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Best Linux server distros of 2022

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The best Linux servers distros are available for home and business servers

Linux server distros are easy to use and provide reliable, stable servers for your home or company.

Windows is the most used Operating System (OS), but Linux is the most popular OS for internet-based web servers.

These are often included with Apache, MySQL and PHP and are commonly referred to as a “LAMP configuration”. A wide range of Linux distros can be used for not only the servers that power the internet, but also the virtual networks that support cloud computing.

Sometimes, your choice of Linux distro to use on your servers comes down to personal preference.

Most web users won’t notice any differences because the OS runs in the background. It will only system administrators and IT managers that will notice which Linux distro is being used.

These distros were evaluated on many aspects, including scalability and stability, security, stability, support, and maintenance. We also evaluated the documentation, ease of installation, GUI (graphical user interface), and whether or not there was an active online community.

Which Linux should you use? The choice of Linux will largely be a matter of personal preference in most cases. We will list the top Linux server distros.

You want to know more about Linux? These are the top Linux courses and training providers.

Linux Administration Bootcamp: From Beginner to Advanced, $12.99/PS11.99 on Udemy

Learn how to use Red Hat Linux & CentOS, two of the most widely used Linux distributions. Then, you can start a career in Linux Server Admin and Linux Administrator. Jason Cannon, author of Linux For Beginners, will present the course. It includes approximately 500 minutes of video and four downloadable resources.

We also have a variety of useful Linux guides like What’s the best Linux distro to start with? and 10 best Linux distros that are perfect for security and privacy freaks. We also have How to choose the best Linux distro on laptops.

Best Linux server distros of 2022 in full:

1. Ubuntu Server

Scalability: Best Linux server distro Today’s Top Deals

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There are many reasons to buy

+Long Term Support+WireGuard VPN+Paid enterprise support

Avoidable reasons

-No GUI (graphical interface)

Ubuntu is most well-known for its desktop Linux distribution, but it also offers a server version that is very competitive.

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Server, has created LTS versions of Ubuntu Server. These can be updated for up to five years, just like the desktop version. This saves you the hassle of updating your server multiple times. Canonical releases Ubuntu Server versions periodically at the same times as the desktop distro.

The inclusion of the WireGuard virtual private network (VPN), which has been popularized in recent Linux releases, is one of the highlights.

Ubuntu Cloud Server is available for download if you are interested in building your own cloud platform. Canonical claims that Ubuntu Cloud Server is used by over 55% OpenStack clouds. Canonical will set up an managed OpenStack Cloud for you, for a small fee.

2. Debian

Fantastic Linux server distro that offers multi-architectural support Today’s Top Deals

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There are many reasons to buy

+Focus on stability+Long established+Exceptionally secure

Avoidable reasons

No official support team

Debian has been around for over 20 years. This is due to the importance of maintaining a stable operating system. This is essential if you plan to create a server, as it can sometimes conflict with the existing software.

There are three Debian branches, named Unstable’ Testing’ & Stable’. Packages must have been tested for at least six months in order to be included in the current stable release. This makes Debian more reliable, but it doesn’t mean that Debian will include a lot of ‘bleeding edge software.

There are many versions of Debian. The minimal Network Image can be used to install Debian via the Internet. This Network Image can be used to build your server from scratch. You can also download the Cloud Image from any supported cloud provider, including Amazon EC2, Azure and OpenStack.

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