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Best car phone mounts 2022: tested and rated

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Car phone mounts that are high quality can turn your phone into a useful tool instead of a distraction. Modern cars are equipped with high-tech infotainment systems. However, you can still access your apps from your phone without having to look at the road.

A car phone mount is a great way to keep your phone safe and visible while still allowing you to see the road ahead. You can get one at any time, and you have many options to choose from to fit your preferences and needs. We’ve tried a lot of the top car phone mounts so you can choose the one that is best for you.

Which are the best car mounts?

It can be both easy and challenging to choose a car mount for your phone depending on your car’s interior. Mounts can be attached to air vents or stick to windshields and dashboards. There are also mounts that can attach to the car’s interior. These mounts are called the “oddities”, and they can clip into cups or slip into cup holders.

This wide range of preferences and requirements can make it difficult to recommend the best holder. What’s best for you may not be the best for me. Some holders are simply not objectively good. They’ve been removed from our list, but don’t be alarmed.

All that said, the iOttie Simple One Touch 4 CD Slot Mount is one of our favorite holders. Although the name may sound a bit long, it can fit in any car that has a CD player. It also holds an iPhone 12 Pro securely in place. It’s not expensive at $20.

The TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount is another solid option. The TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount fits in a spare cup holder. It has a long neck so your phone isn’t too far away. A cup holder will be lost, but it’s worth considering.

The SandMarc Active Car Mount is ideal for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 owners. It offers MagSafe-compatible charging, so it will hold your phone securely.

If you are looking for something more simple, the Belkin Car Vent Mount might be the right choice. It works with almost every phone, and it even has built-in cable management so you can keep your dashboard tidy.

Popsocket users will require something more special. PopSockets PopMount 2 is the perfect solution. It can securely hold your phone using the pop-out stand. Although it is expensive, it works where other mounts don’t.

These are the top phone holders that we have tested, and we have tested many! You will find something that suits everyone, but you can always check back later to see if there are any new holders.

1. TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount

People who don’t wish to attach anything to their car.


Price: $33

Wireless charging

Black color

Orientation: 360-degree

Compatible: Phones upto 3.5 inches in width

Type: Cup holder

+The mount can rotate into landscape and portrait modes.

Avoidable reasons

You might lose your cup holder. Some car layouts may make it impractical. This mount isn’t great to look at when it’s not in use.

Although it may not be the best place to mount your phone, a cup holder works well. This holder is strong and long-necked, so your phone will be visible from all sides. Because you should be focused on the road.

The TOPGO, like all good phone holders can be rotated so that your phone can go into landscape or portrait mode. This is great for using sat-nav apps. It is securely held by three points so it won’t move unless you ask it to. Although the holder may jiggle a bit on bumpy roads due to its design, it is difficult to avoid.

There are many benefits to putting your phone holder in a cup holder. You don’t have to deal with suction cups or lose an air vent, and almost every car comes standard with cup holders. Although you’ll have to give up a cup holder for your skinny latte, that’s part of the cost of not worrying about your phone falling or being too hot/cold.

2. iOttie Easy One Touch 4 CD Slot Mount

+The mount can rotate into portrait or landscape+A CD player slot doesn’t mean you lose an air vent, or have to ensure it’s securely mounted on your dashboard. The mount is strong and won’t move when your phone is tapped or rotated.

Avoidable reasons

Some cars don’t have CD players. People who use the Bracket included in their car might find it difficult to charge.

We have tried many phone holders, but the iOttie Simple One Touch 4 CD Slot Mount is our favorite. It takes your CD player that you probably never use and turns it into a useful tool. You don’t have to lose your cup holder or air vent, which is very handy. The holder is almost invisible when not in use, which is something that’s hard to say about many holders available today.

The Easy One Touch 4 mount installation is very simple. You can slide the mount wherever a CD would normally be, then pull the clip that expands it to fill the slot. Extra-large CD slots may require more work, but it is not too difficult.

Your phone won’t move once it is set up. There are high chances that your CD slot will remain open so that you can glance at your screen from afar. You don’t need your CD player if you don’t use it. You can leave the mount in place and it won’t be noticed. Magic.

+The mount can rotate into landscape and portrait mode+Cable management is an option that other mounts do not have+ Soft grips ensure your phone will not be scratched.

Avoidable reasons

There are other options. The mount does not charge your device. Larger phones may not fit if the case is on.

Mounts that attach to car’s air vents are very popular right now. One of the most well-known is Belkin’s Car Vent Mount. Although it isn’t the most affordable option, it has cable management that many of its rivals don’t.

Belkin provided a place for you to store your charging cable, so that it doesn’t get lost in your car. It’s also very effective.

The Belkin Car Vent Mount has a very basic cable management function. This is not a problem. It does what it is supposed to do, and that’s to keep your phone steady as you drive.

The Belkin accessory, which is similar to the iOttie Slot Mount CD Slot Mount is small enough to blend in with the rest of the accessories. This also means your air vent will not be damaged.

4. iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Smartphone Car Mount

It doesn’t have to look terrible for suction cups


Price: $30

Wireless charging

Black color

Orentiation: Portraits and Landscapes

Design: Suction Cup

+The air vents remain attached so it won’t fall off.

Avoidable reasons

-Getting the mount off of the dash can be difficult.

This is to say that many people don’t rate phone holders with suction cups. They can be finicky, and it is easy to worry that they will detach from the mount they are attached to — whether it’s the windscreen or dash. The iOttie Easy One Touch 5 is different. It instills confidence in a way that few other mounts can. Its large suction cup is simply too strong.

An extendable arm allows you to place your phone wherever you like it. The angle of the arm can’t be changed, so make sure the entire thing points in the right direction. Depending on the layout of your car, this might pose a problem.

This mount is sturdy and will hold your phone steady while you drive. It can also be used to store your smartphone in a holder that’s easy to use. The three-point mounting system can be easily moved and is suitable for large phones.

5. Sandmarc Active Car Mount

Strong magnets to keep your phone steady+Charges while you drive+Looks great, unlike other cheaper options+Comes with a cable for charging your phone.

Avoidable reasons

This is a bit more expensive than the iPhone 12. It works best with MagSafe and iPhone 12 but you will need a magnet to use it. The Clip mechanism requires that something be attached to it.

The Sandmarc Active Car Mount will charge your iPhone on the go with ease. The MagSafe feature of the holder makes it compatible only with Apple’s most recent iPhones. Its use of MagSafe makes it one of our favorite holders.

The charging power of the Sandmarc Holder is only 7.5W. It is not MagSafe. During testing, the magnets were strong enough to allow me to move around without any problems.

This holder attaches to your vent using a clip that can adjust in any direction.

6. YOSH Car Phone Mount Holder Magnetic Air Vent

+Magnets are strong, so your phone will not move from the holder+ Almost invisible when it isn’t in use+ There are multiple magnets in this box so you can have two phones with it. You’ll lose an Air vent. The mount won’t charge you phone and magnets won’t support MagSafe.

The YOSHI magnetic mounting is the perfect holder if you are looking for the smallest possible holder. This tiny magnet mount is as small as a coin and yet it’s quite powerful due to the power of magnets. It costs as low as $11.

This holder has one potential problem: you will need to attach a disc to your phone’s back. It is there for the magnets and other accessories to attach to. Although it can look messy on the back of your phone, the mount is good enough to do its job. The magnets held the iPhone 12 Pro in place despite being small. This is quite impressive.

Sometimes, all you need is cheap and cheerful. This YOSH

+The only phone holder specifically designed for the PopGrip. +You don’t have to take the PopGrip out to use your phone in the car. +Works with almost any PopGrip currently on the market.

Avoidable reasons

PopGrip is useless if you don’t use it. You are stuck in the PopGrip ecosystem. Some people might prefer another mounting method.

PopSockets can make your phone more manageable. The PopMount 2 Car Dash Holder is the answer, as you might expect.

The PopMount 2 attaches to your dashboard with a suction cup. It is very simple to use. Once the holder is in place, you can simply extend the PopSocket by sliding it into the mount. It’s as easy as that

PopSockets PopMount 2 Car Dash Holder has a strong suction cup and should work on most dashboards. You can adjust the angle of your phone and it looks great even without it. It can also fold away easily when it is not in use. This is the phone for you if you use a PopSocket.

What should you look for in a car handset holder

You might have your own requirements for a phone holder. In its most basic form, a phone holder must hold your phone securely so that it doesn’t move around while you’re driving. It’s a good start if it does.

You will need to locate the right one for you, regardless of whether it’s in an air vent, on your dashboard or onto your windshield. Also, consider the unique features of your phone. For example, if it’s MagSafe, or if you need something to hold a PopSocket (or similar stand), then this will be important. This list covers everything and should have something for everyone.

How to test car phone holders

All of the car mounts featured in this roundup were tested in the same vehicle and with the same iPhone 12 Pro.

The first step in testing is to make sure that the holder can hold the phone in place while driving.

It’s then a matter of assessing how easy it is to insert and remove a phone, as well as how the movable parts function and whether additional features are useful.

Some car phone holders can be more noticeable than others. This is annoying if you don’t use your phone often. It’s best to call out a mount that is too large or disappears when it’s not being used.

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