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Although iOS 15 was announced at WWDC 2021 in June 2021, the update went through significant changes prior to being made available on the 20th of September. The update is focused on three areas – keeping connected, focusing on productivity, and privacy.

A date for the release of iOS 15 was confirmed at the September 14 Apple event at which Apple announced iPhone 13, the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and various other models.

Apple hasn’t stopped with the release of iOS 15 however, because since the time iOS 15.1 as well as iOS 15.2 have also been released and added new features along with iOS 15.3 expected in the near future.

Below we’ve outlined all the features we’ve found important not just in the first iOS 15 release, but also in these minor updates.

If you’re struggling to upgrade to iOS 15 we’ve put together a tutorial to assist you in updating to iOS 15 and update your iPhone to the most recent software.

iOS 15: Cut to the chase

  • What exactly is it? The most recent major update for iOS
  • When did it go on sale? September 20
  • What will it cost you? It’s free

iOS 15 release date

On September 14 2021 event The iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7 as well as new iPad mini, brand new iPad along with the brand new iPad mini were all new versions made public, however, the date of release to launch iOS 15 wasn’t confirmed.

Apple made it clear after at the conference the fact that iOS 15 was to be released on September 20, just four days prior to the release of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro, which it did.

Be sure to back up your phone just in case before you update to iOS 15 and follow our step-by-step guide on how to install iOS 15 installed on your smartphone..

Naturally, when we’re discussing iOS 15 here, iPadOS 15 is also available to your iPad.

This isn’t the end of the story though, as there’s the update for iOS 15.2 is available, along with iOS 15.3 is believed to be coming soon.

iOS 15 supported devices

According to Apple’s main page regarding iOS 15 states, the update is compatible with iPhone 6S and above.

If you’re still wondering what features aren’t available on older versions of the iPhone that runs iOS 15 we’ve come up with a list that delves into this.

It is important to note all devices that have the ability to be upgraded to iOS 15 will also be eligible to receive iOS 15. x and iOS 15.2 as the most recent release as of the date of this article.

iOS 15: FaceTime improvements

Apple has added brand new functions to FaceTime with iOS 15 focused on making it easier to communicate with friends and family, while also improving audio and video quality.

Spatial audio can be utilized on any iPhone XS and above, that’s why 3D audio can give the illusion that your audience has the exact same space as you.

The Voice Isolation feature now concentrates solely on your voice and blocks out any external noise. Additionally, there’s Wide Spectrum, which focuses on you as well as the surroundings surrounding you.

Additionally, there’s Grid View which displays the group’s call, as well as Portrait Mode now able to be used. The background blurs and the focus is on you.

There are also FaceTime links that can create a link that can be used to make a plan for a call like how Google Meet works. Google Meet link works and is available to users with Android as well as a Windows devices.

iOS 15: SharePlay

SharePlay is also available with iOS 15, where you can share music, stream movies and TV shows along with sharing your screen to let someone know how you use an application.

It is also possible to expand SharePlay into an AppleTV this is useful particularly when watching a film. It is also an API and therefore, an application could be integrated with this soon.

Supported services like Disney+, Twitch, ESPN, TikTok, and more are supported by SharePlay on iOS 15 and up.

But, SharePlay is being held off until a later release that will be part of iOS 15, or perhaps iOS 15.1.

iOS 15: Messages

Another major improvement in iOS 15, chat rooms is now able to display collages in order to display multiple photos.

Shared with You In the News app lets you see the content that your friends have posted to you including hyperlinks, and are easily transferred into the message chat. It’s also on Safari, Music, and more apps.

Additionally, there are statuses that are like WhatsApp as well as other messaging apps.

You can also mute messages in chat rooms If you want, in a single. For instance, if you wish to silence for an hour or an entire day, you can.

iOS 15: Notifications

Following numerous refinements over time, notifications have been updated to work with iOS 15. Notification Summary is available and can be scheduled to be displayed at specific times as well as by Apple’s machine-learning algorithms.

Do Not Disturb an element of the changes in this version, and will show your loved ones and relatives when they’ve turned it on for their own.

Focus is another feature that is used for Notification Summary that will display your lock screen inform you of specific apps, based on your calendar, and possibly the location of your home.

iOS 15: Safari

The web browser of Apple has undergone an overhaul in iOS 15 with new extensions that are carried across from macOS and then and then to iPhone.

The address bar has been moved to the bottom of the page and features gestures that let you easily switch between tabs and back to the full-screen view. There’s also an option to refresh the windows on the web, like refreshing your email or tweets which is now available in Safari.

There’s also a brand new home screen that you can alter to suit your needs and pick your own images.

A lot of buttons that were available were concealed behind a button therefore, the user interface could be altered as we get new betas over the coming months.

In the time of beta, Safari saw a lot of design tweaks, which has resulted in an appearance that is more in line with iOS 14, with some minor design enhancements.

You can set the address bar in the middle as it was previously or on the bottom to allow you to comfortably access your thumb.

iOS 15: Live Text

Photos are now available in Spotlight recommendations, which means you can search for people specifically in a picture that you recently took.

Additionally, there are improvements to the smart Photos that are referred to as Memories which creates new slideshows and carousels from photographs with music and even displays the music playing during this.

iOS 15: Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet has seen another enhancement in iOS 15 with Carley receiving U1 support, that allows you to lock your car, and even access your trunk.

You can also access your home or office by using Wallet and, in the near future hotels like Hyatt will allow this feature on iOS 15-enabled devices.

Identity cards, such as driving licenses (rolling into the US) are also accessible through Apple Wallet and will be able to view driving licenses, as well as TSA opening security checkpoints in the near future.

iOS 15.1: SharePlay

SharePlay was originally scheduled to launch in iOS 15 However, it was delayed and then launched as the primary new feature in iOS 15.1 instead.

It allows users to stream movies and shows, listen to songs using FaceTime calls, and keep the content synchronized for all users. It is also screen sharing.

This kind of feature would have been perfect during the height of the pandemic when people were mostly separated from each other, however, even today we can see it as beneficial to a majority of people.

iOS 15.1: ProRes

There’s more than one major feature that’s included in iOS 15.1 and ProRes appearing too. It’s only available for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max but isn’t accessible to the general public.

It’s a format for video recording, and although it’s not brand new it’s the first time that a smartphone can record using the format. It’s created to be lossless in appearance (though this format technically is compressed) as well as less demanding on the computer’s CPU than formats such as H.264 and H.265 for editing.

But, ProRes file sizes take up lots of storage space. For this reason, you’re only able to record at 1080p and 30 frames per second if you own a phone with only 128GB of storage. However, for other phones, ProRes can be recorded in 30 frames per second in 4K.

To enable ProRes when you’ve got iOS 15.1 Simply go over to the Camera section of the main Settings app, and then select ProRes under the Formats option.

iOS 15.1: Auto Macro toggle

A camera feature that is smaller than iPhone 15.1 is the ability to turn off the Auto Macro mode found on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. These phones automatically switch to an ultra-wide lens once you are near to something since this lens can be used to power the macro mode. It is able to focus even from 2 centimeters away.

It’s most suitable for the job, especially if you’re working in close range however there could be situations when you’d prefer an alternative lens. And when you turn off Auto Macro then you’ll have the option of choosing.

iOS 15.1 Lossless audio along with Dolby Atmos on HomePods

If used in conjunction in conjunction with homebody 15.1, iOS 15.1 allows users to play lossless music along with Dolby Atmos using Spatial Audio support via either the HomePod or Mini HomePod. These features are accessible for various Apple devices, which means they’re much overdue.

iOS 15.1 Covid-19 vaccination record in the Health and Wallet apps

iOS 15.1 permits users to include their Covid-19 vaccination record in their Health app. After that, you will be able to upload a vaccination card into the Wallet app. It includes a QR code that can be used by any organization or business which you would like to verify your vaccination status.

However, these options are only available if your healthcare provider has accepted and has implemented the features. At the moment, they’re only available to those who use Smart Health Cards. They are currently only used by certain US states and vaccine centers.

iOS 15.2 Application Privacy Report

Arguably the primary feature of the iOS 15.2 can be described as App Privacy Report. It lets you know the frequency at which each app makes use of the permissions that you’ve given it (such as camera or location access). This will also provide the breakdown of their network activities.

iOS 15.2 Legacy Contacts

Another important iOS 15.2 new feature that is worth mentioning is the inclusion of Legacy Contacts. This feature lets you keep your digital accounts in order by adding one or more trusted contacts that can access your Apple ID, iCloud account, and iPhone information after your passing in death.

iOS 15.2 Hide My Email within the Mail app

iOS 15.2 permits iCloud Plus subscribers to create different email addresses right via the Mail app when creating an email. This can be useful anytime you don’t wish to give your personal email address because messages sent to them will be sent to your primary email address, and the addresses you create can be removed at any time you’d like.

iOS 15.2 Improvements to Find My

In iOS 15.2 there’s an additional feature that’s new that’s available in Find My, dubbed ‘Items That track me’.

This allows you to view the objects in your vicinity that may be in contact with Find My The main objective of this feature is to find out if something is monitoring you without your knowledge or consent. Once they are located (and you could even allow them to play audio) the Find My will also guide you on how to turn them off.

Help Retrieve Lost Goods’ feature allows you to locate close items that may be lost and assist in returning them to their owners.

iOS 15.2: Security of Communication in messages

With the brand new Communication Safety feature, the Messages app will detect whether there’s nude content in a message that’s been received or sent in the form of the image blurred, warning the user and being required to manually verify that they are able to view or send the image.

Additionally, there will be an option for children to reach out to a parent via the app, but it will be the responsibility of the child’s discretion. The parent will not be automatically notified.

Other features of iOS 15

As you can see in the breakdown of the entirety of iOS 15 features, the magnifier appears whenever you select text. This makes it easier to identify the letters and the words you’d like to manipulate.

The app for weather has been updated, taking advantage of the Dark Sky acquisition from last year. The new version has more details and more accurate weather information, with high-resolution maps of the weather to observe the condition of the weather all around you.

There are now notifications to notify you of those times when snow or rain is set to arrive within the next hour. You can also mute specific cities you’ve added within the app, in order to limit the number of notifications you’ll receive from however how many towns you’ve included.

The Maps app is getting some great enhancements with iOS 15 with updated information for commercial districts as well as structures. Elevations and a new color scheme are also available with landmarks getting marked.

Drivers also get the ability to set routes from one location to another, which makes it much easier to glance at interchanges on the highway and future traffic conditions.

You can now add preferences for your transportation routes, allowing you to ensure your commute and, even if you’re on an underground train, Maps will track your travels, and notify you to know about the next stop.

Widgets are getting more improved as of iOS 15, with new ones available for Find My, Game Center, App Store Today, Sleep, Mail, and many more.

The new Shortcuts made available to users of macOS Monterey, also means that any files you design or modify can now be saved to your iPhone with iOS 15 so that you can continue the work you’re doing on your Mac.

There are many small functions people are using since iOS is out.

The DualSense as well as your Xbox Controller can now have their rumble capabilities employed when you play a game within iOS 15, so your games are much more streamlined to control when there’s an array of controls covering the iPhone’s touchscreen.

When you select the date and time of the alarm you’re setting or create an event in Calendar it is now possible to scroll through these dates and times just like you did in the past iOS versions. You now have the option of scrolling or entering the date and time you want to include.

It is now possible to pull back to refresh the new Safari and also mute notifications within an app or messages threads for one hour or for a whole day Similar to how you can turn off chats in WhatsApp.

With drag and dropping now in iOS 15 you are able to choose a picture from Files, then add it to an email, for example. This makes it easier to share photos and files between different apps.

iOS 15.2 also comes with several minor features, like the new design of Notification Summary, improvements for the television app, and more options for activating an Auto Call feature of Apple’s emergency SOS Call service. Also, it has the capability to select the macro mode that is activated on the camera, the introduction of an Apple Music Voice Plan, and upgraded maps for certain cities that use CarPlay.

There is a myriad of bugs to be fixed too. For instance, one major one found in iOS 15.1 provides a solution to an issue that blocks certain users from making use of this feature. Unlock with Apple Watch feature that is designed to allow iPhone users wearing masks to get around Face ID.

What do I need to know about installing iOS 15?

If you own one of the iPhone 6S and above, go to Settings > General > Software Update. There, you’ll be able to download and install Apple’s most recent software update on your iPhone.

Which iPhone is able to update with iOS 15?

Any iPhone starting with the 6S or up is eligible to be upgraded with IOS 15, which includes both versions that are part of the iPhone SE. iPhone SE.

What are the most important features of iOS 15?

Apple is focusing on productivity this year and has Focus changing the way and time notifications will show up, in addition to the ability to join the FaceTime call using an online link similar to Google Meets.

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