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Audio Recording Software For PC 2022

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The recording of audio used to be a difficult job until a decade ago. With the advancement of technology, it’s now simple to record audio while at home. Of course, there are numerous choices available when it comes to selecting the best sound recorders. To make it easier to select the best one for you we have put together our top list of sound recording programs.

10 Best Audio Recording Software for Windows PC

Software for recording audio on Windows is among the most essential tools. It offers many possibilities for the record of sound on your PC. It is a fantastic option for recording audio when you are a musician, singer or musician, or a podcaster. A voice recorder may also be used to take notes during the go for a presentation or meeting. In this blog, we’ll assist you in selecting the most suitable device for the job by providing an extensive list of the top sound recorders available for PC.

1. WavePad

This audio recording application is designed for Windows is among the most popular choices on this list. The program has superb editing capabilities and works with all formats for files. For WAV files, MP3 and MP3 to MPC APE,, and WAV The software is compatible with the majority of the audio formats.

In addition to the standard features such as cutting, copying, paste insert, auto-trim, and so on. It offers more advanced tools, such as the analysis of spectral patterns. The user-friendly software provides professional-quality recording that makes it the most effective audio recording application. WavePad can be used with the majority of versions of Windows.


  • Music affects and amplified sound.
  • 50+ Supported Audio Formats
  • Processing of audio files in batch.
  • Noise Reduction.
  • DirectX, as well as VST plugins, are supported.
  • Edits audio files in video.

2. RecordPad

RecordPad is an excellent voice recorder for computers. It comes with a full range of features that allow users to record or rip audio and then burn it. The product is part of NCH Software offers supporting audio feeds that use default settings of the application.

It also has voice-activated recording which can help in the reduction of long silences in the audio. It also has features like noise reduction and fades, shifting of pitch and equalization. The software allows users to alter the interface to their preferences. It’s simple to use and works for each version of Windows as well as Mac OS X.


  • Simple audio recording software
  • Downloads in a flash.
  • Record your voice, sound music, voice, and other audio
  • Audio can be added to digital presentations.
  • Voice-activated recording.
  • Included are keywords for search.

3. PreSonus Studio One 3

The music recording software comes with both free and paid versions. The program is perfect for professionals and beginners alike making it the ideal audio recording program. It supports a variety of formats, including WAV, FLAC, MP3, and more. You can also upload your music directly through SoundCloud.

It is user-friendly with a minimal interface and runs smoothly. One of the advantages of the free version is unlimited music tracks as well as multiple instrumentals, time-stretching, and the capability to compensate for latency. The free version of the program comes with a great set of tools for editing.


  • Unlimited song creation.
  • Create unlimited tracks concurrently.
  • Drag and drop speedy workflow.
  • PreSonus native effects.
  • Rich 1.5 GB library.

4. Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio

Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio is an easy-to-use recording software for voice. It comes with a variety of sophisticated features and special effects for mixing and recording audio. It supports a variety of recording options, including making audio recordings, editing them, including special effects, and burning functions. The interface is modern and has an appearance, but is sleek and simple to use.

Mixcraft 9 has many audio filters which can be used to record audio or voice. This program is recommended by us for those who are looking to record and edit voice or audio. It is the best voice recorder software for your PC.


  • Modern mixing tools.
  • Massic Loop Library.
  • Live-time editing to make a sound in mid-performance.
  • Editing and Scoring MIDI.
  • Mixcraft’s collection of effects and instruments.
  • Integrated Melodyne Tuning

5. Audacity

This no-cost open-source software was released in 2000. It has since progressed to be one of the top audio recorder programs. Audacity is a user-friendly and straightforward interface that allows people to edit and record audio. It is among the most requested choices for voice recorders for Windows 10 users.

The design of the program is basic, but it does include features like tracking, navigation, and mixing. While it’s all free software, Audacity offers a wide selection of editing tools, that’s why it’s one of the top choices. It’s compatible with Mac as well as Windows.


  • Import, edit and combine audio files.
  • Many files are able to be exported at the same time.
  • Record live audio and then digitize.
  • Integration with LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist VST, Nyquist along with Audio Unit Effect plug-ins.
  • View mode for spectrograms.

6. i-Sound Recorder 7

i-Sound Recorder is one of the most basic but highly efficient recorders for sound. For a reasonable price, the recorder provides simple but well-functioning tools. Its universal audio input as well as audio ripping functions are of excellent quality and include the ability to compress audio in real-time.

In addition, it also comes with an advanced scheduler for recording and recording that is activated by voice. It also comes with an automatic record timer that lets the user choose the duration for the recorded. The audio recorder is able to open and save various formats of files, including MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC as well as other formats.

It is a voice recorder that works with Windows 10 is compatible with the most popular OS.


  • Recordings using the default playback device.
  • Recording of the schedule.
  • Hi-Resolution audio support
  • Recording that is activated by voice
  • Automatic Naming System

7. Streaming Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder is one of the most effective audio recording programs available today since it can record streamed audio streams from various music websites radio, radio, and even audio chats. Great, isn’t it? In addition, you can export the audio you recorded in formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC as well as other formats. and the quality stays high-quality without any effort.


  • Recordings from chats online.
  • Many output formats.
  • Recordings music downloaded from websites.
  • Auto-add ID3 Tags.
  • Burn CD for Sharing and Collection.

8. Zynewave Podium

Zynewave Podium was launched in 2014. The voice recording software comes with paid versions too. The free version has numerous functions. The audio recording Windows 10 software allows the users to modify the interface to suit their preferences and includes a variety of audio effects. However, it’s just suitable for Windows OS.


  • DAW audio recorder for your PC.
  • Audio file disk streaming.
  • Hosts VST instruments.
  • Effect plugins.
  • Editing music and MIDI.

9. Ardour

Ardour is an Audio Digital Workstation that was designed specifically for Linux. But, it’s also capable of working to work with Windows as well as macOS. One of the most notable features of the program is the fact that it supports multi-track recording. The user has the ability of recording and edits the way they like, either as destructive or not.

Because it utilizes the connector which is a connector, it allows users to integrate with other applications. In addition to the features missing in Ardour, it permits users to install third-party software. If you want to score films using the software for audio recording available for Windows 10 lets the users also import video files.


  • Unlimited Multichannel Tracks.
  • Free audio recorder on PC.
  • Effective signal routing.
  • Remove the soundtrack from videos.
  • Plugins that have Full Sample Accurate Automation.

10. VirtualDJ Free

This is a great option for professional DJs or those who are looking to make a career out of the field. VirtualDJ has been in use for over 20 years and is downloaded by a lot of users across the world. It is compatible with the two operating systems, Windows as well as Mac OS. It lets users mix and record audio with the free edition.

The user interface of this audio recording software is like an old-fashioned DJ console. It is simple to use. It features the basic knobs and sliders of an actual console. It also lets users turn and scratch two discs. Users can make their own recordings of their own.


  • Start mixing with your computer.
  • Auto-detection of Plug and Play.
  • Video, audio, and Karaoke formats.
  • Real-time audio separation.


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