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Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds You Should Try

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It’s time for a change of scenery. Don’t forget to bring extra food because Minecraft snow biome seed doesn’t have enough. There are many Minecraft biomes that revolve around cold and snowy regions, such as snowy tundra or frozen oceans. You can also discover exclusive mobs such as polar bears or the Stray skeleton mob. Keep in mind that cold biomes can be difficult to survive in because there aren’t many trees or domestic mobs. The following list contains the best Minecraft snow biome seed for Minecraft Java as well as the Bedrock editions.

Best Minecraft Snow Biome seeds (2021)

All the listed seeds have been tested on Minecraft 1.17. They should work on Minecraft version 1.17. The seeds have been divided into two sections to suit either edition. The list doesn’t have to be in a specific order. Feel free to explore the seeds according to your interests. We have also provided all the coordinates for each seed to make it easier to explore the world.

Best Snow Biome Seeds For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

These seeds are compatible with all versions of Minecraft Bedrock. While there may be slight differences in the spawning of mobs, the world overall will remain the same. To take your experience to the next level, you can use RTX on Minecraft PC. Let’s now look at the selection of seeds we have available:

1. Snowy Stronghold Village

Although Minecraft’s cold biomes seem impossible to survive, it is possible to get some help. Our first seed has a snowy village. Although it is not near the spawn, it is worth visiting. It is one of the largest snowy villages in-game and has a number of villagers that can help you stock up on resources. This is a great way to get started in Minecraft and even help you settle down.

The village’s snowy beauty is a bonus delight. You won’t be disappointed if you don’t see the stronghold beneath the village. Once you’ve collected enough resources and obtained the Eyes of Ender you don’t need to travel far to complete the game.

  • Seed Code19825025
  • Plains: Biomes
  • Village Coordinates: X: 1050, Y: 69, Z: 500
  • Stronghold Coordinates: X.1060, Y. 69, Z. 500

2. the Snow Kingdom

This Minecraft seed will help you create a base in the snow biome. We will spawn near a Ruined portal with enchanted loot. Additional resources can be found in the plains villages. Once you’re ready, you can travel west to the ice biomes. Although you will need to traverse some badlands to get there, it is well worth the effort.

You will find a snowy village once you reach the coordinates. It is surrounded by ice spikes and a frozen ocean. The area also has snow. This makes it stand out among the colorful badlands. It is easy to make a snow base with this seed, as it has a lot of level areas and structures. If you don’t want to stop there, you can travel further to reach snowy plains biomes. You might find it difficult to obtain resources because of a shortage of edible plants and mobs that are food-based.

  • Seed Code246669682
  • Plains: Biomes
  • Snowy Village Coordinates (X: 120), Y: 68, and Z: 171
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates:X, 334, Y, 69, Z, 120
  • Plains Village Coordinates: X: 1032, Y: 65, Z: 121
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: (X: 1032), Y: 67, and Z: 8
  • Snowy Plains Coordinates: X: -712, Y: 72, Z: 40

3. The Coldest Spawn

You don’t need to travel far for our next entry in the list of best Minecraft snow biome seeds. The snowy rewards of this seed are right at our spawn. Our spawn point is surrounded by snow, ice spikes, and snow-based mountains. There are three villages and three Ruined Portals to explore in the area.

After you have collected enough resources through the farmers and chests, you will find three large ravines that you can use to get some ores. You can easily convert one of the Ruined portals into a Nether portal by using the obsidian. All that is left is to find a stronghold. We recommend that you first find some food sources, as the empty snowy biomes won’t be going anywhere.

  • Seed Code 1541592643
  • Biomes Snowy Plains & Forest
  • Nearest Village Coordinates: X: 24, Y: 67, Z: -296
  • Nearest Ruined Portal Coordinates: (X:104, Y. 65, Z:8)

4. Snow Village and Pillager Outpost

This Minecraft seed is adventurous. It spawns in a large snow biome, near a snowy village. Here you can find the tools and food that you need to start your adventure. If you continue into the snowy biome, is another large snowy village. It is situated next to the Pillager Outpost. This is not a good location for villagers because of the hostile mobs. However, it is rare to see. You can even release an iron golem that is near the spot to clear out the mobs.

  • Seed Code1405692302
  • Biomes: Snowy Plains, and Taiga
  • Pillar Outpost Coordinates: X: 136, Y: 71, Z: 344
  • Snowy Village near Outpost Coordinates X 136, Y: 71, and Z: 248
  • Village Near Spawn Coordinates X 520, Y 68, Z 202
  • Nearest Taiga Village Coordinates: X: 632, Y: 67, Z: -312

5. All Over the World, Snow BiomesAnalysis via Chunkbase

This seed is a top pick for the best Minecraft snow biome seeds due to its size. This is not the only thing this seed has going for it. There are many villages around the area. One of them is located within 100 miles of the spawn. A snowy village can be found here, built on top of the stronghold. It’s one of the most useful survival seeds in Minecraft if we include the Ruined Portals in the photo.

  • Seed Code-1840470832
  • Biomes: Snowy Plains, and Taiga
  • Nearest Village Coordinates: X: 88, Y: 67, Z: 168
  • Village With Stronghold CoordinatesX, 968, Y, 67, Z, 72

Best Snow Biome Seeds For Minecraft Java Edition

The next set of seeds is compatible with Minecraft Java Edition, which is compatible with most Windows PCs. You can even install Minecraft Java on ARM-Powered Chromebooks. These will not work on any other devices that have the Bedrock edition.

6. Ice abandoned

This rare Minecraft seed will spawn you on a desert island surrounded by freezing oceans. This seed will give you wintery chills, from the dark tone to the polar bears. For Minecraft survivalists, this means you’ll have to work harder to obtain wood and food.

There are no villages nearby so don’t fight the mobs. To survive, the best thing is to dive underwater to find cold ruins. However, it is not without danger. The good bits again are that this seed offers one of the most famous night views, as illustrated in the screenshot.

  • Seed Code -7865816549737130316
  • Biomes: Frozen Ocean
  • Coordinates: X: 121, Y: 69, Z: -9

7. Iced Village

This seed is a must-have on any list of Minecraft snow biome seeds. This seed generates the rarest type of village you can imagine. It’s not far from where we spawn, so it’s best to explore it in creative mode. It’s a village complete with iron golems, farms, and villagers.

It’s unique because it can be found on different floors of a snowy mountain. The village is reminiscent of Frozen with its ice spikes. You can find useful resources beneath the village if you’re creative enough to make it this far. You can find numerous cave openings throughout the area.

  • Seed code: -4919525955627568481
  • Biomes: Forest
  • Village Coordinates: X: -28812, Y: 76, Z: 14596

8. Continuous Snow Biomes with 20+ Villages

Minecraft worlds usually generate snowy biomes in a few chunks. This seed creates a huge snowy world that is continuous and unaltered by other biomes. This seed is the best for creating Minecraft cities and servers that are based on snow. This seed has more than 20 villages and 2 pillager outposts. There are also 3 zombie villages and many igloos.

However, the best thing about this is that you can spawn near two villages. This allows you to load up on resources before exploring. You can even get iron from a blacksmith in some of the villages. There’s also a stronghold located within the spawn area. It’s not only a great seed for snow biome enthusiasts, but it’s also a good Minecraft survival seed.

  • Seed Code -6019111805775862339
  • BiomesSnowy Plains & Snowy Mountains
  • Nearest Village Coordinates: X: 216, Y: 69, Z: 312
  • Stronghold Bigpoint coordinates X, Y, 76, Z, -1244
  • Nearest Pillager Outpost X : -312,Y : 72,Z : -696

9. Spawn’s Snowy Pillager Outpost

This seed could be your favorite or least favorite depending on how long you live. This seed doesn’t allow you to breathe a sigh or relief even if you just spawned. This will place you near a Pillage outpost. You might not be noticed by the mobs immediately, so it is best to run as soon as possible. There is a village right around the corner that can help you. This is all you can get.

After looting the village is done, you have two options: go back to the post or jump into one of the many cave openings found in the area. Although this seed is difficult, it’s very popular with adventure-lovers. Keep in mind, however, that you may also need to battle polar bears as well as pillagers.

  • Seed Code: 5242181966618698341
  • Biomes: Frozen ocean and Snowy plains
  • Village Coordinates: X: 280, Y: 70, Z: 56

10. Village in 4 Biomes, Huge Snowy Mountain

Our final entry in our list of the best Minecraft snow biome seed is a confusing village generation. This village is a snowy village that spawns near the plains biome, beach, desert, and snowy tundra. If you are only looking for food, the loot from this seed isn’t very good. It can, however, be used to build a base across two biomes.

Because they are the most dominant in this Minecraft seed, we will only be focusing on them. You can find a desert temple and a vast desert waiting for you if you travel towards the desert. If you travel to the snow, it will also lead to a huge snowy area. You will be in the ice spikes biome once the tundra has ended.

  • Seed Code -22844233812347652
  • Biomes: Plains. Desert. Snowy Mountains. Beach
  • Village Coordinates: X: 8, Y: 67, Z: 24
  • Desert Temple coordinates X, Y, 70, Z, -328

The Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds That You Must Not Miss

These Minecraft seeds are great for anyone looking to find polar bears, or simply chilling in snowy lands. These seeds are compatible with Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition 1.17. We have put together a list with the best Minecraft 1.18 seed to help you if you have already updated it. These best Minecraft Modpacks may be your best choice if you want more variety and are looking to expand your options. To run mods, you’ll need to enable Forge in Minecraft. If you’re still sticking with the seeds, please share any that you find in the comments below. Don’t delay! Get started exploring these top Minecraft snow biome seed ideas.

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