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Beats Fit Pro review

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The Beats Fit Pro is a modified version of the Apple AirPods Pro. They feature a prominent wing tip that keeps them in your ears while you work out. A custom-designed driver makes music sound more bassy. The Fit Pro has a slightly longer battery life and a smaller case than the Beats Powerbeats Pro.

They should be considered the standard for wireless earbuds. They are therefore one of our top choices in our best true wireless headphones guide. They are not perfect, however, and they don’t deserve to be the number one choice.

The Fit Pro has active noise cancellation similar to the AirPods Pro but they aren’t as powerful as the other earbuds made by Bose or Sony. For best-in-class noise cancelling, check out our Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Review.

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The wing tip also helps to hold the hooks in place, but it can cause discomfort if worn for a long time. You may prefer the standard style of ear hooks. Take a look at our beats Powerbeats Pro review.


Android users won’t get the full experience. Android users won’t get the same experience (i.e. spatial audio and hands free voice assistance) as iOS users, and their sticker price is a bit higher.


It’s a long way of saying that the Beats Fit Pro delivers better results than similar-looking Beats Studio Buds. However, there is still room for improvement.

For more information, please read our complete Beats Fit Pro review.

  • Beats Fit Pro Black at Amazon for US$179.95

Review of Beats Fit Pro: Price and availability

  • They are $199 / PS199 / AU$299.95
  • A little cheaper than the Apple AirPods Pro

The Beats Fit Pro was available for purchase in the US in November 2021 and in other countries in January 2022. They retail for $199 / PS199 / AU$299.95

They are slightly more expensive than the Apple AirPods Pro (AU$249 / PS249) which cost $249 / AU$399. You can also check out our Beats Studio Buds review for a lower price. It costs $149.99 / PlayStation129.99 / AU$199.95.

They are a good deal for the price, especially considering that they include noise cancellation and an H1 chip.

Beats Fit Pro review: design

  • Secure fitting thanks to the wing tip design
  • IPX4 Water-Resistance Rating makes them sweat-proof

The Beats Fit Pro doesn’t invent the wheel, or in this case the wing tip. But they do use it in a unique way that we haven’t seen before. It can be attached to the inner ear by being a part the earbuds. This allows the buds to stay more secure.

Other earbuds had gone for the wrap-around style. While we like that design, it is less comfortable. However, the fin attached to the ear directly adds style and fashion.

Beats Fit Pro comes with two extra sets of ear tips. It’s worth taking the time to determine which one fits you best.

These buds are very comfortable and fit well. The buds did not move at all during our review. The fit was perfect, but it did place some pressure on the ears after wearing them for a while.

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Beats Pro Specs

Weight: 5.6g (earbuds), 55.1g (case)

Battery Life: 6 Hours (with ANC), additional 18 hours with the charging case

ColorsPurple (grey), white (and black)

Water Resistant: IPX4-rated

Charger: USBC

This is especially important as the Beats Pro Fit is designed for workout enthusiasts. They even have an IPX4 water resistance rating, which should make them sweatproof. They are not waterproof so be cautious if you have them near water or at the beach.

The touch controls are located on the outside of each bud. They allow you to play, pause or skip music. Long holding will activate ambient listening mode, which will disable noise cancellation. A second long pressing will turn it on again.

You might find the controls a little sensitive, so be cautious when you put them in and take them out.

They will be discussed in detail below. However, it is worth noting that both earbuds have six microphones. These microphones help to pick up your voice and block out any outside noise. The earbuds have a new driver and ventilation system, which makes the bass sound more powerful. Additionally, the H1 chip in the earbuds will allow for a variety of cool features on iOS devices.

It’s worth mentioning the new case, which is much smaller than that that that came with Powerbeats Pro. The case can be easily slipped into a pocket, and the smooth exterior feels great. However, it should not slip onto the ground or sidewalk as it could pick up scratches. (Whoops!)

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Beats Fit Pro Review: Features

  • Choose from four colours
  • They use the Apple H1 Chip

Although it isn’t a great feature, we appreciate the ability to choose between four different colors for the Beats Fit Pro. It comes in two color options: Beats Black or Beats White. You can also choose from a stunning Sage Grey with light-green accents, or Stone Purple which is a lavender with dark gray accents.

The main reason the Beats Fit Pro is more expensive than the Beats Studio Buds, is that the latter have the H1 chip. This allows them to use Siri hands-free and spatial audio support via Apple Music, Apple TV, FaceTime.

These earbuds are more expensive than other models because they offer active noise cancellation, which will block out outside noise. They were not as effective as the Bose QuietComfort Buds or Sony WF-1000XM4, but they are good at blocking out outside noises when working from home.

Beats made the earbuds compatible with both Android and iOS, but Android users will not be able access all the features. They will be unable to access an always-listening assistant or spatial audio.

These aren’t major issues considering that many earbuds do not have spatial audio access at this time. Beats has a great Android app that allows you to customize your controls, but these snags may convince you to choose an Android-friendly option such as the Sony WF1000XM4.

(Image credit: Beats)

Beats Fit Pro review: audio performance

  • Excellent sound
  • High quality call quality

Beats earbuds no longer sound like over-powered car speakers. They are now loud enough to shake your head. Beats’ new sound profile keeps things fresh with high-quality highs and lows, and excellent clarity.

We checked out INDUSTRY BAY by Jack Harlow and Lil Nas X to see if they were up to the task. The driving bass is immediately heard, but the vocal track follows it. It changes depending on which direction you are facing. The vocal track is located to the right earbud if you look left. The reverse happens when you turn right. It’s thrilling to be able dynamically alter the audio mix while you move your head. This gives you an experience that is concert-like.

This is largely due to Beats’ tuning and Apple’s H1 wireless chips. However, the new driver inside the earbuds does give them a slightly bigger soundstage than the previous Beats earbuds.

Apple Music offers thousands of Dolby-Atmos-mixed tracks. This creates a great spatial audio experience with wireless earbuds. INDUSTRY BABY, for example, is one of many songs that truly showcases the Fit Pro’s sound profile.

We’d like to point out that the Fit Pro’s spatial audio doesn’t have the same impact as a Dolby Atmos speaker system. It’s an improvement on traditional wireless earbuds.

The Beats Fit Pro uses five of six microphones to accurately represent your voice to your recipient. Call quality is good. We sounded clear to our listeners, even though the volume was slightly lower than when using speakerphone.

This tells us that while these earbuds won’t be ideal for business professionals who require crystal-clear audio, they would be fine for someone who only takes a few calls on their earbuds.

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Review of Beats Fit Pro: Battery life

  • Six hours of charge, 18 hours in charging case (with ANC).
  • No wireless charging

Beats claims that the Fit Pro has the longest battery life of all their earbuds. With ANC enabled, you can expect to get around 6 hours of use per charge and 18 hours with the charging case. This is about an hour and a half more than the AirPods Pro, which is a substantial improvement over Apple’s true wireless earbuds.

The Fit Pro will last longer if ANC is turned off. However, if the Fit Pro is used for listening to music instead of talking, it will have a shorter battery life.

Overall, the battery life is comparable to other noise-cancelling earbuds which is fantastic. However, it falls just a little short of true wireless earbuds that do not have ANC.

There is a silver lining to this story: the buds can fast charge and will give you about an hour of music after just five minutes. They will also fully charge in approximately an hour.

The only problem with the Fit Pro’s battery life is the inability to support wireless charging, like the AirPods Pro. This means that you will always need a USB-C cable to charge them when you need it.

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It’s difficult not to compare Beats Fit Pro with the Apple AirPods Pro. The Beats Fit Pro has the H1 wireless chip, and active noise cancelling, which are the best features of the AirPods Pro. This is a huge discount. Wireless charging is a minor feature of the AirPods Pro, but it’s not something you should be missing. The Beats Fit Pro has a longer battery life.

The Beats Fit Pro isn’t perfect. We felt that the Beats Fit Pro’s noise cancellation was not as good and they were less comfortable after using them for a few hours. Beats has done a lot to make Android users feel welcome with USB-C, one-touch pairing, and Beats’ app on Google Play Store. However, there is still no always-listening assistant or spatial audio support for Android users.

These are great wireless earbuds, and we recommend them to anyone who loves to exercise.

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These are three other wireless earbuds that you might consider if the Beats Fit Pro review is not enough to convince you.

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Although the Beats Fit Pro offers decent noise cancellation, immersive listening experiences are a must for many people. Sony’s XM4 buds are true wireless earbuds, offering excellent noise cancellation and great sound quality.

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Beats Powerbeats Pro

The Powerbeats Pro is a better option for those with sensitive ears or who don’t like Beats Fit Pro’s design. These earhooks are more traditional than those found on most workout buds. They also have a pressure-reducing micro laser barometric venting hole that will alleviate any ear discomfort.


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