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Best 3D printers for 2022

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There are many types of 3D printers, from high-end machines for professionals who create models, to simple machines that can be used by hobbyists or students who just want to get started with 3D printing. It is important to understand what you are looking for when searching for a printer.

Do you feel comfortable using 3D printers? Or do you prefer a model made for beginners? Do you plan to 3D print a lot, where speed is key? Would you rather use a resin-based printer, or one that uses filament to create your creations?

We can help you if you don’t know where to start. We’ve reviewed a variety of products in order to determine the top 3D printers. There is a 3D printer for every purpose, whether it’s for your home, school, or shop. We can help you decide if it’s worth the investment.

We have tested 3D printers in a variety of uses, from beginners to advanced models. This will help you to find the best 3D printer for you. This guide will help you find the best 3D printer that can produce your model.

Which 3D printers are the best?

We recommend the Monoprice Voxel 3D printer to anyone who wants to start 3D printing. This is based on extensive testing and evaluations of over a dozen models from different price ranges. The Monoprice Voxel produces high-quality prints at speeds comparable to more expensive models. We recommend the FlashForge Adventurer 4 if you are ready to upgrade to a higher-end printer.

Monoprice also produces the Delta Mini V2, our most affordable 3D printer. This is more accessible than the excellent XYZ da Vinci Nano. The 3Doodler Create Plus pen is also a great tool for hobbyists and teenagers to create 3D objects.

We tested the Form 3+ SLA printer, which is an updated version to the Form 3. It speeds up and simplifies printing. The Form 3 is a worthy successor, but if you don’t like the price tag of $3,499, the Photon Mono X reduces the cost to SLA printing to less $1,000, while the Photon M3 costs less at $300.

1. Monoprice Voxel

Best 3D printer for most people


Type of Printer: FFF

Layer Resolution: 50-400 microns

Materials: ABS, PLA. Wood Fill, Copper Fill. Steel Fill. Bronze Fill.

Build Volume: 6.9×6.9 6.9 inches

Printer Size / Weight: 15.9 x 15.7 x 15 inches / 19.8 pounds

+Excellent print quality+Fast print speed+Heated print bed

Avoidable reasons

-Lackluster Software-Some Wi Fi connection issues

Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer is an excellent choice if you are looking to get into 3D printing. It produces high-quality prints at a low price and won’t break the bank.

The heated base of the Voxel’s print bed is a great feature for novices. This allows you to produce more reliable prints with ABS materials. It’s easy to remove prints by bending the top. The Voxel comes with a protective cover, which is a good thing if you plan to use a 3D printer at home or in the classroom.

The MP Voxel prints quickly and produces prints in a time that is comparable to other more expensive devices. The quality of the prints was also impressive. They accurately reproduced details and showed natural curves during our testing. Although there may be some issues with the setup, the MP Voxel 3D printer is very user-friendly and can be used for your first 3D printing experience.

2. Formlabs Form 3+

The best 3D printer made from resin


Printer Type: SLA

Layer Resolution: 25-300 microns

Materials Resin

Build Volume: 7.3×5.7×5.7inches

Printer Size / Weight: 20.9 x 15.9 x 14.8 inches / 38.5 pounds

+Fast printing+High-quality results+Extensive amount of resins available

Avoidable reasons

No third-party support-Expensive

Although resin-based printers have been subject to a lot more competition in recent years from lower-priced models, the Form 3+ by Formlabs is still the best choice for 3D printing if it is an integral part of your workflow.

The Form 3+ has replaced Form 3 which was our favorite resin printer. The new version produces prints much faster than the previous model and is easier to use. It is easy to load resin. A floating level sensor monitors the amount of resin in the tray and controls the flow to ensure that the resin is only used for the job. The removal of prints is easier with a flexible platform.

The Form 3+ prints quickly, but the best part is that our tests prints were of exceptional quality. The Form 3+ has a starting cost of $3,499 but it is well worth the investment for designers who require a steady stream of high-quality prints.

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