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Best text-to-speech software of 2022

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The best text-to speech apps allow you to read documents aloud on your phone, tablet, or desktop.

This was traditionally done in the world of professional transcription and transcription services (opens new tab), but text-to-speech is now much more common and an everyday feature of daily life.

Audio commands have become very popular with assistants like Siri and Alexa, which allow speech to-text (opens new tab), among other tools. Audio is also being used more often to convert text to speech for many reasons.

The classic one is used to assist people with additional needs. Users often find audio easier to use than audio assistants. Multitasking is possible with audio, which allows the user to focus their attention on another task.

This is particularly evident with the rise in audiobooks which enable users to drive, walk or engage in other physical activities that would otherwise be impossible using a text-version.

It’s not surprising that text-tospeech and other voice programs are becoming more popular. This allows the user to do other activities simultaneously, such as walking, gardening, chores at home, or similar.

It is popular among business users, especially for speech-to text software.

We have compiled a list of the top speech-to-text programs, as well as a selection of free apps that you might like to use.

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1. Amazon Polly

There are many reasons to buy

+Affordable +Easy to use +Supports multiple files types +Multiple languages

Amazon’s Alexa is not the only AI tool that Amazon has created. It also offers an intelligent text to speech system called Amazon Polly. The software transforms text into speech using advanced deep learning techniques. The software can be used by developers to create apps and products that support speech.

You can integrate speech synthesis capabilities in ebooks, articles and other media with the help of an API. It’s so simple to use Polly. You can convert text into speech by sending it through the API. It will send an audio stream back to your application.

Audio streams can be stored as MP3, Vorbis, and PCM files. There are also support for many languages and dialects. These include British English and American English as well as Australian English and Russian English.

Polly can be used as an API by itself or as part of AWS Management Console’s command-line interface. Pricing is based on how many text characters you convert to speech.

2. Murf

Ideal for voices that are super-realistic

There are many reasons to buy

+Simple, intuitive dashboard+Over 120 real-life AI voices in 20 different languages

Avoidable reasons

Video editing could be more thorough

Murf is a specialist in voice synthesis technology and uses AI to create realistic voiceovers for a variety of purposes, including e-learning and corporate presentations.

The Murf suite of AI tools is easy to find and use. You can even record audio before it is converted into AI-generated speech. This feature is great if you aren’t sure if your voice sounds right but don’t want to hire a voice actor. Other features include Voice Editing and Time Syncing.

There are three pricing options available for the solution: Enterprise, Pro, and Basic. Although the Enterprise option is more expensive, it offers additional account management and collaboration features that larger companies might need.

3. Play.ht

The best AI voice generator for podcasters

There are many reasons to buy

+Large voiceover library+Export audio in various formats

Avoidable reasons

Non-English voices can be inconsistent in quality

Play.ht is the best voice-over service. Play.ht has over 600 AI-generated voices in more than 60 languages. You’re sure to find the right voice for you.

The platform is not the most user-friendly, but there’s a video tutorial that will guide users through any issues. You have all the standard features, such as Voice Generation and Audience Analytics.

Play.ht offers four pricing plans: Personal (Professional), Growth (Growth), and Business. They vary in price but depend on whether you require commercial rights. This also affects how many words you can produce each month.

4. NaturalReader

Best cloud-based text to speech

There are many reasons to buy

+Supports a wide range of files +Wide support+Multilingual

NaturalReader is a cloud-based speech synthesis app. The solution is more for personal use and allows you to convert text, such as Word, PDF, ebooks, and web pages, into speech-like speech.

The software is cloud-based, so you can access it wherever you are using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also upload files from cloud storage lockers like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, just as Capti Voice.

You can currently access 56 natural-sounding voices, in nine languages: English, British English and French. You can access the software in PDF, TXT and DOC(X), ODT (PNG, JPG), plus non-DRM EPUB file formats.

There are three types of products: software, online and commercial. The online and software products both have a free Tier.

5. Voice Dream Reader

Mobile-optimized best option

There are many reasons to buy

+36 Voices +Multilingual +Integration to cloud platforms

Voice Dream Reader, one of many great text-to speech apps for mobile devices is another. It converts documents, ebooks, and web articles into natural-sounding speech.

There are 186 voices built into the app in 30 languages including English, Arabic and Catalan.

The software can be used to read articles while you drive, exercise, or work. There are also auto-scrolling and full-screen modes that help you stay focused. Voice Dream Reader is compatible with cloud solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud Drive.

Best free text-to-speech apps:

Anyone who is visually impaired or suffers from dyslexia, such as someone with dyslexia, can benefit greatly by downloading free text-to-speech software. It can help people who don’t know how to read or learn a language.

Text-to-speech software can also be used if you need to hear a document and then listen again, if it is easier to remember information, or if there are questions about something you have written.

This is our selection of the top free text-to speech software that allows you to read entire documents aloud or individual paragraphs.

Check out our guide to the best YouTube-to-MP3 audio ripper software.

1. Balabolka

Text-to-speech free with customizable voices

There are many reasons to buy

+Excellent support for file formats+Lots to choose from+Can create audiofiles+Bookmarking tools

Balabolka text-to-speech free software can be used in two ways: either you can copy and paste text or you can open a variety of supported file formats directly (DOC, PDF and HTML). You have the option of using SAPI 4 with eight voices, SAPI 5, with two voices, or Microsoft Speech Platform. You can customize the volume, pitch, and speech of any route to create your own voice.

This free text-to speech software can not only read aloud words, but it can also save narrations in audio files in many formats such as MP3 or WAV. You can make bookmarks for long documents to make it easier to return to a particular location. There are also excellent tools to help you customize the pronunciation of words.

Balabolka text-to-speech software is the best. It has all the features you need to make reading text easier.

2. Natural Reader Online Reader

Web browser allows you to free download text-to-speech software

There are many reasons to buy

+Built-in OCR+Choice of interfaces+Built-in browser+Dyslexic-friendly font

NaturalReader Online Reader, a text-to-speech free tool, can be used in several ways. You can load documents to the library and have them read aloud. This is a great way to manage multiple files. The number of supported file formats is amazing, even ebook formats. OCR allows you to upload a photo or scan of text and have it read aloud.

A floating toolbar is the second option. This mode allows you to highlight text in any program and then use the toolbar controls for text-to-speech customization. You can use this feature in your browser, word processor or a variety of other programs. You can also convert web content into speech with the built-in browser.

3. Panopreter Basic

Convert text to speech easily with WAV or MP3 output

There are many reasons to buy

+Quick and easy to use+Exports in MP3 and WAV formats+Good variety of input formats

Avoidable reasons

Only for Windows

Panopreter Basic provides free text-to speech conversion, as its name implies. It can accept plain text and rich text files, as well as web pages, Microsoft Word documents, and will export the sound in WAV or MP3 format. The two files are saved at the same place and have the same name.

While the default settings are great for quick tasks, you can explore Panopreter Basic’s Settings menu to find options to modify language, save audio files and change your interface colors. You can even play music after the software has finished reading. This is a feature you won’t find with other text-to-speech programs.

Panopreter Premium is also available for purchase. It offers many additional features, including toolbars that can be used with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word, the ability highlight text sections, extra voices, and more.


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