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Best on-ear headphones 2022: our pick of the top supra-aural cans

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If you don’t want to use bulky, powerful headphones over your ears, then on-ear headphones might be a good option. However you will need headphones that have a band and cushioning you can’t get with earbuds.


Many top audio brands offer a variety of styles in on-ear headphones. If you haven’t noticed, the cushioning is what gives them their name.


While on-ear headphones may be smaller than over-ear ones, they can deliver better audio quality than earbuds. They are also more comfortable than in-ear headphones and can fit comfortably into the ear canals.

If you travel often or commute to work, on-ear headphones are the best option. These lightweight headphones are great for home listening. They can cancel out some noises but not as much as over-ears. You can still hear ambient sounds when you need them.

This style is great for exercise headphones if you like listening to music. On-ear headphones can be used for cardio and weight training, as well as for stability and comfort. However, they might not be suitable for high-impact exercises like burpees or sprinting.

Over the years we have reviewed many types of on-ear headphones. We put together this guide to help you choose your favorite models. This list contains our top-rated on ear headphones reviews so that you can easily do your research and purchase the right one.

The best in-ear headphones

1. Jabra Elite 45H

The 2022 best on-ear headphones


Acoustic design: Closed

Weight: 160g

Frequency Response: 20Hz-202,000Hz

Drivers: 40mm dynamic

Battery life: 50 Hours

There are many reasons to buy

+Very comfortable+Impressive definition for the price

Avoidable reasons

-Leak sound somewhat Iffy quality

Jabra Elite 45H is the best value for money. The Elite 45H is a replacement for the company’s Move Style wireless headphones. Its combination of massive battery life, competitive specification and decently realized sound quality places them among the best on-ear headphones.

Jabra has wrapped Bluetooth 5 connectivity and 40mm full-range dynamic drivers in a wireless on ear frame. The combination of memory foam and faux leather, along with uncreaky plastic make it a very comfortable fit.

Voice control is available via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. Jabra’s Sound+ control application even allows you to run a hearing test to determine the best EQ settings for your ears. The Elite 45h headphones are a great value for money.

Who can argue with 50 hours of battery-life from one charge? Jabras headphones are one of the few that offer this kind of battery life at any price. They can also last for 10 hours with just 15 minutes USB-C charging.

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