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Best audio editors in 2022 for Windows and Mac

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For the best audio editors, make some noise

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Adobe Audition is one of the best audio editors. It offers powerful tools that allow you to produce high-quality results while reducing your workflow time. Digital audio workstations (DAWs) are designed to help you produce professional-grade audio.

For some, the complicated interfaces of audio editing software can be intimidating. The initial learning curve is not as steep as you might think. The capabilities and the tools you have available to you will make it worth it.

Start by thinking about how you will use the software to identify the best audio editors. Music producers and creatives who need professional audio and music production tools are going to have different needs than those creating A/V marketing assets, or joining the Podcast revolution.

GarageBand is a free tool that allows Mac users to edit audio. This may be sufficient for your basic needs. We called GarageBand “the perfect gateway to music production and a clear path towards Logic Pro (Apple’s fully-functional professional DAW).”

There are many great audio editors for Windows and Mac.

Enhance your music production using the best audio PCs

Adobe Creative Cloud . 

Adobe Audition is the best audio editor in general.

Adobe Audition is an audio toolkit that allows for multi-track, waveform and spectral displays for mixing, editing and restoring audio. Although it is not free as the other options, the end result is that you can polish your audio for both standalone and video. This powerful audio app can be used as a standalone application or as part the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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The best software for audio editing

1. Audacity

The best audio editor for free Today’s Top Deals

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There are many reasons to buy

+Huge collection of plugins+Supports many file formats+Stream directly for podcast listeners

Avoidable reasons

Interface can confuse beginners

Audacity, a powerful and free audio editor, is comparable to premium paid-for programs. The tool often ranks high on the best audio editors lists. It is the first and last stop for anyone who needs an audio editor program that can do the job, no matter if they are a beginner or a professional.

It has a solid reputation. Audacity has a lot of features and effects. With the support of a large developer community, it’s constantly improving. Two-track editing is a special strength of Audacity. The plugin library is vast and allows you to create exactly the sounds you desire.

The only problem with the open-source audio editor is the skill-barrier. Although it’s not as difficult as it looks, beginners should spend a few minutes getting to know the basics. Intermediate users and people who are familiar with more complicated DAWs will not have any trouble learning Audacity.

2. Ocenaudio

Audio editor for beginners: The best! Today’s Top Deals

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There are many reasons to buy

+Clean interface+Edit online audio file+Hear changes in real time

Avoidable reasons

-Irregular updates

Ocenaudio is an easy-to-use entry-point for novices. If you find Audacity too overwhelming and don’t want any compromises, Ocenaudio is the perfect software to edit audio.

The performance is excellent, and the user interface feels light and responsive. There is also limited plugin support, but it’s similar to Audacity. Ocenaudio is so easy to use that it’s easy for users to overlook its minor flaws.

A highlight is the real-time preview. Even the most powerful audio editors require users to edit “destructively”, which is to modify the original track. Ocenaudio allows you to adjust the playback parameters directly. You can also change effects such as reverb immediately.

It’s a free and open-source audio editor that is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and MacOS. However, the slower software update deployment rate is a trade-off. You should know the keyboard shortcuts of Ocenaudio if you intend to edit often. This will significantly speed up your workflow.

3. Ashampoo Music Studio

The best CD design software with audio editing Today’s Top Deals

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There are many reasons to buy

+Great for beginners+Extra file administration tools+Rips CDs

Avoidable reasons

Only for Windows-No multitrack support

Ashampoo Music Studio does more than simply allow you to edit audio. This is what it does amazingly well. It is easy to use, thanks to its simple interface and large waveform preview window, as well as the user-friendly buttons below. This makes it both accessible and welcoming to veterans and beginners alike.

The bundle includes a number of useful music production tools. This Windows-only tool can be used to create CD labels, edit metadata tags, convert between audio formats, rip or burn disks, and more. Ashampoo Music Studio can be used to do basic audio trimming, organizing and production.

This studio may not be a true studio, but it is possible to call it that. Ashampoo Music Studio is not great despite all its bells and whistles. It doesn’t have multi-track support, which is essential for audio editors. Instead, it’s best suited for rearranging audio clips.

4. Audiotool

The best online audio editor Today’s Top Deals

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There are many reasons to buy

+Syncs tracks between devices+MP3 Export+Dozens virtual instruments

Avoidable reasons

Only works in browsers

Audiotool allows you to edit audio right from your browser (as long as Chrome is installed – it works in Firefox and Edge). This means that you can access your audio clips from wherever you may be. You don’t need to wait for the audio clips to be downloaded and installed on a new machine. An extension for Chrome is also available.

The online DAW allows you to record 30 second segments of sound for use as samples. It shares more of Apple’s DNA than many other audio editors. The online DAW allows you to mix digital instruments, tools and drum machines with ease.

Audiotool allows you to modify your tracks by using a variety of filters. To modify and attenuate your audio signal, you can use the splitter tool or create a MIDI control within Audiotool.

This site is all about community and collaboration. It features user-made music uploaded in Audiotool. You can get a taste of what this software can do for audio editing.

5. Acoustica

Pro audio editors: The best free tool for editing audio Today’s Top Deals

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There are many reasons to buy

+Professional interface+CD Ripping Support+Layer effects

Avoidable reasons

-No multi-track mixing

Acoustica offers a professional experience that is comparable to Audacity. Acoustica is a free program for audio editing that gives you more control and allows you to make some compromises.

Acoustica, one of the most popular audio editing suites, is now available as a premium subscription product. Acoustica’s latest version supports the Apple Silicon processors on the MacBook. This makes it the preferred device for creative professionals.

Acoustica 6 Basic Edition is the older version that you can download to get the audio editor free of charge. You can still buy or try the Standard and Premium versions.

Its professional interface would look great in a high-end recording studio. You’ll be up-and-running in no time thanks to the sensible design choices.

VST and DirectX plugins are also available for power-users. These plugins offer a greater range of sound effects that can be used to fine-tune your tracks.

Acoustica’s Effect chain area allows you to layer different audio filters and then apply them to multiple tracks. This allows you to create unique mixes and keep the sounds consistent throughout your album. Once you are done, the audio editing software allows you to burn to CD.

How to choose the best audio editor for you

Assessing your skills is the best way to find the right editing tool. Acoustica is a great program for intermediate and advanced audio editors. Ocenaudio, on the other hand, is an audio editor that’s easy to use and provides a gentle introduction into the art.

You can choose which device you will use to cut clips. There are many audio editors available for Windows and Mac. You can also find simple, but less powerful, apps for Android and iOS. You can decide whether you prefer to edit in the browser or need professional software.

Determine your budget. Adobe Audition, a professional audio editing program, comes with an on-going subscription. Others, such as Ashampoo Music Studio, charge a one-off fee. Audacity delivers powerful audio editing capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Choose your audio editor based upon what unlocks your creativity, puts you in the zone and provides the best workflow.

How to test the best audio editors

We considered what you value most when evaluating the top audio editing software: price, performance, platform availability and tools & capabilities.

All the audio editors we have on our list have been used to create tracks and cut clips. We want the software to work exactly as we expect it to, and who will benefit the most from each tool

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