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Best hair dryer 2022: our top 9 blow dryers for home and travel

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The best hair dryer and hair blower will give you the perfect look with minimal effort. You’ll get a long-lasting shine and no damage to your hair.

There are many hair dryers on the market, so it can be difficult to narrow down which brand to trust and which appliance you feel comfortable with to manage your hair. We have created this guide to help you find the right hair dryer for you, your style, and your lifestyle.

We’re certain you’re aware that hair dryers are more than blowing hot air. There are many hair dryers available, each with a different amount of power and sometimes different accessories. Some dryers use smart tech to speed up drying time; others can do amazing work at straightening hair or curling it.

We have the best hair dryers if you are committed to your style. But we also have more versatile options that can be used to create new styles without ever having to go to a salon. We have models for fine hair that are more gentle on your hair and offer lower airflow speeds.

It doesn’t matter what type of hair dryer you choose, it is important that you use it correctly. To help you, we have written some guides on how you can blow dry your hair correctly and what settings to use to achieve the desired results without causing any damage. It’s easy to find the right hair dryer for you, based on price, power, attachments, and other special features.

To compile this guide, we tested a lot of hair dryers. Our testers had hair that ranged from super-flat to brilliantly bouncey and everything in between. To help you narrow down your search, the hair dryers were ranked from 1 to 9. Scroll down to see the brands that made it.

1. GHD Helios

The best hair dryers you can purchase


Wattage: 1,875

Weight: 1.7 lb/780g

Speed settings 3

Temperature settings:

Cord length: 9.8 feet/3 meter

There are many reasons to buy

+Super quick drying times+Left-hair shiny and frizz-free+Stunningly balanced design

Avoidable reasons

-Hair was lacking volume and bounce

GHD Helios is the top-rated hair dryer. The GHD Helios combines the look of the GHD Air and a brushless motor that the company claims has a longer life span. It is a beautiful, balanced, and fast-drying hair dryer. Before we tried the Helios, Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer was the fastest we tested. But GHD’s latest haircare device took only a minute to dry our hair. It’s lighter than the GHD Air, and has a longer power cable. This makes it a lot quieter.

Jennifer Oksien is a loyal user. It is quiet and powerful, drying my hair in 60 seconds. It comes in many beautiful colors, but I prefer the midnight blue.

This dryer is very efficient, but our hair lost volume and bounce after we used it. This was not a problem with an excellent hair dryer.

2. Dyson Supersonic

The best hair dryer


Wattage: 1600

1.5 lb/ 697g.

Speed settings 3

Heat settings: 3

Cord length: 9.1ft / 2.8m

There are many reasons to buy

+Fast drying time+Array of heat/speed settings+Lightweight design

Avoidable reasons

-The most expensive model on the marketplace.

This hair dryer is expensive. Dyson has packed a lot of technology into the Supersonic dryer, making it one of the most popular hair dryers on the market.

Dyson has changed the position of the motor to be behind the nozzle. Instead of it being in the barrel, Dyson has moved the motor to the handle. The filter in the base filters out air and allows for more ventilation. The Supersonic is compact and lightweight thanks to this design.

It was easy to use, and it provided enough shine that it didn’t need to be brushed with straighteners. We found it difficult to reach the buttons mid-dry and blocked the filter with our hands. The price was too much for us, but we could not get rid of it. We have a constantly updated guide to the best Dyson Supersonic offers that may help you save some money.

3. Hot Tools Pro Signature Salon Ionic

The best hair dryers for under $100


Wattage: 2000 / 1875

Weight: 1.3lb / 565g

Speed settings 2

Temperature settings:

Length of the cord: 6ft/1.8m

There are many reasons to buy

+Simpler to use than others on this list+Short drying times

Avoidable reasons

-Filter isn’t removable-Lacks a premium feel-Shorter-than-average cable

Hot Tools’ hair dryer is worth looking into if you are on a tight budget. The Hot Tools Pro Signature Salon 1875 Watts Ionic AC Motor hair dryer in the US was easy to use. It dried our fine, shoulder-length hair on the hottest setting in about the same time as other expensive models. Our hair was not dry even at the lowest setting. We gave up after six minutes.

It is an excellent option for business travelers and holiday-goers alike, as it comes with a dual plug in the UK. The hair dryer is also not too heavy or bulky, which will be a plus if you are trying to travel light.

This hair dryer is priced at a low price, so there are compromises. The hair dryer doesn’t look or feel as premium and the cable is much shorter than you would expect. The filter is not removable so cleaning it can be tedious. However, for those who are on a tight budget these compromises may be worth it.

View our Hot Tools Signature Salon Ionic AC Motor review

4. GHD Air

A quiet hair dryer is the best!


Wattage: 2,100

Weight: 1.8lb / 0.82g

Speed settings 3

Cord length: 8.8ft / 2.7m

There are many reasons to buy


Avoidable reasons

-Expensive compared to other models. -Large barrel is not ideal for drying.

It should not surprise anyone who has used GHD’s luxury straighteners that the GHDAir hair dryer is strong and stylish. It is also the quietest dryer that we have tested.

Contrary to the Dyson Supersonic, which is lightweight and sleek, the GHD Air has a heavy machine with thick handles, solid switches and a long barrel. However, rather than feeling bulky this machine adds luxury and craftsmanship to the entire thing. We often struggled to find the right angle because of its larger dimensions.

It wasn’t the fastest or slowest dryer that we tested. This hair dryer is a great choice if you are looking for style and luxury.

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