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Best Pokémon games: every generation ranked

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Generation 3’s Ruby & Sapphire were the most outstanding entries in this generation. These remakes were amazing, not because the story was changed in any way, but because they introduced new features and quality-of-life improvements that were popular in X or Y. It was also inspiring to see the Hoenn region 3D. These remakes will help you understand why Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald are such essential additions to the series.

These efforts are what allowed us to include Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on our top Nintendo 3DS games. There is also another set of Pokemon games, but it was not enough to make this generation high up on the list.

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Pokemon Black and Pokemon White (Image credit to: Pokemon Black and White)

5. Generation 5 – Pokemon White and Black / Black 2 & White 2

Pokemon grows older

There are many reasons to buy

+More available than the previous generations+Engaging depth+Black & White 2 were held their own as individual games

Avoidable reasons

-Potato designs are more complex than other games

Generation 5 was the first generation of Pokemon to have a sequel instead of an expansion. It was also the generation that experimented with a new kind of storytelling.

Although the Pokemon games aren’t known for their storytelling, Black and White and their sequels were able to create something different and more engaging after the relatively stagnant Generation 6.

This generation saw the addition of over 600 Pokemon. Some of these new additions are quite perplexing in design. The controversial decision to allow you to use TMs multiple times was also made in these games. Although this was not a bad change, it did lead to the perception that Pokemon games were becoming more difficult and pandering.

Black and White 2 did a remarkable job of being direct sequels. However, each game was able to stand on its own.

Therefore, it was easy to play Black and White 2, even if you haven’t played the originals or any other Pokemon games. Gen V’s achievement of balancing accessibility and depth is admirable.


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