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Best PS5 external hard drives

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Are you looking for the best PS5 external hard drives in your price range? These are our top picks

This guide will help you find the best PS5 external hard drives. External drives were originally designed to store PS4 games, but firmware updates last year meant that PS5 titles could now be stored on external drives.

This is a great feature. A high-quality external drive could be one of your most valuable PS5 accessories. This is a must-have for many and not a luxury item.

This update makes the PS5 storage situation very clear. Although the best external drives can store PS5 games you will need to transfer them to your console in order to play them. This is useful because it allows you to mix and match PS5 games without having to rely on slow internet connections.

Your PS5 can access the best PS4 game library from an external drive. This allows you to save your PS5’s SSD so you have the most recent titles. We also have the best PS4 External Hard Drives.

External storage has never been more useful on the PS5 and there are many external drives you can use. It can be overwhelming to choose from so we have sorted them into three categories. You just need to choose the drive that you require and then download your favorite games.

Check out the best PS5 external hard drives

  • Crucial X8
  • Samsung T7
  • WD Black P50
  • LaCie Rugged SSD PRO
  • Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD
  • Seagate Game Drive
  • Toshiba Canvio Basics
  • WD Black P10
  • WD My Passport
  • WD Elements Desktop
  • WD Black D10
  • G-Technology ArmorATD

External SSDs for PS5 at the Best

External SSDs are the first to be counted. They are certainly the most attractive option for external storage. These external SSDs are the fastest, making them superior to conventional hard drives and making the most of the PS5’s USB bandwidth. They can load and transfer data in a fraction of the time.

Many external SSDs can offer faster speeds than the PS5 and are compatible with PCs and laptops equipped with Thunderbolt, USB 3.0 Gen 2 and Gen 2×2 ports. SSDs can also be small and ruggedized, making them ideal for those who need frequent transportation.

External SSDs come with their own downsides. They are more expensive than hard drives and have smaller capacities unless you are willing to spend a lot of money. These are the top PS5 external SSDs:


A mainstream SSD option that is affordable and efficient


Capacity: 1TB – 2TB

Interface: Thunderbolt 3/USB-C

Dimensions: 53mm x 110mm x 11.5mm (WxDxH)

Weight: 97g

Warranty: 3 Year RTB


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There are many reasons to buy

+Tough exterior with a compact footprint+Affordable pricing+Good speed

A voidable reasons

-More speed is available elsewhere -Some smaller drives are available

NVMe SSDs are used in the Crucial X8. They offer more speed than SATA SSDs, but they’re also more affordable. The Crucial X8’s speed is fast enough to fill the PS5’s USB ports. While it’s not the fastest portable SSD, it’s good enough to handle console use.

Crucial’s drive is resistant to shocks, vibrations and 7.5ft drops. It can also withstand extreme temperatures. Crucial’s robust design joins impressive dimensions with impressive prices.

There are other drives that are lighter and faster, but you will have to pay more. Although the Crucial is not the fastest, slimmest, or lightest of drives, it is still a great choice. It’s also very affordable, which makes it an attractive option.

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