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Best laptop stands of 2022

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Laptop stands that are comfortable and stylish will make you more productive while at work.

Your neck can be hurt if you use a laptop, mobile workstation or tablet all day at your desk or standing desk. Many users prefer to raise their laptops off their desks by using a laptop stand.

A laptop stand can be paired with an external keyboard or mouse to provide better ergonomics. This will translate to improved health whether you are working at home , or returning to work .

Laptop stands come in many sizes and shapes, just like laptops. Some are stationary, so they can be used in your office or home. Others can be folded up so that you can take them with you wherever you go.

You should upgrade your laptop if you have ever experienced fatigue due to long hours of using it. You could choose a desktop computer or a laptop monitor. But, you might prefer the portability of a notebook. A laptop stand can make your work easier and more enjoyable without costing too much.

These laptop stands were compared on many aspects. We looked at their portability, design, and stability. We also examined how adjustable these stands are, and which laptops they are best suited to.

We’ve compiled a list of five top laptop stands that work with all types of laptops.

1. Lamicall Laptop Stand

All-round best laptop stand

There are many reasons to buy

+Heavy base +Portability +Large rubber pads+Compatible with 10- to 17-inch laptops

Avoidable reasons

-Sometimes a little stiff

The Lamicall laptop stand (opens new tab) can be folded up and carried in a backpack. It is lightweight at 3.25lbs (1.47kg) so you can take it with you to the office, classroom, or wherever else you might be working.

Lamicall also makes other folding laptop stands but this one is $55.99. Lamicall’s laptop stand is available in grey or silver. It features a heavier, high-quality aluminum alloy and a larger base. The laptop stand is able to hold 10-17-inch laptops. It also has anti-slip rubber on its base that prevents it sliding around on your table or desk. The same rubber is used to protect your laptop from being moved or scratched. A hook also ensures that your laptop doesn’t tip easily.

The stand measures 7.8 inches (198mm) in length, 7.9 inches (200mm width), and 6.3 inches high (160mm height). The stand has a nearly diamond-shaped shape and cutouts either side of its middle to allow airflow to your laptop. We found that the hinge is more stable when in use than it was during testing. However, this hinge does require two hands to adjust. Simply tilt your laptop tray back to fold the stand. Then push the tray down towards the base. The unique design of the Lamicall Laptop Stand means that it takes up more space than other stands.

2. Brocoon Laptop Stand

The best laptop stand for portability

There are many reasons to buy

+Folds for portability+Holds up to 40lbs (18kg) +Cutout for accessories+Compatible with 10 to 17-inch laptops

Avoidable reasons

Typing may cause slight wobble

The Brocoon Laptop Stand is portable, but it will be easier to pack in a backpack because it folds down to just 1.1 inches (27.94mm). The laptop stand comes in dark black, space gray, rose gold, silver, and silver. This means that it can be used with Apple’s MacBook, especially if you purchase a matching stand. Although the list price for the Brocoon Laptop Stand is $49.99, it can often be purchased on sale for $10.

The base measures 7.8 inches (198mm) in length and 9.9 inches (251mm) in width. However, the laptop tray of the stand is 8.8 inches (223mm), long and 11.6 inches (294mm wide). Brocoon’s Laptop Stand measures 10.2 inches (259mm) when extended and weighs 3.36kg (1.36kg).

The tray has a cutout to allow airflow, but the hinge also features a cutout to allow for wires to be run. The tray’s base plate has a recess under it that allows you to store your headphones and other accessories while you work. Rubber feet and two hooks are located at the tray’s base. They prevent your laptop sliding off of the stand.

  • Brocoon laptop stand available for purchase here (opens new tab).

3. obVus Solutions Minder Laptop Tower II Stand

The best laptop stand for standing and sitting

There are many reasons to buy

+Folds up for portability+Excellent ergonomics+Extendable arm+Can be used while standing+Compatible with 10 to 17-inch laptops+Integrated phone stand

Avoidable reasons

It takes some effort to adapt

This minder Laptop Tower II Stand (opens new tab) deserves special mention because it’s one of the few laptop stands that can be used standing or seated. You can also take it anywhere you want. The minder Laptop Tower II Stand will cost you $89.99.

The laptop stand’s base measures 7.5 inches in width (190mm), and its depth is 10.5 inches (266mm), while the tray measures 11 inches in width (279mm) with a depth measuring 9.5 inches (241mm). The minder Laptop Tower II Stand can reach a maximum height (20 inches) thanks to its hinge, which has a button that extends it further. The tray has four rubber pads that prevent your laptop from moving while it is in use. A cutout at its back allows for airflow, and there are two hooks on the tray to prevent your device falling over. obVus Solutions added a tablet or phone stand to its second edition. It offers four levels of tilt.

The minder Laptop Tower II Stand was both comfortable to use during testing. It could be used at the lowest height with the hinge fully extended. Although the tray was stiff and difficult to adjust, it didn’t move much during use. The minder Laptop Toer II Stand’s unique design makes it a great choice for giving presentations. You can stand in front of your audience while reading from your laptop, and you don’t have to look down.

4. Besign LSX3 Aluminum Laptop Stand

The best laptop stand for permanent setups

There are many reasons to buy

+Height adjustment+Open design for better cooling+Compatible to 10 to 15.6 inch laptops

Avoidable reasons

-Must be assembled-Cannot be transported-No tilt adjustment

The Besign HTMLX3 Aluminum Laptop Stand is stationary, unlike the other entries in this list. This laptop stand is shipped unassembled. You will need to assemble it using the four Allen head screws. Two screws attach the laptop tray and the adjustable centerpiece to the stand, while the remaining two attach the base.

Besign LSX3 Aluminum Laptop Stand is available in grey or black. It is compatible with laptops 10 to 15.6 inches and can hold devices up to 8.8 lbs (3.9 kg). The base measures 8.8 inches in length (225mm) with a width 7.4 inches (190mm), but the laptop tray is much larger at 11.4 inches (290mm), and 9.6 inches (245mm). The centerpiece’s maximum height is 7.65 inches (195mm), and the minimum height is 4.92 inches (122.5mm).

The other laptop stands we reviewed have rectangular trays that allow airflow. This one is U-shaped and provides even more airflow. There are rubber strips at each end to hold your device in place. The stand has a knob at the back that allows you to adjust its height. There is also space under the tray for storing a keyboard if you aren’t using it. The stand wobbled a lot when we tested it, so if this is something you are considering, an external keyboard will be better.

  • The Besign LSX3 Aluminum Laptop Stand is available here (opens new tab).

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5. Rain Design iLevel2 Laptop Stand

The best laptop stand for ultrabooks and light laptops


There are many reasons to buy

+Minimalist design+Works well with Apple devices+Slider allows easy angle adjustment

Avoidable reasons

Portable-Not suitable for use with an external keyboard or mouse

The RainDesign iLevel2 Laptop Stand is different than the others on this list because it requires an external keyboard and mouse. Rain Design does not recommend that you use this stand to type on your Macbook Air. However, the laptop tray can flex quite a bit when typing on it.

The iLevel 2 measures 10.1 inches in width (256mm), 8.8 inches deep (223mm), and 7.9 inches high (200mm). Although the stand comes assembled, it is not portable. The iLevel 2 is best used with an external keyboard or mouse. This makes it difficult to transport.

The iLevel2 is compatible with all MacBooks and features a similar design to Apple’s other devices, as well as an aluminum anodized finish. The tray’s raindrop cutout is used more to brand your device than it is for cooling. The unique feature of this laptop stand is the ability to adjust the angle. The front of the laptop stand has a sliding mechanism that allows you to slide the tray back and forth to adjust the angle. Rain Design also makes other colors available if you are looking for a rose gold or space grey laptop stand.

  • The Rain Design iLevel2 laptop stand can be purchased here (opens new tab).

We also highlighted the top business laptops

How to choose the best laptop stands for you?

Although many of the laptop stands you’ll find online are quite affordable, it still pays to do a bit of research, look over your devices and think about your use cases before investing in one.

For starters, find out the weight of your laptop as this will give you a better idea of which types of stands you can use. While lighter laptops and ultrabooks will pair well with portable laptop stands, bigger business laptops or even mobile workstations are best used with a heavier and more durable laptop stand.

Next up, you want to consider cooling. Does your laptop have fans? Are they on the sides of the device or on the bottom? This is because the last thing you want is for your laptop stand to cause your device to overheat. By thinking about your fan placement beforehand though, you can purchase a laptop stand with cutouts in the appropriate places that will allow your device to get plenty of airflow to help keep it cool.

Finally, you should think about where you use your laptop the most. If you work remotely, then getting a laptop stand that is meant to be stationary might be the right choice. However, if your company has implemented a hybrid work policy and you find yourself working at home some days and at the office on others, then you’ll likely want a portable laptop stand that can fold up and fit easily in a laptop bag or backpack. The same holds true for students who might enjoy working in the library in addition to their dorm room.

How to test the best laptop stands

We looked at many aspects of laptop stands to determine which ones were the best. First, we looked at the compatibility of the stands with different sizes and types of laptops. We checked their weight, adjustability, and portability.

We checked whether the laptop stands were assembled or needed to be assembled. We also checked the ease of putting them together if they were required to be assembled. We looked at how heavy the laptop stands could support and whether they would wobble when typing or playing video games.

We also examined their designs to see if they encourage laptop cooling. Additionally, we considered other features like adjustable arms and integrated phone stands.

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