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Best photo cloud storage in 2022 for GIFs, images and pictures: Free and paid

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You can store and access photos securely using the best photo cloud storage options. Digital media is a huge investment these days. From family albums and holiday snaps, to professional photos and business assets, we invest so much in it. It is essential that we protect those photos.

Back in the days, backing up photos was a difficult task. Images had to be transferred manually to CD or . The cloud makes it much easier to keep your photos safe.

There are many cloud services that offer a variety of photo storage capacities. You can choose between providers that offer anywhere from 5GB to 1TB or unlimited remote storage space.

The online backup solution is the best choice for photo storage. It doesn’t just eliminate the need to deal with hard drives or discs. You can access your photos anywhere you have an internet connection. You can share your photos with the best photo cloud storage providers, and even use Flickr to display your images and reach new people.

You can showcase your image archive or collection by using photo sharing and storage sites, and these image hosters . We have compared the top photo cloud storage sites, some for photographers and others for general picture storage.

Many providers offer cloud storage for free. However, you can set password protection to limit who your photos are visible to. We’ve reviewed and rated the top cloud storage.

We have tested the top photo cloud storage services so that you can be sure your images are safe online.

Which photo cloud storage option is the best?

  1. IDrive provides the best cloud storage

IDrive, the cloud storage veteran, offers tons of online storage for a very small cost. 5TB 10TB starting at $3.98 The first year’s price is unbeatable.

Backblaze has partnered up with ExpressVPN. Now, when you sign-up for an annual VPN subscription you will get unlimited cloud backup. No strings attached, secure, business-grade cloud storage.

 pCloud offers a lifetime subscription to cloud storage

Although the Swiss-based company is more costly than others, the one-off payment will ensure that there are no renewal fees. This can make it very expensive. The cost of $350 per year is lower than the competition. $3 per month.

  1. pCloud offers a lifetime subscription to cloud storage

Although the Swiss-based company is more costly than others, the one-off payment will ensure that there are no renewal fees. This can be extremely expensive. $3/month is lower than $350 for 10 y

  1. IDrive

For photographers who place more emphasis on security, this is the best option


Pricing model for Subscription

Free storage of 10GB

OS: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Today’s Top Deals IDrive 10TB


Visit the Site iDrive

There are many reasons to buy

+Very fast+Great security+Simple, easy-to-use cloud storage+10GB for free

Avoidable reasons

It can lead to expensive storage limits exceedingly

IDrive is a top-rated cloud storage service, making it an obvious choice for photo cloud storage.

If you don’t have many photos, a free plan will give you 10GB. For $59.62 per annum, users who require more storage space can upgrade to a five-terabyte plan. For $74.62, you can get 10TB of online storage space in the cloud for your first year.

Customers can choose from a variety of storage options for business customers, including up to 50TB. This allows them to scale up or down as needed. Photographers who work with multiple devices will appreciate the fact that their photos can be backed up on multiple devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and iOS.

The “Auto Camera” option allows users to upload photos and videos from their devices to IDrive. They can also preserve image quality (if desired). A facial recognition feature can also be used to organize and sync photos across multiple devices. IDrive also offers an app for Android and iOS called IDrive Photos that costs $9.95 per year for unlimited storage.

We noted in our review that iDrive is a good choice for those who have a lot devices and need to protect their data at affordable prices. The service has an impressive feature set, which covers many areas. It also offers enough security protection and additional features like folder sync or bandwidth controls to satisfy most users.

We believe that the best photo cloud storage is “best suited for businesses” – whether they are self-employed or small teams, large, international corporations, or individuals. This is due to the flexibility of three plan types.

2. Backblaze

Unlimited backup storage for photos is the best value


Pricing model for Subscription

Storage free of charge:

Operating system: Windows or Mac

There are many reasons to buy

+Unlimited storage+No limit to file size

Avoidable reasons

Backup photos only – One account per PC

Backblaze was founded in 2007 and is a reliable backup solution. It’s one of the most popular photo cloud storage options.

There is a drawback. You can’t share photos or use any other features. Backblaze only backups and stores your images and other important files.

Backblaze’s upside is that it has many major strengths. Backblaze’s ease of use is one of its greatest strengths. Everything is automatically backed up and is available for any input.

You also get unlimited cloud storage with your single (personal) subscription plan. This means you don’t have to worry about having a lot of photos (or videos) to back it up.

However, storage is not limited and you can only use one account for one computer. You will need a subscription to add more devices. Mobiles are not covered.

If this is the right solution for you, however, it’s tempting to pay $70 per year for unlimited storage (and bandwidth) with no file size limitations.

Backblaze was a complete, easy-to-use backup solution that protects your data in the event of an emergency. While some features are missing, the service should be at the top of your list if you need a secure, comprehensive backup for your business or home computers.

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