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Best car phone holders 2022

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No matter what type of phone you have, car phone holders can be invaluable. They’re especially useful if you have one of the most expensive smartphones . The best car phone holders will not only keep your vehicle in top condition but also ensure that you can enjoy it to its full potential.

Voice assistance, turn-by-turn directions, and making calls are all available to you, in addition to or in lieu of the options in your vehicle. With a few options available, fitting one is easy. Some designs can fit into vents or other vantage points on your car. Others can be attached to the dashboard and windshield.

Car phone mounts have been around since the early 2000s, but they have changed to keep up with changing user needs. You can expect hands-free use which will keep your license valid. However, the best car mounts are now much more practical.

Some models offer wireless charging. You don’t want to spend too much on a model, but it’s worth it.

Although we haven’t tested all the car phone holders yet, based on our experts and knowledge of the best brands, we believe these are worth taking a look at.

We consider online reviews, brand reputation and product capability to help you make a decision.

1. Scosche MAGDMB MagicMount


+Fixes to surface with ease+Compatibility with decent phones

Avoidable reasons

-Adhesive pads


Scosche MagicMount, a clever little phone holder, can be used to attach your smartphone to other accessories. Scosche MagicMount can handle all interior challenges that different cars may present.

Although there isn’t much to the design, it works well, as with many phone holders. It is simple to fit, and there is only an adhesive pad. This mount works well on many surfaces, including vertical areas such as your dash and less practical places that other mounts cannot reach.

The Scosche MagicMount is able to reach places that other phones holders cannot, but it’s still extremely flexible. Once you have the mount installed, it will move around 90 degrees. This should allow you to view your smartphone’s screen from any place it is attached.

It uses an adhesive pad for grip and is strong enough to hold heavier handsets. However, it is important to be aware of areas that may not be as easily adhered to, such as those with a texture or a smooth surface. The adhesive pads are also less convenient.

2. Kenu Airframe Pro

+Great for larger handsets+Ideal to use with a variety vents

Avoidable reasons

-You don’t like vent mounts

Some prefer the accessory for vent-mounted phones holder. There are many options available in this case. The Kenu Airframe Pro is one of our favorites. It is a minimalistic design that is true to the tradition of car mounts. It is easy to assemble and take very little effort.

This model can also handle larger phones. That’s an advantage, considering that many of these models are quite large. The Kenu Airframe Pro can handle large iPhone models with ease. However, it is also compatible with a lot of other models. Kenu offers other variations of the theme, so if your phone is smaller, you can still buy options.

Cleverly, vent design allows you fix your phone in position using a variety of vent designs. This means that dashboards with horizontal, vertical, and angled designs will always be able handle the device.

Once the handset is in place, it’s held in a spring-loaded jaw. It does a fantastic job of gripping your phone with enough force that it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere. It’s not vice-like enough to make you worry about cracking or crushing your large investment.

3. iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2

+Wireless charging for certain phones+Neat Telescopic arm

Avoidable reasons

Not all phones can be charged


Although phone holders may seem a bit boring, there are some accessories that can make your life easier. For example, the iOttie Simple One Touch Wireless 2 not only protects your phone but also allows you to recharge it wirelessly. iOttie deserves top marks for creating a well-made unit. There are also variations that allow you to choose from windshield mounting or dashboard mounting, cup holder, vent editions, and more.

If you still have a CD player in your car, they also offer an accessory that can attach to it. Although it is possible to combine the iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2 accessory with old-school hardware, there is nothing obsolete about its wireless capabilities. This accessory is also a great little design with a magnetic organizer to prevent tangles in your car’s cables.

We liked the telescopic arm that we tested. It has a pivot function and plenty of space to view your phone’s screen from any position. The version with a suctioncup works well too, which is great if you have a very expensive and large smartphone.

While you will need to verify that your handset supports wireless charging, there are many things to love about this model in all of its forms.

4. TechMatte MagGrip Universal Magnet Air Vent Car Phone Mount


+Magnet Appeal+Design that doesn’t mark your interior

Avoidable reasons

It is easy to lose

TechMatte MagGrip Universal Magnet Air Vent Car Phone Mount is a great option if you are looking for an affordable, but reliable car mount. If you are looking for a simple vent-mounted option, this is it. It’s extremely easy and inexpensive. The design is simple and can be used with most smartphones.

Another plus about the TechMatte model? It seems like it was designed by someone who cares about maintaining their car’s interior. You’re asking for trouble if you part with a few pennies to get some of the most affordable car phone holders available. TechMatte Edition is a great option as it attaches to many dashboard vents with minimal fuss and leaves no marks, scratches, or scuffs.

Your phone will be protected and secured by a magnetic mount that seems invincible. It delivers dependable performance. TechMatte also designed a mount that can rotate and swivel as many times as you want. This accessory is affordable and a great choice if your car is often moved around, such as in a work environment.

5. Arteck Car Mount


+Sticks securely to dashboards+Affordably priced

Arteck Car Mount is an excellent example of simple is best design principles. It’s not hard to see why this universal phone holder is so well-received by everyone.

The model can be attached to your windshield but the sticky gel pad is best for mounting on your dashboard. You can air-lock it in place, which makes this a sturdy in-car solution. A dashboard mounting option is the best position for an in car phone holder, as it keeps your windshield clear of any obstructions.

The Arteck Car Mount, like the other models, has a 360-degree rotational design. This means that you can quickly get your phone in a good position before embarking on a trip and then never have to worry about it again.

The Arteck Car Mount is compatible with many common smartphones models, including Android and the most recent iPhones. The grip is snug but not too tight. This mount is still very gentle on your phone, which is quite good for such a low-cost piece of kit.

6. Exshow Car Mount

There are many reasons to buy

+Impressive height adjustment +Handy quick-release function

Avoidable reasons

-Can be a bit wobbly

Phone holders are great when placed in, on, or around the dashboard. But there is another option: the windshield-friendly accessory. The Exshow Car Mount Holder is a great option that works with all smartphone models.

The Exshow Car Mount is perfect for anyone looking for a higher viewing angle. This windshield mount design makes it look very low tech. A 360-degree flexible cable allows for precise positioning and suction.

The Exshow Car Mount’s wide selection of positioning options can mean that there is a slight compromise. This doesn’t detract from its overall appeal if you take the time to get the positioning just right. Higher-quality handsets with a maximum length of six inches are more popular than lighter, less weight models.

The Exshow Car Mount’s 30cm arm allows you to adjust the viewing angle to many different angles and positions. This makes it great for shorter or taller drivers. Its quick-release feature is also a great benefit.

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