apple is still relying on other companies to make it a huge success. To make the phone more appealing, we need to see 5G deployments in greater numbers. MagSafe accessories need to be adopted by others quickly.

These things aside, the iPhone 12 isn’t a vastly improved iPhone 11 and it doesn’t feel as if it surpasses its higher price tag. It still ranks in the top iPhones but it isn’t one of the most desirable smartphones.


iPhone 12: Release date and Price

  • iPhone 12 is now available around the globe
  • Prices start at $699/PS679/AU$1,199
  • Prices jump to $849/PS829/AU$1,449 per 256GB storage

iPhone 12 specifications

Weight: 164g

Dimensions : 146.7 x 71.5x 7.4mm

Display Size: 6.8-Inches

Resolution: 1170 x 2532

Chipset: A14 Bionic


Storage: 64/128/256GB

Rear Camera: 12MP +12MP

Front camera 12MP

Pre-installed Software:iOS 14

Battery: 2,815mAh

Charging: 20W wired, 15W wireless

The iPhone 12 was released on October 23, 2020. Although the phone isn’t new yet, you can still buy it from Apple (opens a new tab), as well as many other retailers. Although the iPhone 12 mini was not released until a few months later it is still available.

The iPhone 12 launched at $799 / PlayStation799 / AU$1,349. This is $100 / P70 / AU$150 less than the iPhone 11 range. This was due to the added cost of a 5G modem but also because the iPhone 12 Mini is starting at $699 / PlayStation699 / AU$1,199.

These prices have fallen since the iPhone 13 was launched. The 64GB model starts at $699 / PlayStation679 / AU$1,199, while the 256GB version goes for $849 /PS829 /AU$1,449.

Keep in mind that the 64GB version is the only one available at the starting price. That’s a pretty low storage level for 2021. How much will it cost in your country? Below are the iPhone 12 prices in the US, UK, and Australia.

Region 64GB 128GB 256GB
US $699 $749 $849 UK PS679 PS729 PS829 AU AU$1,199 AU$1,279 AU$1,449

The device will be available in the US on AT&T and Sprint as well as T-Mobile, T-Mobile, Verizon. The $799 price applies only to SIM-free purchases made on these networks in the US. If you wish to buy the phone unlocked, an additional $30 will be charged.

UK residents can buy the iPhone 12 from EE, Vodafone and O2, Three as well as a range of other networks. The iPhone 12 is available in Australia at Vodafone, Optus, Telstra, and Optus.

  • These are the best iPhone 12 offers currently

iPhone 12: design

  • Revamped design, which feels like the iPhone 4
  • New Ceramic Shield should make sure that the phone is more durable
  • IP68 is water and dust-resistant, so it can withstand water

What does the term “elevated” mean to you? If one were to say, the design of something is elevated, would that mean the sides of it were now flat and more ‘industrial’-looking?

If your answer is “yes”, then you already understand the design philosophy behind the new iPhone 12. It’s almost identical in size and shape to the 2019 iPhone 11 (though it is actually a few millimeters thinner and smaller), but the main difference lies in the sharp edges that are 90 degrees rather than the convex and curved sides of previous iterations.

The iPhone 12 is more comfortable to hold in the hands. Its edges don’t rest as comfortably in your hands, which makes it feel sharper.

(Image credit: TechRadar)

You’re likely to recall the feeling of holding an iPhone 4 or 5 for quite a while, both with similar squared sides. However, the larger iPhone does make it easier to hold.

This is an Apple design change that’s interesting. One wonders if it was done to boost 5G signals (there’s a slight gap in the US for the mmWave version).

The phone’s rear is twice as likely to survive drops, even though it uses the same glass as the iPhone 11.

Apple claims that the new Ceramic Shield protects the iPhone 12’s front from shattering.

Many drop tests have been conducted on the internet to test this idea. Most show that the front glass is stronger and more durable than the rear.

We haven’t done any drops tests on our units, mainly because we need to keep them reviewing throughout the year. But it seems that there’s an improvement in the material on the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 doesn’t claim to be impervious to scratches or breakability, so you won’t be able to do without a screen protector or case. It is four times less likely to break than the iPhone 12 Pro, but it will still crack from repeated drops. The front display can also get scratched if it is placed with sharp objects in a pouch, such as the iPhone 12 Pro. To keep your iPhone looking new and protected, you should use a case or screen protector.

If you like the feeling of a naked phone, you still have the chance of it breaking, but with a lower risk.

(Image credit: TechRadar)

In 2020, the IP68 rating was increased. The iPhone 12 can be submerged for up to 30 minutes at six meters before it starts to get wet. This means that there is less chance of water damage occurring every day.

The most controversial change with the iPhone 12 is not the phone itself but the items that come with it. Apple has removed the EarPods and charging block from the box. This is in order to highlight the environmental benefits of not cluttering millions of people’s drawers with items they already own (as well the shipping efficiency resulting from slimmer boxes).

“In an effort to achieve our environmental goals, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 min do not include a power adapter nor EarPods. You can use your existing Apple power adapter or headphones, or you can purchase these accessories separately.

This is what you will see on the new iPhone page. It would make sense, except for the Apple power adapter.

Apple will include a Lightning-to-USB-C cable with the iPhone 12 (not the Lightning-to-USB-A connector). This means that you’ll have to buy an older Lightning cable and charger if the iPhone 12 is purchased. If you are buying your first iPhone, then you’ll probably need to spend $19/PS19/AU$29 to get a charging block.

Display for iPhone 12

  • A 6.1-inch LCD display that is crisp and clear
  • A better quality display than the iPhone 11
  • Standard 60Hz refresh rate is unlike many Android alternatives

The display on the iPhone 12 is a significant improvement over the iPhone 11. While 2019 Apple made it clear that OLED displays with high contrast and fancy colors were for people who could afford the Pro, the Super Retina XDR Display was now available for the iPhone 12.

This is especially evident when viewing HDR-encoded photos, videos, and movies.

While you might not notice a significant difference in the quality of images when browsing the internet, OLED upgrades can make a huge impact on image quality.

It means that you will have more opportunities to see high-quality content every day. HDR Netflix is not available to everyone, but HDR Netflix images in normal mode can still be vibrant and rich, which can make them even more impressive (if you’re watching the same nature videos as us).

(Image credit: TechRadar)

The iPhone 12’s 2532×1170 pixel resolution is impressive. It can be viewed from all angles and sharpens easily. The iPhone 12’s bezels are slimmer (although they look slightly thicker due to the squared design), which allows it to be a bit shorter and wider than the 2019 version while still maintaining the 6.1 inch display.

Although it was easy to criticize Apple’s display technology in the past, the iPhone 12’s screen is very good.

120Hz screen refresh rate, which allows for fluid scrolling on new iPads and some Android flagships, adds a gloss to the interaction with the iPhone. However, the sharpness, color reproduction, and HDR levels appear to be very good all around.

Our testing revealed that the iPhone 12’s brightness is slightly lower than the iPhone 12 Pro. While they have the same peak brightness for HDR content, their day-to-day view appears darker. Although we didn’t notice any difference between the two, it did make the iPhone 12 slightly brighter, which will allow for slightly longer battery life. We were able to see everything even in bright sunlight.

We don’t know if you will want HDR on your phone screen. While the HDR mode is great for color reproduction and contrast ratios (the difference in brightness and darkness) it can cause some details to be lost in the’majesty” of the display.

Although this notion is subjective and will not affect how you use your phone, it is something you should be aware of if HDR is something you are interested in.

iPhone 12: MagSafe vs 5G – Which is the best feature in iPhone 12?

  • Future-proof with 5G connectivity
  • 5G may not be useful for everyone,
  • MagSafe tech introduces a range of accessories and uses

We’ll be covering the more complex upgrades to the iPhone 12 in a later review. However, two important changes to the 2020 model will most likely catch your attention.

Unfortunately, neither of these are likely to be incredibly impressive right now.

The iPhone 12’s main feature is 5G support. It also has more compatibility to connect with 5G networks than other phones. This includes the lightning-fast but limited-range, US mmW (millimeter wave), standard.

(Image credit: TechRadar)

It sounds great to be able browse faster, download faster, and stream in better quality. But, 5G is not available outside large cities. Even then, coverage is limited.

Thankfully, our 4G speeds are still sufficient for most people’s current smartphones. It is acceptable to stream Netflix and Spotify, so making it faster feels like a luxury rather than a necessity. Do you need speed? Need for speed?

It is difficult to add 5G connectivity into a smartphone design. The components are more costly and the chassis space is limited.

iPhone 12 specifications

Weight: 164g

Dimensions : 146.7 x 71.5x 7.4mm

Display Size: 6.8-Inches

Resolution: 1170 x 2532

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Pixel density: 460ppi

Chipset: A14 Bionic


Storage: 64GB / 128GB / 256GB

Rear cameras: 12MP + 12MP

Front camera 12MP

Battery: N/A

Although 5G might not seem necessary at the moment, it is not unnecessary. First, 5G speeds are amazing when you make a connection. We were able to download a 110MB audiobook in less than a minute on a train (on the EE network) in London, UK, while a 4G connection took us up to half an hour. Although it isn’t blindingly fast (30Mbps), it is a significant improvement on 4G.

We also noticed that signal coverage is improving. We were able send and receive messages while on a train ride that was previously a blackspot. We aren’t sure if this was due to increased coverage by networks or the iPhone’s higher band sensitivity. However, the results were positive.

You would be wrong to think that 5G is all about speed. One test involved one iPhone connecting to 4G in central London. We then tried to connect to Spotify while running to stream music. It would connect. Nope.

Our iPhone 12 was upgraded to 5G and we were able instantly to connect to the internet and stream without any problems. This is partly due to the fact that 5G allows multiple connections without slowdown, and also because there are less people using this network.

You can see that 5G will be allowed at football games and packed concerts. This will mean you won’t have to use your phone on those occasions, but data won’t pass through.

We are still a long way from this, however. 5G must be deployed more widely around the globe to realize the superfast dream.

iPhone 12: MagSafe- What is it?

  • Snap-on magnet tech
  • Chargers and cases

Although 5G is the most prominent spec on the iPhone 12, it’s not the only one that makes us excited.

MagSafe is the same magnetic snap-on technology Apple used to connect its power adapter to MacBooks previously. The magnets are placed in a circle underneath the iPhone’s rear case, which allows for the introduction of accessories that simply click onto iPhone 12 handsets.

MagSafe accessories are equipped with a chip that the iPhone can read. This allows it to register what they are supposed to do. Although this feature was limited to Apple’s cases and charger at launch, it is an improvement on previous years and third-party collaboration could lead to real innovation in the iPhone.

The iPhone 12 MagSafe charger (Image credit to TechRadar).

There have been attempts in the past to bring magnetically-attached accessories to smartphones, notably by Essential and Motorola. Motorola’s Moto Mods were particularly impressive. You could attach a battery pack, game controller or speaker to your smartphone.

Motorola’s phones didn’t enjoy the same widespread adoption as the iPhone, so there wasn’t the demand from accessory manufacturers that this cool idea deserved. The feature was quietly removed.

We can get an idea of what MagSafe could offer by looking at the Moto Mods results: There was a snap-on game controller, mini projector, instant photo printer, and an entirely new Hasselblad accessory for your camera that added a large sensor to your phone.

Imagine what innovation could be achieved with a similar system on the most loved phones in the world if we see it with the Motorola range.

You will receive a MagSafe charging cable from Apple at launch, along with some accessories and cases. It’s neat because it can charge your iPhone with 15W wirelessly. That’s twice the power of the iPhone 11.

Apple has increased the power by making sure that the charger clips securely to the device. We’ve had problems with older iPhones charging wirelessly. Sometimes we wake up to find that the wireless charger had lost a bit of its grip when we put it on the phone. This is now a thing of the passé with the iPhone 12/MagSafe.

MagSafe cases are a great idea. The new iPhone recognizes the color of the MagSafe case through a chip and will lighten the screen with the same color. These new cases cost PS10/$10 more than Apple’s standard cases (opens in new window), but they offer another benefit: your case can charge your iPhone 12 directly.

Many will find this a big plus. Having to remove a case every night can be annoying and eventually you may just want to leave it off permanently. This reduces protection for your new phone.


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