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Best Nexus 6P Protective Cases

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After a bad combination with Motorola, which brought to the stage Google Nexus 6, Google forged a tie with Huawei & LG! Google and LG created Nexus 5X, a redesigned version of Nexus 5, while Huawei formed a new partnership to bring Google Nexus 6P to the forefront. Of course, Nexus 6P is a clearing-the-mistakes scenario for that tech giant; and, that’s why we have a compact, easy to handle and sturdy-built Smartphone with the latest version of Android on top.

We are now able to see the build of the Nexus 6P. The unibody design is very promising, as well as the metal frame. Corning Gorilla Glass 4 has been used to protect the glass. The device’s existing build quality will not be enough if it is dropped frequently. You should protect your Nexus 6P with the best Nexus 6P cases on the market.

We have listed the top ten protective covers you can and should get for your Nexus 6P.

1. iBlason Dual Layer Nexus 6P case

We have the Nexus 6P Case from i-Blason. This is a highly recommended brand in the care industry. The i-Blason Dual Layer Nexus 6P case will make your Nexus 6P slimmer. There are two parts to the case. The hardback case is designed to protect the Nexus 6P from more threats and obstacles. The second is a belt clip-swivel pouch that allows you to keep your Nexus 6P attached to your belt. This case also features raised bezels and an in-built kickstand. You’ll have access to all speakers, sensors, and most importantly the camera.

  • Price: $14.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

2. Verus Steel Silver Nexus 6P case

Verus Steel Silver Nexus 6P case is a great choice if you’re looking for a slimmer and easier-to-handle protection case for your Nexus 6P. It has a very sexy brushed metal texture on its back. The perfect-fit case features a detailed interior pattern that can prove useful in cases where the device has been dropped or bumped. It is constructed of two layers, so installation will be much easier than you might think. The outer layer protects from bumps and drops, while the inner silicone layer does the same. The snug-fit protective cases are made from high-quality materials and construction. This is also promising.

  • Price: $9.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

3. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Nexus 6P Case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Nexus 6-P Case is priced in the medium range and provides a combination level of protection for your 6P. You can choose from two color options for the case, Black or Blue. The first thing to notice is the powerful and sleek design. Comparing it to other rugged cases, we see that this one is remarkably compact despite its powerful impact resistance. Despite its toughness, all ports, cameras, and sensors are accessible. The case also features a snap-on design for easy installation, multi-color availabilities, a texture side bumper to improve grip, and a semi-clear back.

  • Price: $15.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

4. Rhino Shield Crashguard Bumper for Nexus 6P

The Rhino Shield Crash Protect Bumper for Nexus 6P has very lightweight and is compact. The pricing for this case is very affordable, considering it’s an easy-to-use one. You can’t get a full-fledged protective bag from this case. The case’s matte texture makes it an excellent accessory for protection against drops and better handling. Rhino Shield’s Crash Guard Bumper Nexus 6P also features easy access to buttons, camera, and compatibility with third-party and official headphones. There are four color options for this protective case: Black, White, and Blue. You can pick the color that you like best. It’s also worth noting that there are other protection options.

  • Price: $24.99
  • Official Store – Where to Buy

5. Spigen Rugged Armor Nexus 6P Case

Spigen Rugged Armor Nexus SixP Case, a product by industry leader Spigen is a great choice if you need a case that’s affordable for your 6P. This case has a sophisticated look with a carbon fiber pattern. The case is made from a single layer of flexible TPU and won’t add much bulk. Spigen also included laser-focuses cutouts to ensure compatibility with official and unofficial accessories, such as headphones. You also have full access to the camera and ports. Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology has been added to the protection. The case is exceptional when we add extra features like raised bezels and responsive keys, as well as Spigen’s better assistance.

  • Price: $12.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

6. Spigen Clear Back Nexus 6P Case

The Spigen Clear Back Nexus Nexus 6P Case, a beautiful clear hard case that you can get for your Nexus 6, is very affordable. This Spigen-made case offers state-of-the-art protection against a variety of obstacles without compromising on the stunning design of the Huawei Nexus 6. P. This case is made of two pieces, one from flexible TPU and one from a hard PC. It’s not like the one mentioned. Spigen includes some amazing features in every accessory it makes. There are hybrid builds and raised bezels. Air Cushion Technology is also available, which is a great addition for any smartphone user. Customers say there are no compatibility problems.

  • Price: $13.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

7. Poetic Affinity Nexus 6P Case

Poetic Affinity Thin 6P Case is built to last. The best thing is that this case is extremely sturdy and affordable. Clear Polycarbonate is used in the case, which allows you to show off your Nexus 6P’s true beauty. As mentioned, it has two layers: one made of clear PC and one made of TPU. The Poetic Affinity Nexus 6P Case also has anti-slip side grip protection and inner ridges to minimize shock impact. There is also a raised bezel on top of the screen for easy upside-down placement and clear cutouts that allow for ports and cameras. In the long term, it makes a lot more sense.

  • Price: $4.95
  • Where to buy: Amazon

8. Nexus 6P Case-Mate Naked Tough Cover

Another option for rough users is the Case-Mate Naked Tough Case Nexus 6P. It can be quite expensive for just one smartphone case. It’s a double-layered case, which is designed to protect against common obstacles, as well as minor and major shocks, etc. The bulkiness of the case isn’t too much despite its dual-layer. Comparing other cases from the same range would show that the Case-Mate Nexus 6P Naked Tough Case is quite compact. The case itself is transparent, so you’ll feel the Nexus 6P experience even if the accessory is placed on top. The case’s other notable features include its metal buttons that are easier to press, the slimness of the case, and its uncompromising quality.

  • Price: $35.00
  • Where to buy at Case-Mate Official Store

9. AceAbove Premium leather Nexus 6P case

AceAbove Premium Leather Nexus 6P Case may be a good choice if you want leather-made protection for the TPU/PC combination. You will get elegance and protection all in one case, even though it is priced at a low price. You can now protect your Nexus 6P with leather protection, which extends to nearly every part of the device, including the back and the edges. This is where the best protection level is also available. According to verified customers, the case allows full access to all ports, cameras, and other parts of your smartphone. The leather-made case is made of plastic.

  • Price: $15.90
  • Where to buy: Amazon

10. Adopted Nexus 6P Leather Folio Case

Adopted has the last protective case. This Nexus 6P protective case is available in Google Play Store. We can expect the same quality from the Adopted Nexus 6P Leather Folio Case. The Nexus Smartphone protective case Adopted has made an impressive impression. The case is also well-made and has many useful features that will keep it in line. The Adopted Nexus 6P leather Folio Case’s textured microfiber is very durable and can withstand drops and bumps. Its stronger frame and raised bezels enhance the protection offered over the long term.

A military-grade Speck Candy Shell Grip Case is also available from Google Play Store

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Are you using any protection case for Nexus 6P? We would love to know your name through your comments.


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