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Best Apple Pencil alternatives 2022: what stylus is for you?

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The Apple Pencil can be used to scribble and draw, and also for annotating, illustrating and annotation. However, it is worth looking at the best Apple Pencil alternatives.

The Apple Pencil is expensive. It costs $99/PS89/AU$145, while the second-generation device costs $129/PS119/AU$199. There are many cheaper alternatives.

The compatibility issue with Apple Pencils is also a concern. This means that the second generation model will only work with iPad Pros, including the latest iPad Pro 12.9 models and the new iPad mini. There are many other styluses that work with more devices. Some of them also work on tablets from other companies.

Charging can be easier than you might think. The Apple Pencil might not feel right to you.

We have the best Apple Pencil alternatives for you, no matter what your preferences may be. These can be used for simple notes or professional art, and they come in a variety of price points.

Best Apple Pencil alternatives 2022

1. Wacom Bamboo Sketch

For artists and illustrators, a serious stylus

There are many reasons to buy

+Very sensitive, accurate+Wide compatibility

Avoidable reasons

Handwriting is too complicated.

Wacom is the most knowledgeable company in tablet writing since Moses. So it’s not surprising to find two of its styluses among our top five. The Sketch stylus is fine-tipped and pressure sensitive. It works with both iPad and iPhone via Bluetooth. It works with iPhones starting at the iPhone 6, but make sure to check the app compatibility before you buy: Adobe Sketch and Procreate do not work on iPad Pros.

You can choose between soft or firm tips, and there are two buttons that you can customize to suit your preferences. It charges via USB, not Lightning ports like the Apple Pencil. You can expect to get around 16 hours between charges. The Sketch is great for drawing and sketching. It can be difficult to find, but it’s well worth the effort.

2. Logitech Crayon

Apple approval for a colorful contender

There are many reasons to buy

+Fast charging+Tilt support to shade

Avoidable reasons

-Apple Pencil has a greater sense of touch – Not sensitive to pressure

Logitech’s Apple Pencil Alternative has the Apple seal of approval. The seven-hour battery is not as impressive as its rivals. However, you can get 30 minutes from a quick two-minute charge.

The Crayon’s cheerful and child-friendly design is not to be misunderstood. While it was initially designed for education, it can also be used in non-educational settings. The only flaw in this electronic ointment? It lacks pressure sensing. Instead, tilt detection is used to adjust the weight of your line. It’s a great choice if you want to have great build quality without pressure sensing.

3. Adonit Note+

There are many reasons to buy

+Well priced+Extensive pressure sensitive

Avoidable reasons

-Shortcut buttons work only with certain apps

There are many features that the Adonit Note+ has to offer. There are 2,048 levels for pressure sensitivity and palm rejection, so interference is virtually non-existent. Its two programmable shortcut buttons are the real star. They don’t always work with all apps, but they work well when they do. It’s very handy to be able to undo and redo with a single tap, or do anything else that you need.

This is because older iPads will not work. Some features may be limited depending on which apps you use. However, there are great possibilities for iPad owners who have newer iPads.

4. Wacom Bamboo Fineline Stylus

Another Wacom great, this time for writing

There are many reasons to buy

+Great value for money+ Feels great in the hands

Avoidable reasons

Sketch-Sketch is more sensitive than the Sketch-Sketch, but it’s better for artists

The Bamboo Sketch’s cheaper brother, the Fineline, is the more affordable sibling. The Fineline was designed for handwriting, while the Sketch was for drawing and illustration. While it’s fine for quick sketches and sketching, you might prefer its more expensive sibling if you need to create intricate art.

It’s great for note taking. It feels solid and comfortable in your hand. The twist mechanism allows you to turn the device on and off and hide the tip when not in use. You can choose from four colors and a single button to program the shortcut. It charges via USB. Expect around 15 hours of usage between charges.

5. Adonit Jot Pro 3

Simple stylus that can be used for just about anything

There are many reasons to buy

+Very Affordable+ No need to charge the battery

Avoidable reasons

-Nib is a bit fragile-No pressure sensing

The Adonit pencil is quite affordable. It has an etched aluminium body that makes it feel expensive. It also comes in four attractive colors. Although it is not pressure sensitive, you might find the small plastic disc around the nib a bit irritating and doesn’t like any debris.

The upside? It works with almost any touchscreen, as it is passive instead of active. Although it isn’t as precise as a Wacom, it’s still a great tool.

6. AWAVO Stylus Pencil

For handwriting and sketches, it is easy and cheap to be cheerful

There are many reasons to buy

+Super affordable+Comfortable, effective

Avoidable reasons

Not pressure sensitive – Not universally compatible

The AWAVO capacitive stylus can be used without Bluetooth connectivity. However, your iPad will not recognize it if it isn’t charged. You can expect up to 24 hours of use from one charge.

It is compatible with iPads up to the 3rd-gen Air, 6th-gen iPad, and 5th-gen mini, as well as the 11-inch and 12.9 inch, third-generation iPad Pro. The stylus feels somewhat like the Apple Pencil, and the white version will look similar. However, if you are drawing, you will notice the lack in pressure sensitive. This means that it is better suited for scribbling than creating serious artworks. It’s great for quick sketching and handwriting, but it costs a small amount.

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