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Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android

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The smartphone in our pocket now records all of our personal information. You may wish to keep your private life private by taking a lot of photos and videos. It’s possible for your phone to accidentally fall into the hands of someone else or that you pass it on to a friend without knowing their true intentions. Android users don’t need to be worried, there are many great apps that can hide your photos and videos. We’ve compiled a list with the top 10 Android photo and video hiders.

The Best Android Photos and Video Hijacking Apps (2022)

These are the top apps you can use for hiding photos and videos from your Android device. Click on the table below to see the complete list. To move an app’s location within the article, click on its name.

1. KeepSafe Photo Vault

KeepSafe Photo Vault is an Android app that hides your photos and videos. It has been around for a while, and it is still one of the best apps to protect your media from others. It has received many updates over the years that have made it easier and cleaner to use. It allows you to lock photos or videos with a pattern, PIN, and fingerprint authentication options. After that, it displays a clutter-free, categorized folder grid.

To add or protect private photos, videos, and personal IDs, you can jump into any one of these folders. You can create folders, share them with KeepSafe users, and back them all up to your private cloud space.

KeepSafe includes, which has a lot of advanced security features such as fake login pins, break-in alarms (where an intruder’s selfie is taken, along with the time and date of failed attempts), and disguise the app using Secret Door. All of these features are behind a paywall, so I recommend that you purchase it if your goal is to protect your private media.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use
  • Pattern, and Fingerprint authentication
  • Private cloud storage

Download (Free, in-app purchases)

2. 1Gallery

1Gallery is a gallery app that allows you to manage photos and videos. The main feature of this gallery app, however, is its ironclad vault that hides photos and videos using strong encryption. Although there are many apps that can hide photos or videos on Google Play Store, they only use the.media extension. This makes media files unscannable.

However, the 1Gallery app can hide photos and videos. No one can even find them if they have root privileges. To hide your videos and photos, there are three options for passwords: Fingerprint, Pattern, or PIN.

The reason this app is so high up on my list is not because of its stunning user interface. The app is beautifully designed and has a modern design that focuses on user experience.

It also supports different file formats such as RAW and SVG, search and management, and can even be used to edit photos for Android. Overall, 1Gallery is the best app for hiding photos and videos. It has a beautiful design, encryption vault, and an all-in-one approach.

The Key Features of

  • Encrypted vault
  • Hide photos using PIN, pattern and fingerprint
  • Simple gallery app
  • Simple to use
  • Dark mode

Download: (Free, In-app purchases)

3. LockMyPix Photo Vault

This was my top pick to protect my videos and photos from the prying eyes. This app, LockMyPix is the name of the app and it’s designed to be the most secure way to protect all your media files. This app is protected by AES encryption that is military-grade and allows you to hide photos using PINs or patterns.

The app’s home screen allows you to encrypt photos and videos from within the app. Instantly click on photos to instantly add them to your vault. These add-ons allow you to unlock the app with your fingerprint, shake it to lock the vault, and hide LockMyPix in the app drawer.

You can’t take screenshots of the app if it is unlocked. This adds to your privacy and security. The free version has many functionalities. However, the Pro version allows you to create fake login credentials.

This will be useful if someone is trying to lock the app. However, you can grant them access to a secondary vault by creating a fake PIN. This app has one drawback. You cannot back up private photos/videos to the cloud.

Key Features

  • AES encryption
  • No screenshots
  • Hide photos & videos with PIN/pattern

Download ( No cost Upgrade to Pro Version for $1.99

4. FishingNet Calculator

The calculator is an app that is unique in this list. It is meant to look and act like a Calculator app. But at its core, it has a secure vault hiding behind it. The Calculator app can be used to hide photos and videos from your family and friends.

To open the secret vault, you can create a numeric PIN by entering it in the Calculator. The best part? All media content can be encrypted with AES encryption, so security is not an issue.

Intruder Selfie is a feature that allows users to take photos of others trying to gain access to the secret vault. You can also set up a fake vault in case you are forced to open the secret vault.

Another amazing feature of this app is the ability to shake your smartphone to quickly close it and hide photos or videos. Overall, Calculator from FishingNet has many features that will greatly help you hide photos or videos from prying eyes.

The Key Features of

  • AES encryption
  • Fake Vat
  • Intruder Selfie
  • Close the app and hide photos

Download: (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

5. Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty

Vaulty is another reliable and well-known photo/video hiding app. Although it may appear a little outdated, it does its job flawlessly. It is easy to use Vault. You simply need to open the app and select the media files that you wish to hide from your gallery. Then, it takes “mugshots” of any intruders who attempt to access your vault but fail to enter the correct password.

The moment you unlock the app, you will immediately know who attempted to enter your private space. This feature is free for all users. To store different types of videos, you can create multiple vaults with separate passwords. To backup files to the cloud and remove ads from the app, you will need to upgrade.

Key Features

  • Multiple vaults
  • Intruder mugshots’
  • Hide photos directly from your gallery app

Download ( No Charge Upgrade to Vaulty Premier at $9.99/month

6. Hide something

Hide Something has over 5 million downloads. It is the easiest app to hide photos and videos from your Android device. Protect photos and videos using a PIN, password, or fingerprint. The process of transferring new photos and videos to the “invisible” folder is as easy as sharing a file using the Hide Something App.

Access to a small collection of themes, support for various media file types, an advanced image viewer, and a fake login mode will further protect your privacy. Hide Something is very particular about not being found, so it does not appear in the recently used’ list.

The best feature is the fact that the app backs up all your private media files to Google Drive. allows you to browse these files with the desktop browser. This makes it easier to browse and find photos and videos for the user.

Key Features

  • Protect photos using PIN, password, or fingerprint
  • Not in the latest apps list
  • Fake login mode

Get Free and a premium license for $2.99

7. Google Files Safe Folder

Google Files, unlike many of the other apps on this list, is not a vault app. Google has recently added a Safe folder that can be used to hide sensitive documents, images, and videos. The Safe folder can be found in the Collections section under the Browse tab.

You can secure your files by setting up a 4-digit PIN code. You don’t have access to a password reset function in the event that your PIN is lost. You can find our guide on how to enable and use safe folders in the Google Files app.

Key Features

  • Built into Google Files
  • Use a PIN to hide sensitive videos and photos

Download (Free)

8. Gallery

If you need to hide images or videos, Gallery is another powerful vault application that you should consider. To encrypt files, the app uses the AES encryption algorithm. Premium subscriptions include additional features such as fingerprint unlock, shake-to-close, intruder selfies, fake passwords, PIN times, and custom wallpaper.

Gallery also allows you to hide it as a calculator. You won’t be able to tell others if you have hidden files. A built-in web browser is available and you can store and browse text safely. The app also asks for a password recovery question to be able to recover your password in the event that you lose it. This is a nice addition that could prove useful.

Key Features

  • AES encryption
  • Pattern, PIN, Fingerprint lock options
  • Dark mode
  • Intruder Selfie

Download: (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

9. Hide Files – Andrognito

Andrognito is an acronym for Android + Incognito and is one of the most secure privacy protection apps. You can hide photos, videos, and other files behind strong layers of military-grade AES encryption standards. The files are stored in the cloud, which frees up space on your device.

This app is free and allows you to hide applications in one vault. However, you can buy the PRO version to create additional vaults, access vaults via cloud backups from multiple devices, and access additional features. It will remove annoying ads almost immediately.

The PRO version unlocks the fake vault spoofing and invisible icon features. You can also use the custom themes feature. The simple interface of this app was what attracted me to it.

Key Features

  • AES encryption
  • Cloud backup feature

Download (Free, in-app purchases start at $0.99)

10. PhotoGuard

PhotoGuard, another app you can use to hide photos and videos from your Android device is PhotoGuard. It uses AES encryption to replace TKIP. Your media files are highly encrypted and cannot be brute-forced into opening the vault. PhotoGuard also offers cloud backup. It claims to keep the encryption on all devices and in the cloud.

You can also protect your videos and photos with a PIN or Pattern, Password, or Fingerprint. The best part about vault security is that you can also add additional layers of protection. You can also set a password to protect your albums within the vault.

PhotoGuard also provides break-in alerts that will take photos of the intruder, and log the time so that you can locate the intruder. The vault also includes a photo viewer as well as a video player that supports many file formats. This is not a feature-rich player but it’s a good alternative to the best Android video players.

You also get a private cam that you can use to take photos and keep them in the vault. This keeps them out of the reach of other gallery apps. PhotoGuard is a great app to hide photos and videos. You should take a look at all its features.

Key Features

  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • Disable photos and videos using PIN, pattern, and password
  • Break-in alerts
  • Private Camera

Download ( No Charge, Specials in-app Purchases)

Native Apps to Hide Images and Videos from Android ROMs

The Play Store has many apps that can hide photos and videos. These features have been integrated into the operating system by smartphone manufacturers. You don’t have to download third-party apps from Google Play Store. We have included some popular Android skins such as OneUI, MIUI, and ColorOS in this section. Here you are.

  • Samsung (OneUI)

OneUI has many great features. Samsung also offers a Secure Folder, which is an encrypted space that allows you to store all of your files, photos, and videos. This feature uses Samsung’s hardware-based Knox security system to protect your data. You first need to create a Secure Filer from Settings -> Security and Biometrics -> Secure Folder. You can also set up a pin and explore other options. Open the Samsung Gallery app, select your photos and then move them to Secure Folder. You are done.

  • Xiaomi (MIUI)

You can hide photos and videos on Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI, using the native File Manager app. Select the media files, tap on the 3 dots menu and choose “Hide”. You will be asked to create a password or PIN. After successful authentication, you will be able to access the media files from the Hidden section of File Manager.

  • Realme (ColorOS)

Realme’s “Private Safe”, which ships with ColorOS, is similar to Samsung. It is one of the most important ColorOS features. It can be enabled from Security -> PrivateSafe. You can now move all your files, including photos and videos, to Private Safe. You will find it in a separate folder on the home screen or launcher.

  • OnePlus (OxygenOS)

You can enable Lockbox on OxygenOS using the native File Manager. You can create a PIN to move media files, including videos, to the Lockbox. However, keep in mind, it does not deploy encryption like Samsung devices.

The Best Android Apps to Hide Images and Videos

I am sure you have been worried about privacy in your videos and photos lately. Secret vaults can be used to hide private media content and take the burden off of you if someone tries to access it. Do these privacy protection apps satisfy your criteria? Please leave your comments below. You can lock files in Windows if you have sensitive files.

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