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Best 3 GIS Software for Small Businesses in 2022

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GIS is Geographic Information System. It is software that blends a database’s power with a map’s functionality to create, manage, and interpret information specifically related to location. Mapping data benefits virtually every sector, from manufacturing to health. GIS allows the latest mapping data to communicate and integrated effectively.

If you’re new to the world of GIS or aren’t sure where to start, choosing the best software is a decent place to start. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to your solution, so knowing what to look for is essential.

Businesses that have already collected some assets for GIS software should continue to leverage the existing data while adding other genres later. Try a few different solutions before committing to software, primarily if you’ve never used GIS. Although more features may seem beneficial, having a program that works well for your company is the top priority.

To help you choose the best mapping software for your business, here are three different GIS options that might fit precisely what you’re looking for:


If you are looking for GIS software to convert your data into customized Google maps within minutes, look no further than Maptive. This software offers a free trial for all users with no credit card required. Maptive adapts from small businesses to large enterprises and everything in between. No coding is necessary; upload the data from your spreadsheet and navigate the expansive mapping options. The entire program runs through cloud storage, making it easily accessible on the go. Maptive is built for users on the move, available on mobile, tablet, or desktop. This GIS software allows route optimization, heat maps, drivetime maps, and more in a few clicks.

Maptive also offers a comprehensive suite of reporting tools. You can use the software to track progress and performance over time. The software gives you insights into where you should focus your mapping efforts. Overall, Maptive is an excellent choice for small businesses that want to create professional maps without any hassle.


Maptitude offers everything you need to enjoy the benefits of desktop mapping and spatial analysis. This software is a desktop mapping program that brings new and exciting features, whether you want to add data or create maps. This GIS software functions on a one-time purchase, connecting users with maps, demographics, and data to analyze how geography influences your business decisions. Maptitude allows users to visualize data differently, uncovering patterns within the spreadsheets. From there, the data is shown in a different yet straightforward way. It has an easy-to-use interface that collects and projects information with a few clicks.


This GIS software seamlessly integrates over fifty different mapping tools through Adobe Illustrator to create functional maps. Additionally, you’ll be able to import industry-standard GIS data formats to create clean, professional maps that include georeferencing. With thousands of coordinate systems and projections, users can accurately display data. MAPublisher allows individuals to edit maps in Adobe Illustrator, adding new features simultaneously. Various MAP themes include thematic maps, point symbols, or graphic styles based on the rules you create.

What to Look for With GIS Software

Before making a GIS software selection, consider the following features for your company:

Map Creation

Although this might seem like a given, it’s always best to investigate the limitations of map-creation tools. There are plenty of map makers that only allow users to use topographical features provided through external map sources. Unfortunately, this often means users can’t import these features, adding a level of complexity to importing.

Look for a map application that allows data to be imported from multiple sources. You also want a program that includes geospatial analytics.

Spatial Analysis

The best GIS software will hold several ways to establish interrelationships, gradients, scales, and more. These influential factors will offer a true, accurate, and comprehensive spatial analysis based on actual map data. Including spatial analysis can improve customer relationship management, including reduced service wait time. The spatial analysis will also help categorize your staff into regions and territories, optimizing your workforce.


Geocoding is converting any street information into a latitude and longitude coordinate. While this term might sound like a buzzword, it’s a critical feature for any reliable GIS software. Geocoding helps provide accurate address-based locations, more fixed and realistic locations based on functionality.

Although this might sound somewhat limited, it’s essential when considering specific locations. Overall, your analytics improve, providing accurate plot locational data.

Image Exporting Capability

Always look for software that incorporates different image files when exporting, particularly if you’d like to use them for various media purposes. While this might seem like a no-brainer, many things can go wrong with poorly designed exporting systems. With mapping software, plenty of graphical formats exist. For example, JPEG and PNG are the default image files, but they can often become large and difficult to print.

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