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Auto rotate is a function on tablets and smartphones that match the orientation of the screen to the current position. It makes use of the gyroscope to determine if a device is being used horizontally or vertically and then adjusts the display settings to either landscape or portrait mode in accordance with. For instance, when you browse YouTube with smartphones, it’s usually performed in portrait mode but when it’s played, it’s rotated in landscape mode to take advantage of its aspect ratio of 16:9.

If auto rotate is not enabled it’s referred to in the industry as the orientation lock and ensures that the phone remains in landscape or portrait mode regardless of the device’s actual position. This option is typically employed when the phone’s gyroscope information can cause auto rotate to wrongly move the screen. For instance, someone lying on their back could make the screen appear horizontal even though they intended it to be vertical.

Auto rotation is enabled on Android


To enable auto rotation to be enabled on your Android device or smartphone take these steps.

  1. Start your Quick Settings menu by pressing downwards to the right of your screen.
  2. Find the icon showing the current orientation of your screen.
  3. Click to activate the direction icon once to activate auto-rotate.
  4. Shut down this Quick Settings menu by tapping to the right at the menu’s bottom.

Auto rotate is a feature that can be enabled to auto-rotate iPad or iPhone

How to Change iPhone Rotation Lock Without Opening Control Center -  MacRumors

To enable auto rotation on your iPhone and iPad Follow these steps.

  1. Access Control Center. Open Control Center by pressing down from the upper-right edge (iPhone X and later) or upwards from the lower right corner (iPhone 8 and older).
  2. Find the Portrait Lock for Orientation icon.
  3. Check that that the Portrait lock for Orientation is off through pressing this icon.
  4. You can close Control Center Control Center by using the opposite direction the Control Center was opened.
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