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Best FPS games: essential first-person shooters for console and PC

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Looking for the best FPS games you can play right now? This is where you’ll find them.

The best FPS (or first-person shooter) games put you in the heart of the action and that’s probably part of the reason why it’s been one of the most popular gaming genres for decades. When you’re experiencing everything from the perspective of your character, there’s an immersion and excitement that’s hard to replicate in games that keep you at a distance. 

Given the popularity of the genre, there are plenty of FPS games out there, but they don’t all provide the immersive thrill (not to mention quality) that you may be looking for. That’s where we come in. Below, we’ve put together a list of the best FPS games available right now. So, whether you’re looking for single-player shooters with worlds that you can lose yourself in, or frenetic, competitive online multiplayer then there will be something here for you.

Read on for the best FPS games available right now, on both console and PC. 

Best FPS games

Reasons to avoid

If id Software’s compelling reboot of the Doom franchise in 2016 wasn’t enough of a riveting success, Doom Eternal doubles down on its pristine systems and satisfying shooting, drafting in platforming to make the combat more fluid, a rogue’s gallery of deadly bosses and an engrossing storyline. 

Among the best FPS games today, Doom Eternal eschews the horror elements found in Doom 3 and proceeds at a blistering pace, focusing on the gore and intricate animations that let you pound demons into a fine red mist with unbeatable flair. Better yet, your chaotic escapades will be soundtracked by Mick Gordon’s exquisite electro-metal offerings, designed to inject you with adrenaline and dress your palms with sweat.

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2

Reasons to avoid

Titanfall 2 is one of the best FPS games around, there’s no denying it. Building on the already excellent Titanfall, this sequel combines fluid, fun movement with satisfying gunplay to create a game that’s always dynamic and never dull.

We deemed Titanfall 2 a must-play game in our review, saying that, with it, “the series has risen to the upper echelon of futuristic war shooters.” Even better, it’s great fun whether you’re going solo in its genuinely excellent single-player campaign or going big in its multiplayer. Titanfall 2 was crowned one of our best games of the generation for a reason. It’s easily one of the best FPS games (and one of the best Xbox One games) and an experience that just shouldn’t be missed. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Platforms available: PC

If you’re very serious about accuracy and competition in games, then Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may be the game for you. Given its status as a great breeding ground for esports professionals, Global Offensive demands a level of skill and tactical know-how that is far beyond the more casual shooters in this list and will certainly test your limits as an FPS player. 

Even if you’re not trying to be the next Shroud, squadding up with your friends, learning the maps and concocting stealthy hero moments, unraveling an enemy team’s composition with clever wall bangs and grenades is deeply satisfying, and something to try if you’re bored of the mainstream shooters that constantly coddle the player.

One of the most important and influential shooters ever made – and among the best FPS games in history, Halo completely changed the landscape of the genre and gave many developers a new bar to surpass when it came to shooter campaigns and online multiplayer. 

They’re effortless to return to and hold up extremely well thanks to a series of dedicated ports and remasters from 343 Industries. The co-op campaign that spans the collection and tells the tale of Master Chief’s odyssey is particularly exciting and full of fun challenges and set pieces to work through in good company. Not only is it one of the best first-person shooters available, but it’s also one of the best Xbox Series X games.

Half-Life 2

Speaking of influential games, Valve’s Half-Life 2 came out in 2004 and revolutionized the shooter as we knew it. With a dynamic physics system that is still hard to top, a surreal setting and a suite of unforgettable characters, Half-Life 2 delivers an adventure that demands to be played if you’ve got any desire to understand many of the shooter games that have launched to acclaim over the past two decades. 

The game doesn’t show any signs of wear even 16 years after its release, which is a testament to the success of its fundamental aspects. Follow Freeman into one of the best FPS game campaigns ever crafted.

An excellent FPS and an antidote to most modern shooters, SuperHot is an indie puzzle piece where time moves when you move. This means that careful manoeuvering and precision shots are of utmost importance, and the game consistently lobs intricate combat arenas at the player to test their reaction speed and the finer points of their FPS skills. This is all wrapped up in a simple but effective art style and an unexpectedly engrossing campaign that is far too good to spoil. 

If you’re lucky enough to own a virtual reality headset, you can check out Superhot VR, which ups the immersion and expertly transposes this puzzle shooter gem into the virtual realm, making it one of the best VR games. Want to try before you buy, try the SuperHot Protoype for free which is on our list of the best online games.

If the speed and polish offered by the Titanfall series appeals to you, then Apex Legends could well be the FPS battle royale for you. 

Coming from Titanfall developer, Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends is an FPS battle royale that really lets you move.  Like other battle royales, Apex Legends sees you work with your squad to be the last team standing but it really stands apart with its excellent gunplay, great map design and fantastic cast of characters.  Since its launch, Apex Legends has been an innovator in its genre and it’s continually growing with Respawn’s updates.

Call of Duty: Warzone

A smashing battle royale game

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Call of Duty: Warzone is now a standalone battle royale – and a great one at that. Initially released as an add-on for Modern Warfare (2019), Warzone has taken on a life of its own, giving the likes of Fortnite and PUBG a run for their money. 

Warzone’s shooting is satisfying, its map rewarding to explore, and it offers more than enough interesting concepts like the Gulag and Contracts to make each match feel wholly unique, wherever you land. 

It’s updated regularly too, with new content, modes, operators and skins providing players with plenty of things to do whenever they boot up the game.

Platforms available: PC and Xbox 360

By now, it should be fairly clear that Valve knows how to make FPS games, and zombie horde shooter Left 4 Dead 2 is a testament to the studio’s ability to consistently reinvent aspects of the shooter genre. In this exciting gem from 2009, that holds up effortlessly today, you push through carefully crafted gauntlet maps whilst an AI director places new zombie types, hordes and items to challenge teams of four in a procedural fashion. 

Every round is unpredictable and full to the brim with a special kind of chaos, one that is only exacerbated in Versus mode, where teams of four can face off against each other, swapping each round to play as the zombies and the humans. It’s a deliciously clever game bursting with smart systems that are well worth getting the gang together for. Not only is Left 4 Dead 2 an excellent FPS game, it’s also one of the best horror games.

Contrary to popular belief, Overwatch isn’t a MOBA. It is, however, a colorful, competitively focused first-person shooter from Blizzard featuring different classes incorporated across a variety of different heroes. Pitting two teams of six players against one another, Overwatch is all about teamwork and cooperation with their respective squads. That said, you’ll want to make sure a healthy balance of offensive and defensive characters is secured if you ultimately seek survival.

After all, you wouldn’t want to be demolished by the opposing team just because you have too many healers and not enough tanks or vice versa.

If you’re a fan of Overwatch then make sure to keep an eye on the upcoming Overwatch 2.

Rainbow Six Siege isn’t just a technical marvel, it’s an ongoing tactical endeavor. Like a handful of other titles on this list, Siege is about teamwork. Without it, it’s your standard deathmatch shooter, save some impressively realistic destructible environments. 

Acting on the goal of either defending or challenging objectives, the five-on-five online co-op game is certainly no Call of Duty. Instead of running around swiftly across maps, dodging bullets and taking headshots, characters are given abilities and limited resources, such as wall reinforcements, barbed wire, traps, and explosives, to overthrow and denounce victory over the opposing team.

Destiny 2 has reached the pinnacle of what Bungie set out to accomplish with its looter shooter and Witch Queen only emphasizes that.

The Witch Queen is the definitive Destiny 2 campaign, boasting a fantastic narrative with plenty of story quests, new gear, and clever systems. Those who have been long-time Destiny fans will find that the story pulls together threads that have been weaved through the series’ narrative for years, adding even more to the game’s rich lore. 

What’s more, while Destiny can seem somewhat daunting for new players, The Witch Queen expansion offers a great starting point for those who do want to jump into the series for the first time, with plenty of things to do as you get to grips with the game.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is the game at its best, easily making it one of the best FPS games to play right now. Make sure to check out our guide to buying Destiny 2, for everything you need to know about jumping into The Witch Queen.

BioShock is regarded as a masterpiece for a reason. In fact, for many reasons. 2K’s retrofuturistic first-person shooter series is frankly;y unforgettable, with the first installment arguably the best for FPS games.

Set in 1960, BioShock sees you uncovering the underwater “utopia” of Rapture, created by the enigmatic Andrew Ryan, and quickly finding out this isolated paradise isn’t quite all it was cracked up to be. Utilizing ADAM, a genetic material that grants superhuman powers, you must try to escape Rapture, while taking on the iconic “Big Daddies” that roam it.

BioShock’s combat and gameplay is creative and enjoyable, allowing you to try out different abilities and approach situations in a variety of ways. But it’s the dark and detailed world of Rapture (and the gripping story of its downfall) that makes BioShock not only one of the best FPS games of all time, but one of the best games full stop.

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