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Best OpenVPN Providers For 2022

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OpenVPN holds its unique place in the VPN industry through its distinctive advantages and open source nature. Implementing the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology OpenVPN is one of the most widely offered tunneling protocol from providers since it can be easily customized by vendors. We reviewed the 5 best OpenVPN service providers for our esteemed readers:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. PureVPN
  5. Ivacy

Benefits of OpenVPN Services

OpenVPN is not only easy to customize it is also very easy to setup for beginners. Apart from being easy to use, there are numerous other advantages of using OpenVPN.

  • Open Source Software

Since it is based on open source software, OpenVPN is a very versatile and well supported tunneling protocol. The OpenVPN user community has reached 5 million users, while, it is officially available over Windows OS, Linux, Mac OSx, iOS, Android OS, Amazon Fire OS, a variety of router brands, gaming consoles plus many other operating systems & devices.

OpenVPN is freely available for customization & modification, inclusive of its source code configurations that can be tailored to suit customer’s or VPN provider’s needs.

  • Robust Security

OpenVPN is one of the most secure tunneling protocols offered by VPN service providers. Boasting security features including advanced authentication techniques (username & password authentication), robust encryption powered by the OpenSSL library and HMAC packet authentication (added layer of firewall security) OpenVPN configurations serve as great privacy protectors while being very easy to use.

  • Highly Reliable

To add security beyond its encryption and authentication techniques, OpenVPN ensures that in case the OpenVPN service goes down the network is paused to conduct proper maintenance. This ensures no data loss, online hijacking or miscommunication occurs, hence empowering user privacy with utmost reliability.

  • Brilliant Global Support

The best aspect of OpenVPN service is its open source nature. This one aspect empowers users with support & community assistance for any software licensed through the GNU GPL (GNU General Public License). Detailed troubleshooting guides and FAQs allow users to sort out their connectivity or configuration issues in a jiffy.

OpenVPN for Android & iOS Devices

Android devices are built OpenVPN compatible and the protocol is embedded in the device operating system. While OpenVPN setup is quite easy and straight forward, most providers offer customized OpenVPN apps for mobile operating systems.

For instance Android OS have multiple OpenVPN apps available on Google Play, as you can observe in the image on right. All Android OS since the first version have had OpenVPN support built into them.

Usually, the best OpenVPN service providers will offer users a customized OpenVPN Android app. OpenVPN configurations customized by the VPN service provider will have all latest server settings already present on the app for easy access.

Apple app store also provides some of the best OpenVPN apps available to download and to use immediately.  Although an OpenVPN setting up option exists within iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, having the app can prove to be handy in times of hurry.

Since iOS devices are highly restricted to only 3 tunneling protocols (OpenVPN configuration not being one of them), therefore iOS users are highly inclined to OpenVPN apps due to their ease of use and free availability.

How To Setup OpenVPN 2022

OpenVPN apps can be easily customized to match provider requirements and server addresses. This makes the open source app easier to install and even easier to use. You can download the Open VPN setup directly from your VPN provider’s website.

OpenVPN Setup for Windows

Most provider OpenVPN apps are available over the Windows operating system. Apart from the original OpenVPN client available from the official website, users can always download the custom OpenVPN client available from VPN service provider websites.

  • Download the OpenVPN setup from your provider (we are using PureVPN)
  • Double click the installer to begin setting up your OpenVPN service, click next on each step of the installation wizard and let it the installation complete.
  • You will now see the OpenVPN folder in your Start Menu, click the OpenVPN GUI to begin. The app should appear in your taskbar
  • Right click on the OpenVPN GUI icon it should bring up a list of all available OpenVPN servers. Connect to your desired server by clicking on it. Once you click connect a Username & Password windows will come up.

Enter the credentials sent to you by the OpenVPN service provider, I received mine from PureVPN after I completed my registration and payment.

  • You will now be connected to the server, confirm by checking your location on Google and on IPlocation.net

In a Nutshell

OpenVPN maybe an old tunneling technology but establishes its own unique benefits for privacy seekers around the world. It may not be the ideal protocol since schools, offices, libraries and public Wi-Fi hotspots can now block it, but still is a highly utilized VPN protocol.


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