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Best small business apps in 2022

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Small business apps are easy to use, and you can manage all aspects of your business from anywhere, including home, office or mobile.

Owners of small businesses know how important it is to be flexible and efficient. Although mobile devices are almost certain to play an essential role in our lives, choosing the right apps can prove difficult.

This is important because you only need one type of office program on your smartphone or tablet. You don’t have to move documents between apps to read them on different devices.

You’ll also need to be able to access the most critical information quickly. It doesn’t really matter if you’re talking calendar applications , networking apps, or a host of -free cloud apps .

This guide will focus on the most important applications for small and medium-sized businesses. These applications offer valuable functionality and value for money.

These are our top picks for small business apps.

Best small business apps in 2022 in full:

1. Microsoft 365

The best office software

There are many reasons to buy

+Universally used+Feature-packed+Online backups

Although there are many office software platforms available, Microsoft Office 365 is still the best and most affordable. It ranks as our best small-business software (opens new tab).

Perhaps you remember when Microsoft Office was a package that you purchased and then installed on your computer. It is still possible to use Microsoft 365 on Android or iOS.

Microsoft 365 comes with the three major office software apps: Word, Excel and Powerpoint. OneDrive can also be used for online backups. This is a great feature, even if your current cloud provider is Drop Box or Google Drive.

There are other software applications that are included in Microsoft 365 such as Outlook online and Publisher and Access for PC only. Microsoft Teams is also included in the bundle, but you can still download it and use it as a standalone product.

There are many alternatives to Microsoft Office. However, they can be limited in features and it can be difficult to convert key office files into other formats. This is something you don’t need to worry about when running your own business.

There are many editions to choose from, depending on whether or not you want to purchase a license just for yourself or a package that includes staff members. Additional management and corporate services are available for enterprise users.


2. RingCentral Office

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There are many reasons to buy

+Lots Of Features+Sales Up Easily+Cloud powered+Mobile Apps

RingCentral Office is the preferred choice for the best-selling business phone system.  Not only does it have a lot to offer, but the pricing is also very affordable.

You get a cloud-based phone system built around business services. It can be used on any device with an internet browser, including a Windows PC or Apple iPad.

Basic plans include phone system administration and call management. You can also rent conference phones or desks from the phone rental option. RingCentral Office is best known for its comprehensive features, which should be part of any modern phone service.

RingCentral also offers Unified Communications , and Contact Centre as a service (CCaaS),. This means that RingCentral can offer the enterprise experience even for small businesses.

RingCentral also offers a Communication Platform as a service (CPaaS) (opens new tab). This gives you access to a developer network that allows you to use APIs and customize your phone system to integrate with other software.

Although the cheaper plan may be sufficient to satisfy small businesses, the larger companies will likely benefit from the vast array of RingCentral Office features.


3. FreshBooks

There are many reasons to buy

+User-friendly interface+Lots of features and depth+Integrates to many popular services

FreshBooks, a cloud-based accounting system that is popular with small business owners, ranks high on our list of top accounting software for small businesses (opens new tab).

There are many features in the package – expense tracking, time tracking and invoicing – but it has a simple interface that is aimed at non-accountants. You’ll be up and running immediately.

This is a simple system, but it has real depth. To make life easier for everyone, you can bill in any currency.

The system can be integrated with other services such as PayPal, MailChimp and Basecamp.

The management hassles are minimized. The system can be accessed from any device, including your Android or iOS phone. It’s cloud-based so backups are not necessary. FreshBooks is available for free for 30 days.

Although the basic plan provides you with invoices, estimates and time tracking, as well as expenses, you can also accept online credit card payments from your bank account. However, it only covers you for a small number of clients. Paid plans allow you to increase this while also allowing you to send proposals. They also save time as they provide recurring invoices with the option to send reminders for payment.


4. Avast Business Antivirus Pro

The best mobile antivirus app

There are many reasons to buy

+Easy-to-use+Anti-ransomware+Shred files

Avast Business Antivirus Pro offers a great business endpoint security suite. It includes antivirus and Firewall. Email protection is also available. Sandbox applications can be added for additional security. Avast Business Antivirus PRO, which is different from the standard Avast Business Antivirus, also offers Sharepoint and Exchange protection. It also has a variety of tools for servers and ranks high in our best-business antivirus rankings.

Independent testing generally rates the AV protection as excellent. Avast’s engine blocks 99.7% of threats according to AV-Comparatives Real-World Protection report.

This security package is still considered the best. However, the free version has been a long-standing favorite. If simplicity and value are important, Avast Business Antivirus Pro may be a good choice.


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Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus From $59.99 $48.74 ( PS40.19 PS32.66)

This is Avast’s most powerful and effective business antivirus. This means you get the standard protection but with tons more bells, whistles. You can be sure that your office infrastructure will be as secure as possible by clicking the ‘View Deal’ button.

5. PayPal

App for online payments that are the best

There are many reasons to buy

+Easy to Use+No Monthly Fees+In-Store Payments

PayPal is the most popular payment gateway for online businesses. This is due to its simplicity and rank as our top choice for best credit cards processing service .

PayPal makes integration with payment gateways easy for major ecommerce platforms. Often, it only takes a few clicks and an address to create PayPal processing. The most difficult part of setting up PayPal processing involves copying and pasting an API key.

The Web Payments Standard product for small businesses does not have a monthly fee. Transaction fees are dependent on the sales volume. Many shopping carts can be configured to accept PayPal. However, you can also use it as an independent service for collecting individual payments from clients by simply pasting a payment code into an email. You can also subscribe by default.

PayPal offers many additional features that you can take in-store payments with a card reader. PayPal is a great option for small and startup businesses, as it has no monthly fees or hidden charges.


6. Hubspot Marketing Hub

The best sales and marketing app

There are many reasons to buy

+Sales and marketing focus+Lots of features+Integrations available

Hubspot provides tools for content management and sales, as well as social media advertising. Hubspot is more than just a platform for setting up websites and editing content. It also offers a broad range of tools to improve conversions. This makes it our top choice for best Content Marketing Tools , and features in our best CRM Software.

This is achieved by providing options for split testing and content hosting, communication within a sales team, with customers and communications, as well as goals and targets that can all be tracked with Hubspot’s analytical software.

You can also integrate with Salesforce, Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

Hubspot is not the best at every feature it offers. However, the complete set it offers makes it the market leader and best at what it does.

Hubspot is even better!

7. Asana

The best project management app

There are many reasons to buy

+Handy tracking functions+Cloud-based+Core communications

Asana is a project-management solution that you might have used in the past. Although it has many useful features that can boost productivity, the main focus is on tracking. Asana ranks as our best project management software .

You can create reminders and to-do lists to ensure you meet deadlines. Additionally, you can add colleagues, due dates, instructions, tasks and comments to items. Asana can also be used to share images from other apps, such as Google Drive. You can also track the progress of your team members to make sure that everything is on schedule.

You can view a list to see who is involved in certain projects. There’s also an option to search for completed tasks.

Asana provides a Basic Tier for free, which has limited functionality and dashboards. You can upgrade to the Premium Tier for unlimited usage and no limit on the number of team members. The Premium tier also includes more functionality, including custom fields and the new timeline feature.

Best cloud storage app

There are many reasons to buy

+Fast+Easy+Good Security+IDrive Express is handy in case of disaster

Avoidable reasons

-No two-factor authentication

IDrive allows you to sync your files continuously, even if they are on network drives. It ranks high in our best cloud storage list. You can share files via email, Facebook, and Twitter using the web interface. Users who are cautious or averse to clicking will be happy to know that files deleted from your computer do not automatically disappear from the server. This means there is less chance of accidentally deleting something important. All files There is a business version that offers priority support, single sign on as well as unlimited users, and server backup. IDrive Cloud (opens new tab), an enterprise-class cloud storage, is also available.


You don’t want large files taking up too much space on your computer.

How we tested the best small business apps

To test for the best small business apps we first set up an account with the relevant software platform, whether as a download or as an online service. We then tested the service to see how the software could be used for different purposes and in different situations. The aim was to push each software platform to see how useful its basic tools were and also how easy it was to get to grips with any more advanced tools.

What small business app is the best?

Consider your needs when choosing which small business apps you should download. Sometimes free platforms only offer basic features. If you require advanced tools, a paid platform may be more worth it. You may also find that budget and free software options are limited in terms of the number of tools they offer. However, higher-end software can provide all you need.

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