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Best Samsung TV of 2021: Crystal UHD vs QLED vs Neo QLED

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A new TV purchase can be an overwhelming process, so our buying guide can assist you in selecting the ideal Samsung TV for your budget and requirements – from the budget Crystal UHD models to next-gen Neo QLED models.

A new TV purchase is exciting, but it’s also one of the toughest and most confusing pieces of technology to select. There are many factors to consider, including resolution, size, and resolution, as well as the various marketing terms to master.

If you’re planning on purchasing the Samsung TV then you’re in the right place since we go through the different options available in 2021. It’s the right choice by choosing Samsung being one of the most well-known television brands because of its excellent design, quality of the picture as well as the specs and features.

The terms “Smart TV” do not mean anything anymore since all models have Wi-Fi as well as a Tizen OS-based user interface that includes diverse applications. This is an area that Samsung excels at with an easy-to-use interface that comes with the most popular streaming options like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and BT Sport included (subscriptions might need to be purchased).

Before we begin it’s best to think about the size of your TV particularly if you need it to be able to fit into the form of an alcove, or something similar space – as well as the amount you’d like to spend.

We’ll review all of Samsung’s ranges, starting with the most affordable, highlighting the main specifications and features that you have to know about every model as well as if you’d prefer the 2020 model instead.

We evaluate every one of the Samsung TVs as we can across the vast selection and we’ll list the best models in our top television chart and the most affordable Television chart.

Samsung AU – Crystal UHD

  • From PS499/$429
  • 4K HDR
  • 43-85in
  • View at Samsung UK
  • View at Samsung US

They’re not in the center on the Samsung site when you search for TVs, as the company prefers you to spend more. However, Samsung offers a variety of low-cost models to pick from. They’re more focused on the simpler side of things but they are ideal for tasks that are basic like streaming.

They’re all 4K resolution and can support HDR (high dynamic range) that promises more vibrant colors however, be aware that lower-end sets do not typically have enough brightness to fully benefit from it. Crystal UHD is just the name Samsung uses to describe its low-end televisions with LCD LEDs.

Be aware that AU models are updated for 2021 whereas the TU models are for 2020. The range starts with AU7100 and the greater numbers, the higher in the range you’ll be.

Ideal for: A 4K smart TV for an extremely tight budget.

Models to pick from:

  • AU7100
  • AU7110
  • AU8000
  • AU9007
  • AU9000

Comparatively against the 2020 models of TU the latest AU models come with some minor upgrades, such as a brand new processor, more HDMI ports, and the Auto Low latency mode (ALLM) However, most of what you receive is the same, so if you find a reasonable price on a device like one like the TU7100 then you might be receiving a great deal.

Samsung QLED – Quantum Dot

  • From PS749/$599
  • 4K HDR
  • QLED
  • HDMI 2.1 with 120Hz
  • 43-85in
  • View at Samsung UK
  • View at Samsung US

Although Samsung does not make OLED TVs as do other top brands (the ones from LG, Sony, and Philips) however, it does offer QLED instead. The Q is a Quantum dot, and it uses the same technology to provide a more bright and more vivid image.

The main distinction in QLED as opposed to OLED is that quantum dot LEDs aren’t self-illuminating and aren’t vulnerable to screen burn. The screen displays a ghost image of something that the pixels have been displaying, much like an advertising logo.

QLED technology also implies that you can purchase sets with smaller sizes than OLED with Samsung offering TVs starting at 43 inches. A few of Samsung’s models for lifestyle also feature QLED, however, we’ll discuss them later.

It is important to note that as you move through the QLED series, you’ll be upgrading from the Crystal Processor 4K as well as Quantum HDR on the 60A up to the Quantum Processing 4K, as well as Quantum HDR 1500 for better-automated adjustments, scaling and brightness.

Once you’ve reached the Q70A and you’ll get an ultra-smooth 120Hz refresh rate, as well as an HDMI 2.1 port that is required to make use of it. It allows you to play consoles such as those of the PS5 or Xbox Series X at 4K/120fps.

The best choice is to Picture a high-quality and clean design that won’t cost a fortune It is likely to be the most cost-effective option for most people.

Models to select from:

  • Q60A
  • Q65A
  • Q70A
  • Q80A

Since the 2021 models are mostly the same as last year with no significant changes it’s worthwhile to check the price of 2020 models like those of Q70T and Q80T with 120Hz, while the Q80T has local dimming. Retailers are discounting them as the new models are out.

Samsung Neo QLED – Mini-LED

  • From PS1,799/$1,599
  • 4K or 8K
  • Neo QLED
  • HDMI 2.1 with 120Hz
  • 50-85in
  • View at Samsung UK
  • View at Samsung US

Neo QLED is a new technology in 2021 and is the most similar technology Samsung has to OLED. Smaller LEDs than regular LEDs mean that more of them can be put on the screen. Divided into more dimming zones, more precise control of the lighting increases the contrast and reduces unwanted effects such as blooming. Read the definition of Mini-LED to discover more.

It’s also thought of as being the closest to the vivid color provided by OLED without suffering from OLED disadvantages such as screen burn. Additionally, you’ll benefit from Quantum HDR 1500 for bright HDR performance and the ability to support HDR10+, as well as HDLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma).

All of these QN models have HDMI 2.1 ports that have support for 120Hz. Samsung also has a new energy-powered solar Eco Remote that charges through light or USB-C.

is an ideal option for The design of flagship and new technology that will compete with OLED.

  • QN85A
  • QN90A
  • QN94A
  • QN95A
  • QN800A (8K)
  • QN900A (8K)

Samsung Lifestyle TVs

If a standard TV isn’t for you, then Samsung offers a selection of unique designs that are available in its “Lifestyle” series. Although the technology may not be as stunning as Mini-LED, they do everything from appearing to be a work of artwork in frames to changing to portrait orientation.

Let’s look at the following in turn:

The Frame 2021

  • From PS599/$999
  • Full HD or 4K
  • QLED
  • 32-75in
  • View at Samsung UK
  • View at Samsung US
  • Check out the full review in our Samsung the Frame 2021 review.

With a variety of bezels (modern or classic designs with five colors) Frames come in five colors. The frame can be designed to fit the wall and appear like artwork. It comes with Art Mode (requires subscription) the display will show over 1,200 artworks even when you’re not making use of it.

Samsung’s QLED technology is used to deliver a stunning image that starts with an affordable PS599 If you’re comfortable with Full HD and 32in. The 4K model has a range of 43-75 inches and starts at a price of PS999.

With such reasonable costs, there’s not much of a reason to buy the 2020 model unless you’re content in the black-colored bezel, and you can also find the best price for sale.

The Serif (2020)

  • From PS899/$999
  • 4K
  • QLED
  • 43-55in
  • View at Samsung UK
  • View at Samsung US

Serif is a television that stands on its own (although it can be used with or without legs) that is made to be viewed from multiple angles, thanks to its ‘I’ shape It is it is available as Cloud White or Cotton Blue.

It utilizes QLED technology and comes with 4K resolution however it is only available with three different sizes. It also has an NFC chip that lets you instantly stream music via your smartphone by pressing it on the television’s frame.

It is important to note that this is the 2020 version because Samsung has yet to upgrade The Serif for 2021.

The Sero (2020)

  • PS1,299/$1,899
  • 4K
  • QLED
  • 43in
  • View at Samsung UK
  • View at Samsung US

Sero is Samsung TV that rotates which means you can use it just like a normal TV, but it can change to an upright position with the press of a button, thanks to a motorized mechanism. It’s made with mobile applications in mind, whether the app is Instagram, TikTok, or otherwise.

Only one model will be available, and according to The Sero, is the 2020 model.

The Terrace 2021

  • UK Price TBC
  • From $3,619
  • 4K
  • QLED
  • 55-75in
  • View at Samsung UK
  • View at Samsung US

Do you want a TV that you can put outside for the entire time? Then, The Terrace is designed to do exactly that and comes with IP55 weather resistance, similar to other devices such as smartphones or smartwatches. Because it’s made to be outdoor, The Terrace also has an anti-reflection coating on its screen.

The device is available in 3 sizes and comes with 4K resolution and QLED technology. While prices are TBC we anticipate it to cost between PS3,499 up to PS6,499.

Samsung Micro-LED

The Micro-LED concept has been in use for a while, however, mostly as a concept even though Samsung has sold some of them to some people who could have the money to purchase it. The name suggests that the LEDs are much smaller than Mini-LED, but they have self-illuminating.

Samsung promises a stunning, lifelike image that is incredibly accurate in color. The key thing to note is that it’s one panel of 110 inches. It’s possible that it’ll cost upwards of tens of millions.

We’re thinking Micro-LED TVs haven’t been designed for the living room just yet.

Where to buy Samsung TVs

The most obvious option to purchase Samsung TVs is Samsung’s official website. It’s not the most appealing site to shop on, however, you can find options for financing, delivery for free as well as free returns. You can also purchase items like demos and setups.

One of the main reasons to purchase directly from Samsung directly is the variety of offers including cashback and discounts on other products such as an audio bar when you purchase both.

Naturally, you are able to purchase from a variety of stores in the UK but they’re unlikely to have every Samsung model. You can purchase Samsung TVs at Amazon, John Lewis, AO, Argos, Currys PC World, Very, and other retailers.

People who live in the US are able to visit Samsung’s official Samsung store, or purchase from Amazon, BestBuy, Newegg, Target, Walmart, Costco, and B&H.

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