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Best laptops for music production in 2022: the ultimate workstations for musicians

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When choosing the best laptops to use for music production, there are some things you should keep in mind. Although music production is not as difficult as 3D design or video editing, it still requires specific skills. This means that not all top laptops will work.

A robust processor is essential for music production. This is because you will need to run DAW (digital audio worker) software such as ProTools or Logic. A powerful graphic card may not be necessary. However, you will need plenty of RAM to support large audio tracks and multiple plugins. You will also need to have a lot storage space so that you can store all the audio files and samples without having to carry extra hard drives.

These are just a few of the many portables that can do these things. But you need to consider your budget and portability. Otherwise, your options may be limited. We have compiled a list of the top laptops for DJs, and included them all in this buying guide. Here are our top picks, ranging from budget-friendly options to more expensive models for those who can afford them. Check out the price comparison tool to find the best deals.

These laptops were compared in many ways, including their internal hardware, performance, and design as well as portability. We also compared their battery life, pricing, connectivity ports, and display.

We also reviewed the best video editors, the best laptop stands, and the top USB flash drives.

Our Top Picks for Best Laptop for Music Production 2022

In full, the best laptops for music production in 2022

1. MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021)

The best laptop for music production


CPU: Apple M1 Pro 8-core – M1 Max 10-core

Graphics: Integrated GPU with 14-core or 32-core CPU


Screen: 14-inch Liquid Retina XDR display

Storage: Maximum 8TB

Y +Brilliant performance+Best laptop screen

Avoidable reasons

Some people may find the screen a little too small.

The MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021), is a top choice for music production. It is also the best to video edit and best to photo edit lists.

The M1 Pro- and M1 Max-powered MacBook Pros take the MacBook Pro to the next level. It boasts incredible power and a long battery life. These extras include an SD card slot, an HDMI port and three Thunderbolt 4 connections (all of which are available due to MagSafe charging being returned).

This laptop’s mini-LED technology is identical to the one found on the iPad Pro. It offers a huge 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

2. Dell XPS 13 (2020).

A lightweight and powerful laptop for music production


CPU: 10th Generation Intel Core i5 – i7

Graphics with Intel Iris Plus

RAM: 8GB – 16GB

Screen: 13.3 inch FHD (1.920 x 1.080) – 4.k (3840×2160)

Storage: 256GB SSD – 2TB SSD

+Gorgeous design+Excellent battery life

Avoidable reasons

-Lackluster audio-Expensive

Since its inception, the Dell XPS 13 (2020), has been a staple in our top laptops list. It also earned a spot on our top laptops for DJs. The 13-inch flagship Dell laptop is still our favorite, thanks to its beautiful and lightweight design as well as the modern, powerful components that make it possible.

It now features the 10th-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, as well as a bezel-less ‘Infinity Edge display. This means that the Dell XPS 13 (2020), is a powerful performer while still being thin and lightweight. You have many customization options.

The speakers of the XPS 13 aren’t great and the placement of the speakers doesn’t improve the audio quality. You get two Thunderbolt 3 ports and a microSD card. There are also no headphone jacks.

3. MacBook Pro 16-inch (2021)

Top content laptop with a larger package


CPU: Apple M1 Pro 10-core – M1 Max 10-core

Graphics: Integrated 16 core – 32 core GPU


Screen: 16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR display

Storage: Maximum 8TB

+Extremely long battery lifespan+Plenty ports

Avoidable reasons

-On the larger side

No matter your creative style, the MacBook Pro 16-Inch computer is a beast. The performance of the MacBook Pro 16-Inch is second only to its smaller brother. Although that screen is a bonus for audio creators it will allow you to have a bit more screen real estate for your workflow.

Its impressive battery life will keep you going for the entire show. You won’t feel any performance throttling as it isn’t plugged in. It also has many ports, including 3x Thunderbolt 4(USB-C), HDMI and SDXC card slots. This will allow you to plug in all of your audio peripherals.

It is stunning. The display supports 1 billion colors and has a 120Hz refresh rate. This makes it the fastest MacBook Pro 16-inch display.

4. Asus ROG Zephyrus – G14 Alan Walker Special Edition

A powerful laptop with robust controls for music production


CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 3050 Ti 4GB


Screen: 14 inch, IPS, 2,560×1,440, 120Hz

Storage: 1TB Samsung M.2 SSD

There are many reasons to buy

+Exceptional CPU performance + Long battery life

Avoidable reasons


The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 Alan Walker special edition is unique because it’s not just inside the box. The G14 is the same great laptop as the regular G14, but it has a new color for its chassis and a different keyboard color. This collaboration with YouTube DJ is much more than a simple paint job.

It can be used to connect the box with an app or as a controller. Even if your controllers are already in use, the G14 Alan Walker Special Edition includes two USB-C ports and two USB–A ports. It also has enough power to handle most music production sessions.

5. Surface Laptop 4

Solid Windows laptop for music production


CPU: Intel Core i7 of the 11th generation

Graphics up to AMD Ryzen7 4980U

RAM: Maximum 32GB LPDDR4x

Screen: PixelSense 13.5-inch display or PixelSense 15-inch display

Storage: SSDs up to 1TB

+Comfortable keyboard+Beautiful screen

Avoidable reasons

-There are not enough ports

The Surface Laptop 4’s 13-inch and the 15-inch models have powerful internals that allow for music production. The Surface Laptop 4 also features a stunning touch display of 2496 x 1664 pixels, so your eyes will be as entertained as your ears.

The battery life is good, enough to last you through a full work day. Although it could use more ports, that’s what a hub does. This hub is great for producing music, or creating your own.

Surface Laptop 4 measures just 0.57 inches in thickness and weighs 1.3kg (2.79 lbs), making it very easy to transport. The laptop feels very robust despite its slim design. It’s made from aluminum with zero flex.

6. MacBook Air (M1, 2020).

Apple’s lightest and thinnest laptop for music production


CPU: Apple M1 chip, 8-core CPU

Graphics: Integrated 7 core – 8 core GPU

RAM: 8GB – 16GB unified memory

Display: 13.3-inch, 2560x 1600 Retina screen

Storage: 256GB SSD – 2TB SSD

+macOS Big Sur responds quickly+Battery life great

Avoidable reasons

Performance could be affected by fanless design

The M1 silicon chip is a game-changer and the first laptop to get it has also been a big success. It is the company’s thinnest, lightest, and most powerful laptop.

The Macbook Air (M12020) is a great choice for music producers due to its outstanding performance and long battery life. The MacBook Air is not just for casual users.

The battery life of the Macbook Air is amazing. You can expect to get between 14 and 18 hours of battery time. Although the laptop is fanless, it can make a lot of noise and heat. However, this can cause problems with heat management and lower performance when used for extended periods.

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