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Best transcription services in 2022

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Transcribing audio and video into text format is easy with the best transcription services.

There are many apps that can handle basic speech to-text but they might not be able or able deal with the technical aspects of some areas of work such as legal and medical.


Transcription services are essentially dictation services that replace them. They offer a third-party platform which often uses artificial intelligence to recognize voice commands. Many professional transcription services include manual review to ensure accuracy and high success rates.

The ultimate goal is to offer a hands-free service that can handle one-to-one and natural conversations such as business meetings. This will allow you to create searchable documentation that can be used to increase productivity or help customers engage.

Although there are many transcription services online, you should also consider error rates. It’s not worth paying extra for a transcription service with so many errors that it needs to be rewritten.


The cost of a transcription service is the most important factor. This includes the cost of the human or computer transcribing and any other services. These are the top transcription services available today.

1. Rev

Services for audio and video transcription

There are many reasons to buy

+Fast turnaround +High accuracy+Subtitling service

Avoidable reasons

Question about transcribers

Rev offers a variety of audio- and video transcription services including captions, subtitles and translations for all kinds of audio and videos.

Straightforward transcriptions are easy to complete in just a few hours. They also have a high accuracy rate of more than 99%. As a service, captions and subtitles are available for videos. They are FCC, ADA and Section 508.

Rev also offers a service to translate subtitles for video. This is something that other services don’t offer.

Rev is also unique in that it achieves the best balance between speed and error rate. It’s fast but not blindingly so. But its low error rate is where Rev really shines.

2. Scribie

Transcribing is precise with a variety of plans

There are many reasons to buy

+Automated or manual services+Fast turnaround

Avoidable reasons

Additional charges may apply – Only transcribe English-Low wages for workers

Scribie offers both automated and manual transcription services. Scribie offers both manual and automated transcription services. The manual service has a 99% accuracy rate, a 36-hour turnaround time, and speaker tracking.

These prices are for American speakers that have been cleaned up. Speakers with an accent or noisy background will be charged an extra fee. After uploading their file, the user pays the fee and receives the Word file within the time frame. They offer complete confidentiality.

There is an automated service that can be used to transcribe jobs that are less delicate and require less accuracy. Upload the audio file and receive a turnaround time of 30 minutes with accuracy between 80-95%. This is for audio from American speakers.


3. Temi

Premium, automated transcription service

There are many reasons to buy

+Works on audio and video files+Competitive price

Avoidable reasons

-Not as accurate as manual transcription

Temi provides an automated voice transcription service for a reasonable price. It claims that its service was used by ESPN and The Wall Street Journal among its 10,000+ customers.

Their “advanced Speech Recognition Software” allows them to quickly convert voice to text from an audio or video file uploaded in just 5 minutes. Clear speakers, minimal background noise and accents make for a perfect recording. Text files can either be downloaded in MS Word or as PDFs.

Users with lower transcription needs will find this service ideal. There are no subscriptions or minimums.


4. TranscribeMe

Transcribing service that is accurate and affordable

There are many reasons to buy

+Low error rate+Competitive prices

Avoidable reasons

Transcribers are not as fast as the competitors – Low rates

TranscribeMe is following the trend in trying to balance speed and accuracy with competitive pricing.

It’s slower than Rev at transcribing and can have slightly higher errors rates, but it is significantly cheaper.

TranscribeMe is an option that could work for you if price is a major consideration. However, it does not sacrifice quality.

5. Transcription Panda

Transcription services available for non-urgent requirements

There are many reasons to buy

+High accuracy+Budget provider

Avoidable reasons

-Longer turnaround

Transcription Panda is very similar to TranscribeMe in that pricing begins at the same rate for a rough copy, has a similar error rate and enjoys slightly faster transcription speeds in our testing.

The turnaround time depends on the price paid. A lower rate offers a 5-day turnaround while a final draft transcription costs more. These are made available within 24 hours.

Like many other transcription services, Transcription Panda is worth considering.


6. GoTranscript

Fast turnaround for British transcription


There are many reasons to buy

+Fast turnaround+Competitive rates+STEM transcription

Avoidable reasons

Time difference-Poor employee image

GoTranscript, a British company, offers competitive pricing and aims to provide the accuracy business customers require.

GoTranscript has the advantage of being able to take on more complicated projects. This includes scientific or technical academic projects that require word accuracy.

GoTranscript’s turnaround time is also faster than many other companies. It offers a return in as little as 6-12 hours.

One caveat: Unless you are based in Britain, the quicker turnaround time may be slowed by the time-difference. This means that projects can come in later than usual.


7. GMR Transcription

Many transcription services

There are many reasons to buy

+Video transcription+Text-to-text+Spanish translation

Avoidable reasons

GMR Transcription offers many different transcription services. They offer both Spanish and video transcriptions in addition to the standard service, which includes human review and automation. Text-to-text transcription is another service that can be used to convert paper documents into electronic forms.

Pricing tends to be higher than turnaround, but it is possible to get a faster turnaround. Basic transcription at the discounted company rate can take several weeks, but a faster same day service is possible.

You should also note that the rate will vary depending on the quality of the audio and the number of speakers.

GMR Transcription boasts that it is entirely operated within the United States. It even lists eight reasons why you should only use US-based transcription in its website. These arguments may also convince customers from outside the US not to use them.


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