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Best image hosting websites of 2022: Handpicked free and paid providers

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The advent of smartphones with great connectivity and compact cameras has made us trigger-happy snappers as well as eager photo uploaders.

The market for image hosting services is also open to professionals, including photographers, artists, and media creators. Their livelihoods are dependent on the quality of image hosting providers and the features they offer.

This article will explain how these services differ from traditional Web Hosting. We’ll also show you our top image hosting websites so that you can find the right one for you, whether you’re an amateur looking for a safe place to upload your summer photos or a pro wanting to show off a growing portfolio.

If you just want to keep your images and archive safe, you can also visit our best photo cloud storage providers.


These are the top photo cloud storage options in 2021

  1. IDrive is the best cloud storage service provider

IDrive, the cloud backup guru, offers tons of storage online at a very affordable price. 10TB starting at $3.98 is an incredible deal. The support for unlimited devices, and extensive file versioning are also available.

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  1. ExpressVPN now includes unlimited cloud backup

Backblaze has partnered up with ExpressVPN. Now, when you sign-up for an annual VPN subscription you will get unlimited cloud backup. No strings attached, secure, business-grade cloud storage.

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Although the Swiss-based company is more costly than others, the one-off payment will ensure that there are no renewal fees. This can make it very expensive. The cost of $350 per year is lower than the competition. $3 per month.


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  1. pCloud offers a lifetime cloud storage subscription

Although the Swiss-based company is more costly than others, the one-off payment will ensure that there are no renewal fees. This can be extremely expensive. $3/month is lower than $350 for 10 year.


These are the top image hosting sites of 2022

(Image credit: Piwigo) (opens in a new tab

1. InMotion Hosting + Piwigo

The best image hosting service for people who want their own website

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There are many reasons to buy

+Scalable+Gives You More Control+Offers Far More Flexibility and Features

Avoidable reasons

Not free-Requires knowledge and time-No apps

Many web hosting companies include a handy app store as part of their hosting packages. Softaculous is a free app store that includes a variety of applications. One of these apps is Piwigo. This popular self-hosted image gallery solution allows you to create your own image hosting site. It includes a wide range of features, including albums, tags and privacy, themes, plugins, statistics, management tools and more.


This package is compatible with InMotion Hosting’s Power package. It allows you to create up to six websites and has unlimited bandwidth and disk space to allow for future growth. InMotion offers a $249 QuickStarter package which allows you to set up WordPress-based websites in as little as 48 hours. The company will design the site based on your responses.

You can also look into other self-hosting options like Chevereto, Lychee, Koken or Media Goblin if you have technical knowledge.

  • Sign up for InMotion Hosting by clicking here (opens new tab), and Download Piwigo by clicking here(opens new tab).

(Image credit: SmugMug) (opens in a new tab

2. SmugMug

Professional photographers deserve the best image hosting

There are many reasons to buy

+Hosts unlimited photos+Professional web store option+Above average support

Avoidable reasons

-Minimum integration with other services

SmugMug, which acquired Flickr, is a great option if you are serious about photography (and images in general) and want to make a living from it.

Every SmugMug plan includes unlimited photo uploads. Prices start at $55 per annum when you pay annually, or $7 per per month if you pay monthly. This includes all the tools required to create a stunning photo site. SmugMug makes it easy for you to share photos and make personalized prints.

While you get unlimited storage and bandwidth, ecommerce is only available for Portfolio/Pro plans. The latter offers several key features, including marketing, branding, and e-commerce. All plans include cool features such as personalized paintings. This transforms your photos into beautiful paintings.

SmugMug ‘s review revealed that the service is “quirky” in some places but can still build high-quality photo gallery websites. This service boasts a community of over 75 million users and offers ‘heroic support’ 24/7 with only one day off each year.

  • Sign up for SmugMug (opens new tab).

(Image credit: Google) (Opens in a new tab

3. Google Photos

The best image hosting service for casual photo sharing


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Visit the Site Google Photo

There are many reasons to buy

+Free+Some amazing features+Superb mobile applications

Avoidable reasons

-No tagging options-Limited ability of managing photos-Lower integration with popular CMS systems

Google has transformed Picasa Web Albums to Photos and made it the most popular image-hosting solution in the world, as it comes bundled with over one billion Android devices.

Google Photos is a private service that hosts images. It is not a public service like other options. However, sharing your photos with others is possible (but not publicly). Keep in mind that Google will store your images on its servers, and use them to improve its machine-learning capabilities.

Google Photos is intelligent enough to recognize faces and search for text in images. It also has the ability to extend its search capabilities to include locations. Memories, for example, displays photos and videos from the past year at the top. Canon users can also backup their photos to Google Photos using Wi-Fi.

You can backup and sync your photos from both your Mac or Windows PC, as well as your mobile devices. You can also use Google’s Gallery Go to backup and sync photos from your Mac or PC. This offline photo gallery uses machine learning to organize and enhance your photos.

Google allows unlimited storage for images uploaded in high-quality mode (up to 16 megapixels). Professionals will likely prefer to pay more to store photos at the original resolution.

  • Sign up for Google Photos (opens new tab).


(Image credit: Flickr) (opens in a new tab

4. Flickr Pro

Image hosting that is best for large communities

There are many reasons to buy

+Unlimited storage+Neat editing and smart photo management

Avoidable reasons

Only 1,000 photos are eligible for the free plan

It is difficult to talk about free image hosting without mentioning Flickr (opens new tab). This service is not for casual GIFer users.

Flickr saw a rapid rise under Yahoo/Oath/Verizon ownership since 2017. It has been part SmugMug ever since 2018, but it has had some difficulties with monetization in recent years.

Flickr’s basic offering is still free. It has a limit on 1,000 photos/videos but it still offers powerful editing tools and smart photo management capabilities. Advanced stats, ad free browsing, and a desktop auto uploader are all part of the paid-for Pro plan. You can also print your favourite photos right from your Flickr account.

Flickr is one of the most popular photo sites on the internet. This is its unique selling point. You can also get a discount on your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, Blurb, SmugMug or Priime account. This will make the service even more appealing.

  • Sign up for Flickr Pro by clicking (opens new tab).


(Image credit: Imgur) (opens in a new tab

5. Imgur

The best image hosting service for fast and easy uploading

There are many reasons to buy

+No registration required+Refreshing absence of limitations

Avoidable reasons

Some photos may have lossy compression

Imgur is the largest independent image hosting site in the world and one of the 50 most popular online properties. It doesn’t require registration to use and you can upload as many pictures as you like per hour. The maximum file size for animated images is 20MB and the maximum for GIFs is 200MB. You can also upload one-minute videos.

The files are stored online for all time, but the service applies lossy compression to images that are not animated over 1MB (for anonymous uploads), and 5MB (for account holder). This is not an online backup for your photos.

You will also find a variety of tools here, whether they are created by Imgur or the members of its active user community.

  • Sign up for Imgur here. (opens in a new tab).

(Image credit: Pixabay)

You can also use these other free image hosting sites:

Imagebam (opens in new tab)

This obscure image hosting site has an unusual feature that makes it extremely useful for anyone looking to quickly create thumbnail galleries. For archives that don’t need index, you can upload ZIP files up to 250MB.

Pictures are limited to 10MB in size. There are no upload/download limits or restrictions on how long files can be hosted. JPG, GIF, and PNG images are not supported.

Imagebam is different from other photo hosting sites. Its sole purpose is to host pictures and not foster a community or encourage discoverability. Although registration is not required, it will provide you with photo management tools and the ability to organize and display your images.


Imgbb is a minimalistic image hosting website that you can’t get much better than. Drag and drop your files to the homepage, and you are good to go.

The 32MB limit applies to all image file types. However, there is no restriction on how many files can be uploaded or how long they can stay online. Imgbb does not require users to register. However, all uploaded pictures will be reviewed by humans.


Imagetitan, like Imagebam doesn’t offer a community. Instead, it offers a simple browser-based interface. Mobile apps are not available. You can upload files up to 1.5MB in size and you are limited to the three most popular image file types (JPG/PNG and GIF).

You don’t have to upload any limit or bandwidth restrictions. The pictures can also remain online as long as you like. To delete photos at a later time, you will be provided with a code. Imagetitan does not require registration. Hotlinking is allowed, but Imagetitan does not provide direct links.

Pixabay (opens in new tab)

Pixabay is a popular image hosting service at the opposite end of the spectrum. It prides itself on being an online community that publishes high-quality, copyright-free images.

To be part of this exclusive club, you must adhere to the strict image quality guidelines (opens new tab). This means that all photos are manually vetted. The mobile apps don’t support image uploads at this time, so log in is required.

You can upload up 100 photos per day, but they must be at least 3000 pixels long. Your daily upload limit will increase if you submit more high-quality images.


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