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Best free iPad apps 2022: the top titles we’ve tried

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Although free apps can sometimes be criticized, many are amazing and worth every penny. We searched the App Store for the best apps and organized them into useful categories. You can find these on the pages below.

Thispage will show you the top app of the month. It’s our top updated or new selection. You can also check back every month for a new option. It’s then the best entertainment apps, which is why you should own an iPad …). There are also a number of categories on these pages to satisfy your curiosity.

MusicLabe: The free app of the Month

musicLabe is designed to simplify playing music by changing the way you interact with an instrument. The screen looks like a piano, with brightly colored keys and a center that you can rotate. Every note corresponds to a mood (actually, a scale) you choose – making it difficult to play a bad one.

MusicLabe encourages experimentation because itsnotes don’t follow the traditional order of a piano. MusicLabe’s bold interface and structured design makes it a pleasant experience, especially with the iPad’s larger screen.

If you want to dig deeper, you can use a simple but powerful looper to create layers of audio. You can also record your output and share it with others. IAP offers new perspectives, with educational labels and inspiration to describe your scale.

These are the best iPad entertainment apps

These are our favorite iPad apps that you can use to have fun shopping, coloring, reading or watching TV


Albums (opens new tab) A music player that integrates to your Apple Music collection with the goal of helping you re-discover albums. It displays your albums in a random grid of cover art. Tapping an album will start playback.

You will find many useful details if you dig deeper. You can quickly access new releases and library additions using the Search tab. Library allows you to browse your music and find lost favorites. You can also check out singles and albums by artists that you don’t have yet in your library.

A subscription allows you to find new tracks through production credits and upcoming releases. You can also customize, sort, and filter your music. The app is great for discovering new music and can be used in any way you like.


ComicTrack (opens new tab) allows comic book lovers to organize their digital and physical media collections, track what they are reading and create lists of their favorite issues.

To import individual graphic novels or series, you can use the search function of the app. The former allows you to quickly select any issue and mark previous issues as read. You can also use the ratings system to flag issues that you enjoyed.

iPad users will love the interface. It features a two-pane layout with cover art and vital controls that is easy to access. For free, you can add and manage up to 10 series and three lists; if your collection grows beyond that, you’ll need a ComicTrack+ subscription or to make a one-off $34.99/PS29.99/AU$54.99 payment.

Serial Reader

Serial reader (opens new tab) encourages you to read classics. Serial Reader might think you don’t have the time or patience to read The Odyssey and War and Peace. But Serial Reader is clever and breaks down these tomes (and hundreds more) into manageable chunks that you can easily blaze through every day.

Each issue takes approximately ten minutes to read, and it arrives at a time that you choose. This clever system really gets you reading. The reading experience is excellent, with all the standard layouts and typography options.

You can get this feature for free. However, premium subscribers will have to pay $2.99/PS2.49/AU$4.49 to get additional features such as cloud sync, highlight and notes, series pausing, series pausing, and the ability to add EPUBs.

Reading List – Book Tracker

Book Tracker (opens new tab) This is ideal for those who buy a lot of books but then forget about them. By scanning barcodes, or by adding them to a list from a search engine result page, you can add books to your virtual library. These books then appear in the sidebar.

You can easily peruse the details of any entry by clicking on it once you’ve tapped it. You can create user-definable categories to manage your collections or have Reading List act like a wishlist for titles that you don’t yet own. You can also track your progress.

The app is free and only works on one device. There’s no iCloud sync. It’s a great freebie for those who love to keep track of their books, considering the features.

Sandbox – Physics Simulator

Sandbox- Physics Simulator is an entertaining mix of creations and destruction. You will see a blank screen with a few icons. Here you can choose materials and draw the components that you need to fill it. Levitating stone structures can be filled with seeds and soil, which will allow for flowers to begin growing.

You can also explore what happens when lightning strikes firework powder or when you drop bombs on your creation. It’s not good for what you have made. Sandbox is a great tool. It’s far from real life and the old-school pixel art aesthetic is retro. This iPad is a great freebie for anyone looking to experiment and have fun – no matter if you make things grow or blow them up.


MusicHarbor (opens new tab) addresses a gap in Apple Music, and other streaming services. It allows you to keep track of your favourite artists, instead of just listening to their tracks.

Import artists can be done from your library or streaming service. Imports are displayed as buttons in disc shape. Tap on one and the artist/band page will display releases in reverse-chronological order, with a button to zip to a Google News search based on relevant keywords.

The sidebar gives you instant access to the latest and upcoming music videos and concerts. Go pro ($5.99/PS5.99/AU$9.99) and you can filter releases by kind, adjust the app’s appearance, and filter concerts by proximity. This app is essential for keeping track of artists and bands, even if you don’t use it

Photo Flashback

Flashback! (opens new tab) – Timehop, which offers photos from years ago that are available on the date of today, reminds you of services such as Timehop. The focus here is on the photos in iCloud Photo Library and on iPad.

After you launch the app, the selections for the day will be displayed. You can also choose to add the current calendar year by going to the settings. Tap the calendar to view other dates. The window that opens will show you the number of available photos along with a preview of each one.

Photo Flashback! Another free app that is generous enough to make you wonder about the catch. There isn’t one. This is a great and completely free way to recall your favorite memories.

Wallpaper App

The Wallpaper app (opens new tab) allows you to create endless wallpapers for iPad. These designs are procedurally generated and are accessible by horizontal swipes. You can view variations within each style by tapping on the right or left half of the screen. To subtly alter the brightness or color of the current design, swipe upwards.

This wallpaper app is not like other free wallpaper apps. However, it’s optimized for iPad. You can also long-press the Save button in order to export wallpaper for other sizes.

The whole production is elegant and perfectly matches the host hardware. It may not be for everyone, especially if you aren’t keen to use photography as a screen background. However, it’s a great download if your iPad needs something different.

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