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Best encryption software of 2022: Free, paid and business tools and services

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The best encryption software makes keeping your files and data private, secure, and secret simple.

When it comes to protecting files and folders, encryption software is becoming more important. Hack attempts and privacy intrusions have made it easier than ever to gain access to your most private details on your computer.

It’s worse for businesses, since the exposure of confidential or sensitive records can lead to financial losses and heavy fines.

There are many security options available. These include free antimalware tools (opens new tab) for consumers, and cloud antivirus (opens new tab) to protect business data. Even simple human error can weaken these efforts to secure data.

Some large corporations and government agencies already use encryption software to protect their data. However, it is also now available for a wider audience.

Once properly setup, even if your security software fails, thieves/hackers/snoopers would still find it almost impossible to do anything with any encrypted data that might be exposed.

These are the top encryption software tools.

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1. Microsoft OneDrive

Keep your documents secured

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There are many reasons to buy

+Huge file storage+Choose files that you want to encrypt+Office integration

Microsoft OneDrive might not be the first choice when people think about encryption software. But what many people don’t know is that Microsoft OneDrive comes with its own secure encrypted file storage area, the Personal Vault.

These files and folders can be selected and locked or encrypted. While the default setting is to allow only you access the files, sharing specific files (opens new tab) or folders with other users is possible.

This is great as OneDrive is both a personal and small business cloud storage solution. Encryption is also a great benefit.

OneDrive is a great choice for those who are committed to using Microsoft’s services. It integrates well with Outlook.com, Microsoft’s popular email platform. OneDrive is also compatible with Windows, and there are a variety of mobile apps that can be used to access it on the go.

2. Folder Lock

Individuals can use effective encryption

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There are many reasons to buy

+Free basic version + Personal encryption

Avoidable reasons

-Mainly mobile oriented

It’s vital to secure company assets, but it’s equally important to ensure that critical data is not stored on any devices. Employees have easy access to company email and other accounts via their smartphones. They need to be secure.

Folder Lock is an excellent option for adding encryption to mobile devices. This app protects your files, photos and videos as well as your wallet cards, notes, audio recordings, and contacts.

You can also use hidden security features. There are many other security features that can be added to encryption.

The basic app can be downloaded for free. A pro version is available for an additional fee that opens up more useful security features.

3. AxCrypt

Encryption available for individuals and small teams

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There are many reasons to buy

+Strong encryption for personal usage+Free version

Avoidable reasons

-Mainly mobile-oriented

Although free software is convenient for some people, it doesn’t always have the same power as premium products. AxCrypt, if you are looking for something reliable, is a great choice. This software was specifically designed for individuals and small businesses.

Strong security is provided by the software. Files are protected with either 128-bit AES encryption or 256-bit AES encryption. This should prevent any intruders. Cloud storage is also available. Files saved to services like Google Drive or Dropbox will be automatically protected by the software.

AxCrypt can be used in many languages, including Dutch, French and German. It also supports Korean, Spanish and Swedish. There is more support for future versions. AxCrypt also supports passport management and allows you to access encrypted files via a smartphone app.

Although there is a free version, it is very limited. It can be used as a trial to get familiar with the interface and basic functions.

4. VeraCrypt

Everyone gets free encryption

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There are many reasons to buy

+Basic version completely free+Provides efficient encryption

Avoidable reasons

-Selective approach -Initial Download is a little confusing

VeraCrypt, which provides enterprise-grade encryption for sensitive data, is one of the most widely used security tools.

It is very easy to use and add encrypted passwords for your data and partitions. The program will do its job by asking for some details about your data such as location, volume, and specific hashing algorithms.

VeraCrypt’s unique feature is its resistance to brute force attacks. This means that hackers cannot decrypt your passwords or other sensitive data. You can also get the basic version for free.

5. Secure IT

Compression encryption

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There are many reasons to buy

+Strong encryption+Compresses files to make them easier to manage

Avoidable reasons

-Takes longer to complete than other programs

Cypherix Secure IT is a file encryption software that can also compress your files. It may take longer than other programs but your files will be easier to manage.

Secure IT 2000 provides file encryption, folder compression, file shredding and file compression all in one. Secure IT 2000 also offers command-line processing and secure email. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

You will need a master password to access all files. This can be restrictive if you prefer different passwords for different files.

Other Encryption Software to consider

Concealer is a file encryption tool designed for Apple Mac computers. It does not encrypt all files on your harddrive. Instead, it creates an encrypted area that you can drag files into. You can choose between 128-bit or 256-bit encryption.

Renee file protector (opens new tab) is another piece Windows file encryption software. This one allows you to create multiple levels of security by having different passwords for different files and folders. If you prefer, you can use the same master password. Renee File Protection can prompt you to retrieve passwords if they are lost.

SensiGuard not only encrypts your files and folders but also hides them to keep them from unauthorised users. This is a useful feature. You can securely shred files. This makes it harder for hackers find sensitive files that you have already encrypted or deleted.


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