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Best Minecraft Bow Enchantments You Must Use

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Bows are a lesser-known weapon in Minecraft than swords, tridents, and axes. Bows are often avoided by beginners due to the extra effort required to make them. These best bow enchantments can make bows the most powerful weapons in Minecraft. You only need to aim well to make it work. If you prefer close-range combat, then the best blade enchantments would be a better choice. You can also combine long-range and short-range combat with these best trident enchantments. Let’s now dive into our list with the top bow enchantments Minecraft has to offer.

Best Bow Enchantments for Minecraft (2022).

These bow enchantments work flawlessly on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. Each of these enchantments has been tested on the Minecraft 1.18 Update. You can be sure of the compatibility.

1. Punch

Nearly every in-game attack causes a slight push to the receiver. This push is known as knockback. Our first bow enchantment, Punch, increases the dealt knockback 3 blocks. You can only upgrade this one time, so you can use Punch II for an additional 6 blocks to push an in-game entity up to 6 more blocks using a single arrow.

However, knockback does not necessarily mean more damage. This is still a great way for people to get out of difficult situations and to force mobs to enter certain areas. It works in a similar way to the sword-based enchantment known as knockback. Because of the distance already maintained, the knockback effect with a bow is much more effective as you have additional time to escape, hide, and craft items.

2. Power

One of the most popular Minecraft bow enchantments is Power. It increases the damage caused by arrows. The maximum level for this enchantment is 5. You can fire an arrow without charging, but it will still cause 1.5 heart damage at level V. An arrow that is charged at maximum damage can do 12.5 heart damage. This makes bows very useful in Minecraft multiplayer mode, 1 vs 1.

3. Flame

The flame set entities on fire, as the name implies. The flame lasts 5 seconds and does 2.5 hearts of damage. It can also be used to light candles, campfires, TNT, and campfires. You can’t light other blocks on fire, unlike fire charge and flint-and-steel. You can kill food-based mobs by lighting flame. They will drop regular meat.

The flame enchantment, unlike many fire-based attacks, doesn’t affect mobs from a non-fire dimension. They take regular arrow damage. The flame effect doesn’t work when mobs are shot through water or rain.

4. Unbroken

Some items, such as weapons and tools, have predetermined durability that is destroyed after a certain amount of time. The unbreaking enchantment will make a bow more durable. It reduces the chance of bow durability being reduced. You can make sure your bow lasts long enough even in long and tiring battles by upgrading to three levels. This is the most popular of the many bow enchantments available in Minecraft.

5. Mending

Mending, which is similar to unbreaking, can also help your bow last longer. It lets you repair or restore any bow’s lower durability. Repair costs can be incurred orbs that you can collect by killing mobs. You can kill mobs and your bow will continue to repair itself. This enchantment, when combined with mending can make your bow and other items nearly indestructible.

Keep in mind that experience cannot be used to raise your level. Not until the bow has been completely repaired. If you have multiple objects that need mending, the game will randomly pick one and repair it. Sometimes, the game will pick the item that doesn’t require immediate repair.

6. Infinity

Infinity is not only the most sought-after bow enchantment in Minecraft, but it’s also one of the most well-known. It gives you infinite arrows to use with your bow. It prevents the bow from eating any arrows. For this enchantment function to work, you will still need at minimum one arrow.

In order to keep the game fair, you cannot pick arrows that have been fired with infinity. They were not in your inventory at all. This enchantment also doesn’t work for spectral or tip arrows. Mending is not compatible with Infinity. These nifty enchantments can only be applied to your bow.

7. Curse of Vanishing

There are many bow enchantments that you can use in Minecraft. But there is a negative one which you should not wish for. Curse of Vanishing is one of the most popular enchantments. It makes the bow disappear on your death and not drop as an item. This means that enemies cannot steal your bow and you can’t get the item back after respawning. Once the bow disappears, you will need to rebuild it and apply the enchantments again.

This is only useful in the event that other players steal your items in multiplayer mode. To stop it from despawning, you can either place your bow into a chest or drop the item manually. This enchantment is applicable to all-game items and cannot be removed. You can learn how to remove any other enchantments from Minecraft using our detailed guide.

Use Bow Enchantments for Minecraft Survival Gameplay

These best bow enchantments for Minecraft will allow you to master distant combat. These best Minecraft 1.18 seeds will be especially useful in large caves and high mountains. Do you worry about your protection in combat? To make your protection even more effective, you can use the best armor enchantments. Just a bit of aim practice and you’ll be as powerful as Lord of the Rings Legolas in Minecraft. After you’re ready, make some best Minecraft potions and upgrade your character to continue exploring your world. You can also share your favorite bow enchantments with us in the comments. Enjoy your explorations!

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