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Best Buy’s Nvidia RTX 3080 restock has 75 people in line. Only two aren’t resellers

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Best Buy will restock Nvidia RTX3080 GPU and other Nvidia graphics card today, Friday October 1.

According to our on-the ground reporting, there are lines at Best Buy stores across the country for the RTX3080. We also did a survey in New York City and found that only two aren’t resellers out of 75 people who were waiting in line for the GPU. This means that everyone in the line at Best Buy is waiting to resell RTX3080 on StockX or eBay for twice the price of $699.99.

Only two of the 75 people who waited in line to get the RTX 3080 aren’t resellers.

Two Best Buy customers are legitimately interested in purchasing the Nvidia RTX3080 at MSRP – if possible – but they want it for other purposes.

One AI researcher student needs the graphics card to research at New York University. The other customer wants it for gaming and with her husband.

As we have seen in the past with these Best Buy restock lines, the problem is that the RTX-3080-seeking student moved from the third to the tenth spot in line on Wednesday night to the tenth position (and will likely do worse when it comes time to give out paper tickets for graphics cards Friday morning).

People rush to the line after “coming back from the toilet” or using other excuses – all in the name of reselling the RTX 3080. This scenario was also witnessed at the PS5 stock in-store events last week at Best Buy.

Today’s Best Buy RTX3080 restock time

Today, October 1, Best Buy will stock the RTX3080 in select locations across the United States. At 7:30am local time, paper tickets will be distributed.

However, don’t assume that just showing up at the 7:30am posted time will get you a GPU. This can happen as early as 7am, as we have seen in the past. People are already in line at Best Buy stores since Wednesday morning.

The in-store restock locator for GPUs at Best Buy (opens in new window) is better than that used by GameStop. However, we have still provided the store list.

Best Buy RTX 3080 GPU restock store locations list

You should not go to your local Best Buy without checking this list.

Editor’s Note:We added the Best Buy PS5 store restock locations last week and crossed them off in order to show how few stores will stock the RTX 3080. Our research showed that the PS5 was more readily available. Even though they had the PS5, two states, Mississippi, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico, won’t receive any GPU restocks today.

Is it the RTX 3080 or just the RTX 3080.

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The RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 should be available in most stores. However, everyone we have spoken to is still waiting for the coveted RTX 3080.

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The RTX 3080 was desired by two people we interviewed. One person, the NYU researcher said he will get another card if he needs it, but he will resell the 3080.

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He went from third to tenth in line and will likely slip further. This means that the person who wanted a GPU in gaming could be the only one who purchases an RTX from the 75-strong Best Buy New York City line today.


Best Buy’s restock line is “pure chaos” every time

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Online customers who are frustrated at not being able to purchase the RTX3080 from Best Buy think that a Best Buy in store restock is great news. However, the retailer’s website is continually hampered by resellers who use bots for RTX inventory. This was Wednesday, September 29th, the date for the most recent Best Buy RTX restock online.

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The grass is not greener. As we’ve written before, it’s chaos every time in certain cities.

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(Image credit: Twitter / Matt Swider)

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New York City has the same resellers who show up and place themselves first in line to buy all the inventory. These GPUs were able to resell very quickly. Before the purchase was made. They are always sold on StockX and eBay, so no one can get the GPU they desire for gaming or AI research.

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Using our on-the ground reporting, we identified the person who wanted the coveted RTX3080 graphics card for gaming purposes. They were No. They were 20th in line and had the chance to purchase it, or so it seemed.

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That No. 20 customers became the No. 40 people waited in line to become No. It became a chaotic scene, which was not only unfair (an eleven-year-old boy cried), but also involved a lot pushing, shoving, and shouting.

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Although the profit margins for the PS5/Xbox Series X are large, they are not as significant as Nvidia GPUs. We’ll see how the Best Buy in-store stock restock works when it comes down to making sure everyone gets their console safely and fairly.


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