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Best Dark Web Websites You Won’t Find on Google

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This is the mysterious dark web. You are likely equally curious and anxious about all of it.

What’s the dark web? Here is a list of top dark web sites.

Dark Web vs. Deep Web Dark Web vs. Deep Web – What’s the Difference?

The deep Web is anything that cannot easily be found using a search engine. This includes emails in your Gmail account and messages on social media networks, as well as photos you’ve made private on Facebook.

One sub-section of the dark web is the dark web. It sells drugs, illegal substances, and grisly images. There are many reasons to avoid the dark web.

It’s worth looking at the dark web. There are many great websites hidden in the chaos.

We’re sorry,

Use a VPN to access the Dark Web.

We recommend using a VPN before you visit the dark web. Please note that the Tor browser doesn’t provide failsafe anonymity.

You don’t know which VPN is best for you? Although there are many VPNs, ExpressVPN is the top-ranked VPN. You get Tor support for three months and three months, plus three months of free trial.

Top Dark Web Sites

These top darknet sites are available today.

1. The Hidden Wiki

To visit a.onion site, you will need to know its URL. A directory such as The Hidden Wiki can help you locate active.onion sites.

There are legitimate websites such as domain services and email providers. However, there are dark web links that can be clicked on.

2. Facebook

Facebook can also be accessed via dark internet using the official Facebook.onion mirror.

There are two major benefits to doing this. Firstly, you can create an anonymous account on Facebook. Facebook lets you use its services anonymously.

If Facebook is blocked in your area, you can use the dark web Facebook Mirror to bypass the censorship.

3. SoylentNews

Almost everyone agrees with the statement that main stream media are not suitable for their purpose.

One solution is to use SoylentNews, an open-source, community-driven news aggregator. There are public discussion forums and an automated moderation system.

4. ProPublica

ProPublica created a dark web version of its website in 2016 to be one of the most prominent news outlets.

ProPublica, an independent news organization, seeks to expose abuses by government and business power and betrayals of the public trust using investigative journalism’s moral strength.

Hannah Dreier was one of the journalists at ProPublica who was awarded the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing for her reporting on gangs and violence in Los Angeles.

5. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, a top private search engine, is the most popular on the open web.

This search engine has a dark-web edition that provides additional anonymity and protection.

6. Galaxy3

If you don’t trust Facebook, you can try another dark-web-based social network site.

Galaxy3 is worth exploring. While you may not find your real-life buddies, there are computer code experts and others looking for adult dates.

7. Hidden Answers

Reddit has been the most popular site in “forums-meets news” for more than a decade. Reddit’s charm has been eroded by a number of controversies, as well as an influx of new users.

Hidden Answers is a dark-web Reddit. Hidden Answers is like a dark-web version of Reddit.

8. Mail2Tor

Email is the most sensitive communication medium. Email providers have complete access to your email inbox. Google automatically adds travel information and meetings to your calendar, along with other entries.

Mail2Tor is an alternative email provider. This allows you to send anonymous emails via webmail or an electronic mail client.

All messages encrypted. Your IP address is not kept by the company.

9. OnionDomain

To host your own.onion website, you will need a domain name. If you require a vanity URL, you will need to pay.

An onion domain cannot be purchased through a regular web registrar like GoDaddy. OnionDomain is one such service.

10. TorLinks

TorLinks can be used as an alternative to The Hidden Wiki. This website lists dark web sites under many categories.

While there is some overlap, the TorLinks list is very different from those on The Hidden Wiki. Because of the regularity with which.onions websites disappear or go offline, it is important to maintain a list.

Learn more about the Dark Web

Don’t assume you know how to access dark web.

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