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Battlefield 2042 review

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UPDATE: Battlefield 2042’s online multiplayer has many issues. This led players to review-bomb it on Steam. 74% of the reviews were deemed negative. DICE released the initial patch, and two more will be available in 2042’s first few week. However, many players are experiencing technical problems, from slow motion to complete server crashes, and calling the game “unplayable “.

While we expect the kinks to be fixed, it isn’t a good look. It also builds on gamers growing frustration with the day-one release of AAA AAA games (Cyberpunk 2077, for example) that ship in an unfinished state. Read on for our first review of Battlefield 2042’s online multiplayer and an idea of how it plays.

You want to find out what the coolest weapon is in Battlefield 2042? It’s a hovercraft. There are many guns, but nothing captures the chaos of Battlefield 2042 like running across sand dunes and taking out enemy Specialists with uncanny ease.

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These moments are what make Battlefield 2042 a game that is suitable for both series veterans and those who wish to play a first-person shooter with as much absurdity as it offers. Battlefield 2042 isn’t too serious, unlike other titles of the genre. It’s fun to play.


Battlefield 2042, unlike its predecessors is entirely multiplayer. It offers three multiplayer experiences that suit your gaming style or leave you bored. EA Dice, the developer, has attempted to create multiplayer experiences across all disciplines. However, the $60/PS60/AU$99.95 price for the standard edition on PS4 or Xbox One is still too steep. Add $10 for PS5 or Xbox SeriesX to make it even more difficult to swallow.


Battlefield 2042 feels like the next-generation of the series. It features stunning environments, epic battles between 128 players on large maps, and Specialists who sound a lot like humans. This FPS is by far the most beautiful we have ever seen. It ran flawlessly on our PC setup. However, we would be interested to see how it performs on consoles. This is the PC version.

Battlefield 2042 will launch with seven All-Out War/Hazard Zone and six Battlefield Portal maps. There are also 10 Specialists available to use and many more to come in the future. It’s unlikely that all of its multiplayer experiences will appeal to everyone. We expect players to gravitate towards one map over another, which could lead to repetition until new content is available. The longevity of Battlefield 2042 will depend on how these seasonal content drops affect the game. There is not much in the way of a roadmap and the path ahead for players remains unclear.

  • Battlefield 2042 (PC download) on Amazon for US$19.99

All-Out Warfare

Our specifications for your PC

On a setup provided by EA DICE, we played Battlefield 2042. Below are the specs of the PC.

CPU: Intel Core Core i9-9900KF

Graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX 3080

RAM: 8GB (3,200Mhz) Corsair Vengeance LPX

Storage:1TB S.2 SDD

Battlefield 2042’s mainstay is All-Out Warfare. All-Out Warfare is a multiplayer experience made up of two fan-favorite modes: Conquest and Breakthrough. It will be familiar to players who have previously played first-person shooters and will provide the best experience for those new to the series.

Let’s begin with Breakthrough mode, our favorite. Breakthrough mode is the best way to see the battles in Battlefield 2042. This mode has 64 players, or 32 on Xbox One and PS4 respectively. Each team is divided into four teams and each one attempts to capture and attack the map while the other defends it. Instead of letting everyone loose in a free-for-all, the map can be captured by securing sections until the winning team has the majority.

Breakthrough is a highly focused battle experience that made us feel like we were cogs in an efficient machine. Each sector was secured by our team. Breakthrough is a team-oriented experience. Each member of the larger push is part of a greater team dynamic that allows you to feel like a part of a group.

Hazard Zone sees two teams go head-to-head on the same maps as Breakthrough. However, instead of taking control points individually, the action revolves around multiple flag-filled sectors. Breakthrough prevents players from pushing forward by slowly unlocking each control point, while Conquest allows you to explore the entire map. Breakthrough’s gradual sector unlocking allowed for better pacing and more focus. Conquest, on the other hand, felt a little more free-for-all.

The biggest benefit of Battlefield 2042’s increased player count in All-Out Warfare? It’s the fact that there is no stopping. Although you may not run into many enemies, it is almost impossible to meet someone every time you move. The map may have been scaled according to player size but it is easy to find enemies or teammates on foot. Breakthrough is more popular than Conquest.

Image credit: EA DICE

Battlefield 2042’s clusters, as EA Dice refers to them, are where the real action takes place. Clusters are areas within sectors that encourage players to swarm and result in big-ol’ firefights. This is how players naturally gravitate towards these clusters. While you are trying to capture the sector, you might suddenly find yourself in a tunnel fighting for ground. These clusters are amazing and make it clear that the action is everywhere you go. One time, we were just walking towards a destination when we saw a vicious overhead dogfight. It made us feel part of something bigger and better.

Cog status in All-Out Warfare allows you to experiment more and has more flexibility in choosing your Specialist. It doesn’t matter if you decide to set up turrets for engineer Boris, or try Sundance’s wings suit. You can also change your Specialist if necessary. The only difference between Specialists are their unique abilities. You can use any loadout to any Specialist. This makes it feel redundant in Breakthrough and Conquest, but certain abilities are more suited to specific maps and modes than others. Mackay, for example, can use a grapplinghook to reach higher places than others. This is useful on maps like Discarded, where there are many shipping containers to grab to get a better vantage point.

We were also disappointed with the selection of weapons. There are plenty of assault rifles, marksman rifles, and pistols that you can add to your loadout. However, there is not a lot to choose from. The weapon customization options available allow you to modify your ammo type and scope to suit your play style. You can also use the vehicles and gadgets you already have to flesh out your arsenal. You can also call in a Ranger robot dog (we named ours Reginald), or even jump in a helicopter and shoot down Specialists on a roof.

All-Out Warfare feels epic because of the gadgets and player counts. But the maps also add to the feeling of immersion. Each map is huge and impressive, creating a backdrop to the dystopian world of Battlefield. It could be the Breakaway, which is a sprawling white map that’s set in the tundras of Antarctica, or Hourglass, which has skyscrapers hidden by sand dunes. There were moments when we stopped and took in the raindrops, even though it meant being sniped. These beautiful battlefields are made even more interesting when you add dynamic weather such as tornadoes or sandstorms. Each one offers its own set of challenges and opportunities to strategize and learn from.

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