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Best Google Pixel 4a Cases You Can Buy

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After a long wait, Google finally released its midrange phone Google Pixel 4a. It’s an outstanding phone, according to all reports. The camera can compete with flagships worth thousands of dollars. This phone has one problem: the plastic body scratches easily. If you’re thinking about ordering the Pixel 4a or already have it, you need a case. We have put together a list of the top 10 Google Pixel 4a cases you can purchase right now to make it easier for our readers.

Best Google Pixel 4a Cases You Can Buy (2020)

We have listed a number of cases for the Google Pixel 4a in this article. You will find a case for you, whether you need clear cases, a wallet, or other protective cases.

Table of Contents

1. Google Pixel 4a Case

The simple knitted Google cases are my favorite case. These cases are not only durable but also have a unique design language which I love. These cases are available for the Pixel 4a, and it is no surprise that they look amazing.

There are three colors available: Grey, Blue, and Black. The blue case is my favorite, as I love the mix of colors. Pixel phones have made the accented power button a trademark of the case. This case is a must-have if you don’t care much about the price.

  • Purchase from Amazon
  • Flipkart India: Rs 2,599

2. Thinkart Google Pixel 4a case

The Thinkart Google Pixel 4a case is a great budget option that does not compromise on quality. This softshell case is made from high-quality polymer and is easy to put on and take off. It is thin but provides adequate protection thanks to its reinforced bumper which absorbs most of the impact.

The case is very grippy and will keep your phone secure. It comes with two screen protectors for free. The Pixel 4a has Gorilla Glass 3, which is quite old and more susceptible to scratches and damage. A screen protector provides 360-degree protection for your device.

Order from Amazon: $9.99

3. DiMiK Soft Silicone Matte Finish Case

I love the matte finish case’s frosted appearance. If you like the matte finish look, the DiMiK Soft Silicone Matte Case for Google Pixel 4a is a great option. This case is ultra-thin for Pixel 4a and is great for those who don’t like bulky cases.

It adds little weight to the device and is very comfortable in your hand. The case also gives the device extra grip. It is easy to attach and take off because of its flexibility. A raised lip is added around the display to provide extra protection. This might not be ideal for those who need extreme protection but it is a good option for all.

Order from Amazon: $ $8.99

4. Designed for Google Pixel 4a, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen is a top-rated manufacturer of cases for smartphones. My favorite Spigen case is its ultra hybrid design. The case’s hybrid design makes it easy to take off and put on, while also providing additional protection. Spigen achieves this by creating a flexible bumper that wraps around a poly-carbonate hardback.

You can also show off your new Pixel 4a with this clear case. This case has raised lips around the camera bump and display to provide extra protection for lenses and display. This case is crystal clear and offers enhanced protection.

Order from Amazon: £11.99

5. Google Pixel 4a Caseology Vault

The above-mentioned cases offer ample protection but they are not suitable for those who need extreme protection. Caseology Vault is the best choice for them. Caseology, like Spigen in the accessory market, is a well-respected brand and I love its products. The vault is a rugged, yet lightweight case for Pixel 4a. It can withstand drops up to a few feet.

It is perfectly cut and will fit your Pixel4a like a glove. The case is certified military-grade and has been tested on multiple drops. You can rest assured that your phone will be protected inside the case.

Order from Amazon: 12.99

6. Accer Ultra Thin Case for the Google Pixel 4a

Anccer offers ultra-thin cases that are so thin that you won’t be able to use your case. Although it won’t protect your phone from heavy or medium impacts, this case will keep scratches and scuffs at bay. This case works in the same way as a skin. It offers more protection and is easy to apply and take off.

It measures only 0.3mm thick. It won’t feel on your device. You can choose from a variety of colors so you can find the right one for you. This case is a great choice for anyone looking for a slim case.

Order from Amazon: 12.99

7. TGOOD Full Body Rugged Case

This case is perfect for those who want 360-degree protection for their Pixel 4a, but don’t mind the bulk. This case features a 2-layer construction to help distribute shock waves and provide additional protection.

The phone’s outer layer is made from hard polycarbonate material. This protects it in extreme contact. The inner layer is made of soft TPU material, which prevents scratches and scuffs. The marble-patterned back cover protects your phone but doesn’t lose fashion sense.

Order from Amazon: 12.99

8. nlxl Pixel 4a Case

The nlxl 4a Case is a designer case that will not be boring. This case is made of clear TPU and features a beautiful floral design. It is slim and perfectly fits the Pixel 4a. The case also features precise cutouts for all ports and buttons.

This case also comes with two screen protectors for free. They will protect your phone’s display and body. This case is also the most affordable on the list so it will be a hit with price-conscious customers.

Purchase from Amazon 6.09

9. Wallet Case Compatible With Google Pixel 4a

This wallet case for Pixel 4a by Fabric Faux can be used as a general protection case. The case’s fabric material gives it a unique look. It’s a wallet bag that provides protection and allows you to keep a few credit cards and cash.

The case can be used as a kickstand so you can easily view videos in the landscape without having to use your hands. The case is also made from faux leather, which gives it a premium feel. The magnetic snap cover ensures that your wallet is securely closed and does not flap in your bag.

Order from Amazon: £11.99

10. ESR Metal Kickstand Case

ESR is the last case on this list. It is also a well-known case brand. The ESR metal kickstand wallet case is a great option if you like the convenience of a wallet case with a kickstand, but don’t want to carry around hefty bags. It’s just like any other TPU case, but it offers ample protection.

There’s only one difference: the phone comes with a metal kickstand, which allows you to prop it in landscape or portrait mode on any surface. It’s a great option for making hands-free phone calls. This case is perfect for streaming a lot of movies or TV shows on your phone.

Purchase from Amazon $18.99

India’s Best Pixel 4a Cases

1. Google Pixel 4a Case-Mate Back Cover

The case-mate cover for the Google Pixel 4a, which is available in India, is the best. It is stylish and has a glittery design that makes it stand out. The case offers 10-foot drop protection so your Pixel 4a will be safe. The case protects your phone no matter what, whether you drop it from your table or while speaking.

It also has an antimicrobial protection built-in that keeps it clean from microbes. (Don’t forget our list of top phone screen disinfectants). The case is quite expensive, but the quality of its design, additional protection, and anti-microbial coating make it worth it.

Casemate also offers a clear case to fit Pixel 4a, which has all the same features and is the same price. This is a great option for those who don’t love the glitter pattern.

Flipkart: Rs1,495

2. TweakyMod Designer Case for Pixel 4a

This printed hard case for the Pixel 4a is a great choice if you like designer cases. It is simple to put on and take off and provides ample protection without adding bulk. The case can withstand minor drops and protects against scratches and scuffs that may occur from daily use.

There are several options for the case, including prints that feature characters from Marvel Universe. The red spider-man case is my favorite, as it’s so eye-catchy. You don’t necessarily have to purchase the exact same. You have the option to choose from Wolverine or Iron Man, Black Widow, and all of the major Marvel characters.

Purchase from Amazon

These cases will protect your Google Pixel 4a

This concludes our article. I hope you found the right case for your Google Pixel 4a. You can choose from clear, protective, designer, or transparent cases. Take a look at the list, and tell us which case you chose and why.

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