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Best file compression software in 2022

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The best file compression software allows you to easily compress files for easy storage. It also offers the ability to work with multiple file types.

It is simple to share and archive files with the right file compression software. SDDs are becoming more expensive per gigabyte, which means that there is a greater need to reduce the file size when storing data. However, compression can still be useful.

When you need to send multiple files via email, compression is a great option. Keep them under the attachment limit and share them with a service such as WeTransfer or send them to a remote server.

This is not all. Compression software has many other features that can be used to reduce file sizes. The best feature of compression tools, however, is the ability to encrypt files with password protection. This is something that all of the tools we have reviewed.

ZIP is the most popular compression format, but there are many others. It is a good idea to have several types of programs on hand for downloading and sharing files. We’ll be looking at the top tools available, including those with the highest compression rates and those that can handle the most file types.

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Best file compression software in 2022 in full:

1. WinZip

The best and original file compression tool

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There are many reasons to buy

+Supports multiple file types+Split large documents+Advanced management tools

Avoidable reasons

Only – Paid

WinZip, one of the most well-known names in the software utility world, is still in operation after almost 30 years and is still one the best file compression tools available.

You may be wondering if it is worth spending so much on a compression tool when you have so many free options. It all depends on your priorities. However, you get a lot more for your money.

WinZip supports a variety of archive formats, including ZIP, ZIPX and RAR (extraction only), 7zZ, ZIPX, GZIP (extraction only), VHD, XZ, 7zZ, ZIPX and RAR (extraction just), 7zZ, ZIPX, ZIPX, RAR, 7zZ, TAR (extraction only), 7zZ, TAR, VHD, VHD, and XZ), as well as integration with many programs such Office, such that allows you to zip your work, like a lot of other programs, such as you can be done while you are as like you do the zipping of your work,

Additional bonus features include the ability to split large zip files into different media formats, advanced file sharing options, and cloud support. There is also an advanced zip management system rivaling Windows Explorer. You can adjust the interface to fit your keyboard and touchscreen device, and there are security and backup options to protect your files.

WinZip can be a very useful tool in your software arsenal. It’s also flexible enough to work in any way you prefer. You can either create and extract using the program interface or the program window.

We also have free alternatives to Winzip if you don’t want to pay for it (opens in new window).

2. WinRAR

The best RAR file compression software

There are many reasons to buy

+High compression rate+Works well with multiple formats+Create TAR files

Avoidable reasons

Only -Paid

WinRAR is as well-known in some circles as WinZip because of its RAR format. This allows for incredible compression. While most compression programs can extract RAR archive files, WinRAR is the only one that can create them. This exclusive access comes at a cost similar to WinZip.

WinRAR is a tool that can be used to convert files into other formats. It also benefits from being available for almost every platform.

Although the interface isn’t the most attractive, it can be overwhelming to see. There is a wizard mode which takes the hassle out of most tasks.

WinRAR’s most important feature is undoubtedly its full RAR support. But, it also has encryption, speed, self extracting archive creation, and themes (if that’s your thing). It’s worth downloading the trial version to find out if it is the right compression tool for your needs.

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3. 7-Zip

Free file compression software

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There are many reasons to buy

+Free software+Own file+Great for large files

7-Zip, the first option in this roundup is free. It has a great reputation. It can handle almost any compressed file format that you wish.

7-Zip is a true stalwart in the compression industry. It boasts its own compressed file format 7z. It can compress files up to 16 billion gigabytes (according to its developers), and also offers an extremely high compression rate. This does not mean that 7z is slow. Although it can use solid compression to compress small files, it can also be very slow.

7-Zip’s interface can be quite unattractive. The program also creates a lot of context menu entries that can be confusing. It’s simple enough to delete the options that you don’t use if you go into Options.

Although the file compression software may not be to everyone’s liking, it is a reliable and rock-steady utility.

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4. Zip Archiver

Advanced file compression is best

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There are many reasons to buy

+Free software+Great interface+Drag and Drop+Supports many format formats

Avoidable reasons

Only for Windows

Zip Archiver may not be the first software that comes to your mind when it comes to file compression software. However, Zip Archiver is a well-respected program thanks to its carefully designed interface and excellent format support.

This program is very easy to use. It is easy for anyone to use, even if they are not familiar with file compression or decompression.

Drag and drop is all it takes to create and extract archives in a variety of formats. Cloud support comes as an added bonus. This means that you can create a compressed file and upload it to Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. You will also get a shareable link automatically.

This is a great option if you want to compress files for sharing. You don’t have to like drag-and-drop, but you can also use the Windows context menu.

Zip Archiver supports all compressed file formats. Zip Archiver is limited to Windows only.

5. PeaZip

Linux’s best free file compression tool

There are many reasons to buy

+For Windows and Linux+Convert archives+Security tools

PeaZip, a free compression program for Windows and Linux, is simple to use but powerful and provides many security options.

PeaZip can be used to convert archives between different formats. This file compression software offers AES256-based encryption, two-factor authentication (opens new tab), and a password manger (opens new tab).

You can use the main program interface as with other compression tools in the roundup or you can fall in love with right mouse button and use context menu.

PeaZip can create and extract RAR files. PeaZip will work with WinRAR, whether you have the full version or the trial. While there will not be a warning message, WinRAR can still be used after the trial ends.

We tested the top file compression software

First, we set up an account on the relevant platform to test the file compression software. This could be either as an online or download account. The service was then tested to determine how it could be used in different situations and for different purposes. We wanted to test each platform’s basic tools and see how easy it was for us to use the more advanced ones.

Which file compression software works best for you?

Consider your needs when choosing which file compression software you should download. Free platforms might only offer basic options. If you require advanced tools, a paid platform may be more worth it. You may also find that budget and free software options are limited in terms of the number of tools they offer. However, higher-end software can provide all of your needs.

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